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Pleasant Intermission - Death In June - Archive Material (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Pleasant Intermission - Death In June - Archive Material (Cassette)
Label: Not On Label (Death In June) - none • Format: Cassette Compilation • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: New Wave, Experimental

Of all the fucked up, nasty ass, deliriously damaged rock bands in the recent history of the American underground wonderland particularly Texasnone come close to the squirm and hellacious sqwunk of Rusted Shut. From the incinerated skum of Houston weirdness improv outfit Grinding Teeth arose Rusted Shut in Their shows were a notorious mess, drunken and fueled by cheap-jack acid.

But goddamn if this is not a great goddamned beast of a record. Salute and die. It never struck us as wildly interesting, but Brits who saw the band live were always blowing spit-bubbles about how psychedelic they were. Some of that material finally surfaced on the Hux CD, Goodbye for Good, but this LP has the essential jewel—a minute West Coast jam pinnacle that can match any ballroom band for sheer acid flash. An amazing record! The flip has two free-form pieces the band recorded earlier and they too are mind-blowers.

As it was, they were so arcane only a few true believers like Pete Frame, Colin Hill who wrote the fantastic liner notes and Nigel had any idea that there even was a grail to seek. Easily the best archival find of the year, and an incredible record by any standard. Similarly choice are the two new books by P. The stories esp. Ex Toddler are actually sicker than ever, but their surface is a charming distraction. Fine fine fine post-core guitar sludge with he-man vocals. All the noted just-pre-punk-weirdo elements are in place Debris, Chrome, etc.

Their sound lacks some of the cough-syrup-confusion of our favorite Southern artists, but it has a light and graceful weirdom all its own. Mixing concrete collage action with dub texture and the raw power of Christian pop without the ChristianityWaumiss make days a little sunnier whether you like it or not. Breakdance the Dawn is a cool name for a label, gotta admit.

Fantastic utilization of quiet-style feedback lines. Not sure how we missed it exactly, but Punk Magazine is back, still under the editorial watch of John Holmstrom. This issue is printed in trade paperback format and has interviews and writings about the interface between family and music during childhood and beyond.

Sharon goes back to the earliest days of the DC hardcore scene and really manages to get some wonderful and very personal stories from Ian. Very Battle of the Garages, but in a good way. Really nice use of fairly harsh but not off-putting feedback sonnets and gruel-spattered vocal sputs.

Pleasant to own in this format. Been listening to it a lot lately. You will too. Another Beantown expat is improvising violinist Katt Hernandez, whose debut solo LP Unlovely no label is seriously boss. A student of Joe Manieri, Katt plays in a style that flies through the valley separating new music and free jazz, like a hive of cunning bees. Great inventions. Anathema Sound has a clutch of new heavy noise tapes out that are worth it not only for the caliber of the artists but the unified design of the cassettes themselves.

Contributors revolve around the Shivastan core group Ira Cohen, etc. New issue of the excellent Canadian lit mag, Carousel, is out. This one is largely turned over to poetry and illustrations, done by folks who are new to us, but of very high quality.

This is issue 23, and Carousel has evolved into one of the most solid oddball-lit mags around. Another extremely solid way to fry yr eyes is with the Chicago based Mule. Issue 5 has Linda Perhacs, Jennifer Herrema and lots of words and images related to finding things. Highly recommended. Alex Nielson has been using this moniker to further his deep UK folk investigation and he has here co-conspired with Vinnie Blackwall.

A striking affair and one of the most interestingly modern perusals of folk forms to date. Coyes creates raw sonics from a hook up of vintage stereo components and hand-cut vinyl with a nasty-ass needle scraping thru.

With his sense of rhythmic goop control and space organ jammering this is some sweet brutality. Good one. We just prefer the new one. Another massive gouge in the eye comes from E Pluribus Venom Gingko Pressa hardcover catalogue derived from the massive Shepard Fairey retrospective in New York last year.

To many folks, Fairey is still known primarily as the creator of the whole OBEY Andre the Giant schtick, but his work has evolved in all kinds of directions.

His basic orientation has rejected neither public art nor political art as a touchstone, but his paintings and large works are complex meditations on the implications of those original image bursts.

A very swank volume, sure to please several tough nuts on your Xmas list. Deathroes is Gerrit from Misanthropic Agenda and the primordial existence of he who is known as Sixes. The shit is massive swaths of crushing, flowing rivers of sound sex. EXBX just released Unfroze, a double cassette by Fossils, who have been maniacally documenting themselves to the point where they have issued around six thousand releases on their own imprint Middle James Co.

Most Fossils output is cool, lo-down rumblings and texture research with slow soulfuck groove and harsh vision. The session they delivered to EXBX is definitely one of their finest and offers a playbook of their most effective moves. Fresh guh. Not sure how everyone spent their autumn but we just locked ourselves in the Bull Tongue office and unspooled these mommas non-stop.

Music for milf-lovers and beyond. Another cassette label of note is Myasis Tapes out of Ontario, Canada. The Canadian underbelly of noise improv drone creativity has become quite the boiling over of greatness lately.

Indeed the aforementioned Fossils has been a central activist in this specific geography. Myasis Tapes has just released three significant beauties from this contempo-trend. The one we keep going back to is Brooding Forest by Hunting Rituals, a duo with a moist grip on psyche-scuzz blanket motion. Both sides unfolding like a sex-sweat sheet, each rumple a dank and sensuous dream.

Vestigial Limb, the noise nom de plume of Ray Shinn, has been popping off a series of happening tapes, CDRs and vinyl splits most recently with like-minded alien tone gumps Blue Sabbath Black Cheer since way back in A third recent cassette on Myasis Tapes is Floods by Robe.

Their name, Robe. These guys revel in deep-well sonar-death where the skies threaten to break in a rain of shrieking ghoul shred. Wicked from all points of access. These tapes are super limited and deserve to be experienced, as all these outfits represent the crucial excitement alive and rampant in this amazing underworld of sound psychosis. In the deserted city street a neon light flickers and sparks, a radio whines and distant traffic throbs like a heartbeat. A potent antidote to the current wimp-rock cult.

A laconic trip into a world of menacing drumbeats and distorted guitar riffs — where the hushed gutteral vocals of Doug Pearce threaten from every shadow. Frantic voices strain in desperation, as the music runs from one shelter to another, finding solace nowhere.

The title track is the most disturbing of all. Slipped in between two musical onslaughts it is deceptively soft with naive tinkling bells and a hypnotic guitar chord. I live in the Hills. There are a few titles that also had small runs of promotional white labels manufactured.

A list will be made public over the coming months as I intend to sell some of them. Even the recordings Rough Trade had distributed. That part of the Pleasant Intermission - Death In June - Archive Material (Cassette) had been tainted and I no longer wanted anything to do with it. Many, many thanks to all those who sent, both on and off list, Birthday Pleasant Intermission - Death In June - Archive Material (Cassette) for my 50th.

Heilige Tapas! If some of you spent a fraction of the time I spent answering your questions and other interviews looking at the archives of this list and my answers to the same questions this list may still yet save itself from resembling a cage of demented parrots repeating over and over and over again the same bloody things.

Apologies for disturbing all those members whose inner monologue finds its way far too often onto this list. A full recovery is by no means certain. Perhaps this terrible incident might make a few of you think more carefully about that particular addiction which eventually killed my father. Some of you may be familiar with his own work in Ikon? There are more releases due soon. More news about actual release date, price etc soon. They are stripped back acoustic versions and were both recorded Juneshortly after the last tour, and exclusively donated to this project which will hopefully sell well all around the World.

During dark days that can mean everything! But, the Gods work in mysterious ways so,………. The Portuguese guy behind it used the bootleg CD to master the LP from and paid me good royalties for giving Pleasant Intermission - Death In June - Archive Material (Cassette) my official blessings to do this.

However, despite desperate pleadings from me for a copy or 2 for my archives I have yet to see a copy in a shop let alone own one myself.

By the Phoenix had truly Risen and was now about to burst into flames and burn again. This disc is a coffin. Within it lies the Pleasant Intermission - Death In June - Archive Material (Cassette) march of the first incarnation of Death In June. It was one of the very first of the stripped back intimate performances where I talk to the audience and captures a real moment in time and Death In June as it often was during the final years Pleasant Intermission - Death In June - Archive Material (Cassette) touring.

I only finished putting all the incidental percussion such as sleigh bells, wind chimes etc and mixing all of them a couple of weeks ago and am very pleased with the results. It was quite a project. More news on that as and when but the idea at present is to release this with an accompanying book showing all the guitar tabs etc.

A perfect Yuletide gift for any young struggling guitarist needing encouragment in how to make a little go a very long way. But, for the record please let me add that it is the most accomplished album symbolically, melodically and aesthetically Boyd and I have ever co-written. There is a lot to discover and none of the reviews fully have.

Which is probably just as well in some ways! It was an album Boyd, Michael Moynihan and myself worked very hard on in both Tokyo and Denver and it has since evidently gone onto define musical terms and boundaries and, thankfully, sold tens of thousands in the process. This release still stuns me as it is truly something I could never repeat and marvel at how we wrote it in the first place. It is now deleted. And, indeed, it is! For some reason this fact seems to be missing from most adverts for this collectible item.

Read the archives. The other club we have performed in is the Gjuro which is within walking distance of the city centre. The entrance is almost opposite a statue of a priest. Ask for Dinko and he could help you out with further explorations. I frequently dine there and have come up with a lot if ideas for projects in that place which is also open very late. Dinko will probably let you know where that is — or any cab driver. Heilige,… Douglas P. I am curious, which venues did you play in during the making of the Something is Coming album?

Any suggestions for the city or area? Also to any other list members, Kotor, Dubrovnik, Split, and Mostar have been amazing, but I am getting at wits end trying to find decent music venues aside from listening to the wind sweep through the skeletal remainsof buildings here. The final release from the band that rose from the ashes of the mighty CRISIS, this package is a half-live, half studio job that showcase the Death In June that was treading the boards before they decided to start anew.

The live side was recorded at the Hammersmith Clarendon at one of their last jaunts in England. The over-emphasis on echoed vocals and instrumentation is a definite minus. Tending towards a martial drum beat, with laconic voices clipping over the top, it gives the impression of determined energy, with a powerful line in emotive and dramatic catchphrases. The first side is more successful although, as it consists of demo tracks and alternative versions of their songs, some of which are already available on record, the quality of sound again falls slightly.

All in all, a powerful memory of a band in their first stage that promised more than they ever delivered and who hopefully will fulfil their potential and move away from the more obvious traps that dramatic imagery can offer. Whilst sitting on the beach on the island of Rab, watching MIG fighters fly low overhead and an ugly looking fish apparently stalking my toes I had the music come into my head.

Back in the studio in England I asked Pat to do a disco beat and Tony immediately started playing the bass line to my guitar stuff. It was one of those songs where the basics came together really quickly, Pleasant Intermission - Death In June - Archive Material (Cassette). Pat was either going to jump ship or Tony would be asked to leave. Tony was asked to leave.

Riding to the first ever Death In June show on my BMW R65 through the snow covered streets of central London knowing that evening was going to be very important,…. Ah, the price anonymous fame. Even Switzerland had its photo opportunities and the look on the plain clothes police keeping a close watch on me in the venue in Lausanne as Boyd made his entrance on stage wearing my mask was something to behold.

Had they been following the wrong guy all evening was a thought that definitely crossed their minds. It would have been funny if Boyd had ended up in prison instead of me that night — the ultimate prank!!

I wonder how the new owners will cope with that aspect? A sad sight. All 3 in a variety of ways acted as great inspirations to me over the years. Stories about Syd Barratt were definitely amongst some of the reasons why I wanted to drop acid in the early s and his guitar playing encouraged some of my early antics on electric guitar in DIJ.

It was a brilliant place to work in. There used to be a big large fibre glass shark out the back next to the swimming pool. By the way, the studio got its name from a type of sheep that had been bred there many years ago. Thanks for the update Martin. Ramsey In June, ….

Bob Ferbrache, well known Colorado sound engineer to the stars was actually hauled in for questioning by the police as someone fitting his description was seen near the house at the time of the murder. His shrine to The Carpenters in his studio added to his curio factor and was dismantled soon after the attention from the extremely interested cops! However, now everyone knows Richard Leviathan has owned up to the slaughter of Jean Genet Ramsey cross dressing in a cowgirl suit all should be well at Summer Sky Studios, Absinthe, Colorado.

Always keep it surreal, kiddo! Or, at least within the strict confines of a Jewish ritual sacrifice of a gentile child! Still extremely cynical and sneerily enjoyable after all these years. If only Crisis could have supported them — despite the close calls at Guildford Civic Hall nearly 30 years ago. Hats off again to Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle. A most impressive newish group. A true return to form which also hit me right between the ears during a soul searching time in a Sydney hotel.

More out of loyalty than anything else. But, all it ever is is a glimpse. Realistically, too rockist by far. He should ditch the crap rockabilly band that make King Kurt shine like the rare diamonds they were and just do an album with Ennio Morriccone arranging strings…. Playing Em over and over again,…. The last but perhaps my favourite.


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  2. Archive Material - Death In June. wykonawca Pleasant Intermission. Calling. Carousel. Doubt to Nothing. Płyty artysty: Death In June. The Snow Bunker Tapes. DISCriminate (
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  6. Songtexte von Death in June mit deutschen Übersetzungen, Lyrics, Liedtexte und Musik-Videos kostenlos auf luttrolterpmaslaystepovusletseipratin.coinfo
  7. Dec 19,  · Taken from the Archive Material cassette. Tracks 10 to incomplete concert recorded live at The Living Room, London, September 9, "Heaven Street" is incomplete, and "Sons Of Europe" is missing. Taken from the Living Room London cassette, the full concert is available on another unofficial cassette/5(24).
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