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Do Lord / Oh Mary - 5 Milers* - Reunion (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Do Lord / Oh Mary - 5 Milers* - Reunion (CD)

Label: Not On Label - none • Format: CD • Country: US • Genre: Folk, World, & Country •

She's lookin' for a brand new man I'm a gonna try to catch her Gonna try to catch her if I can. She's as fine as she can be She's a-lookin' for a man and I hope it's me Oh Mary, let me be your lovin' man. Now Mary's real cool She kinda plays it hard to get Now Mary's real cool She kinda plays it hard to get If I can get one chance I bet that she won't regret it. She's as fine as she can be She's a-lookin' for a man And I'm hopin' it's me Oh Mary, let me be your lovin' man.

O Mary, mother of all grace, True mercy's mother to our race! Protect us now from Satin's power And own us at life's closing hour. O Do Lord / Oh Mary - 5 Milers* - Reunion (CD) blest! When Mary saw Jesus, her baby, asleep, His pillow, the straw in a stable for sheep, Her sorrow was great when, behold from the sky, Bright choirs of God's angels brought joy from on high. When Mary thought sadly that Christ, the great King, Had none but poor shepherds their homage to bring, Then kings from the Orient came to adore, And Mary, His mother, was joyful once more.

When Mary lost Jesus and sought in despair, She looked in the temple and lo, He was there. The heart of the mother was filled with great joy To find midst the doctors her well beloved Boy. Hail, blessed mother, full of joy In thy consent, thy visit too; Joy in birth of Christ on earth, Joy in Him lost and found anew.

Hail, sorrowing in His agony--the blows, the thorns that pierced His brow The heavy wood, the shameful Rood--True queen and chief of martyrs thou! Hail in the triumph of thy Son, The quickening flames of Pentecost; Shining a queen in light sere, When all the world is tempest-tossed. O come, you nations roses bring Culled from these Mysteries all divine, And for the mother of your King With loving hearts your chaplets twine. All this world was so forlorn, Eva peccatrice, Till our Lord was in it born, De te genetrice; With Ave, sorrow went away, Darkest night to brightest day, Salutis, From thee came the saving ray, Virtutis.

Do not turn away not despise our prayer, but be pleased to hear this plea. Entreat your Son our God to save our souls. Gazing at your most pure icon we humbly pray: Cover us with your sacred veil and deliver us from all evil, beseeching your Son our God to save our souls! Ave, Mater Domini! Filium laudemus Dei! Let us praise the Son of God! How can human voices raise Honor worthy of your praise? Through your Son, O maiden queen, We are given gifts supreme. Blessed Virgin, full of grace, Noblest of the human race, Far above angelic state--None more fair did God create.

Blessed was the breast that fed you; Blessed was the hand that led you; Blessed was the other's eye Watching o'er your infancy. Blessed she by all creation, Who brought forth the world's salvation.

Blessed they who ever blest, Love you most and serve you best. Virgin-born, we bow before you; Blessed was the womb that bore you; Mary, Mother meek and mild, Blessed was she in her Child. To angels only it belongs Your glory to record. Who born of man can understand Your soul's majestic grace?

Who can your mighty gifts unfold, Or all your honors trace? Not only your unbounded faith Has raised you over all; Not your devoted love alone Could earn you heaven's call. He was but six weeks old, Her plaything and her pleasure, Her silver and her gold. For I, my Savior praising May die at last in peace. And she, all sorrow scorning, Rejoiced in Jeus' fame; The Child her arms adorning Shone softly like a flame That burns the whole night through, And keeps from dusk till morning Its vigil clear and true.

As by the sun in splendor The flags of night are furled, So darkness shall surrender To Christ Who lights the world; To Christ the star of day, Who once was small and tender, A candle's gentle ray.

Who is she, adorned with light, Makes the sun her robe, At whose feet the queen of night Lays her changing globe? To that crown direct shine eye Which her head attires; There thou may'st her name descry Writ in starry fires. This is she in whose pure womb Heaven's Prince remained; Therefore in no earthly tomb Can she be contained.

Heaven she was, Do Lord / Oh Mary - 5 Milers* - Reunion (CD), which held that fire Whence the world too light, And to heaven cloth now aspire Flames with flames t'unite. She that did so clearly shine When our day begun. See ho bright her beams decline; Now she sits with the Sun. Mary, song of holy wisdom, Sung before the world began, Faithful to the word with in, you Carried out GOd's wondrous plan.

Mary, morning star of justice; Mirror of the radiant light, In the shadows of life's journey, Be a beacon for our sight. Mary, model of compassion; Wounded by your offspring's pain, when our hearts are torn by sorrow, Teach us how to love again. Mary, woman of the GOspel; Humble home for treasured seed, Help us to be true disciples Bearing fruit in word and deed.

Holy Mary: Ref. O blest beyond all others, of ev'ry land and race, possessing in your soul the fullness of God's grace. From heav'n the angel Gabriel announced the ancient plan and humbly you accepted to bear the God-made-man. With joy beyond all mearsure you cared for God's own son and pondered in your heart the new age now begun. There is Nothing Told: Ref. There is nothing told about this woman, but that she had once become engaged, and an angel addressed her and said: "You are blessed among all your kind.

There is nothing told about this woman, but that she had searched for three long days for her child who was busy elsewhere, and her heart then did not understand.

There is nothing told about this woman, but that she at Cana was a guest, and that Jesus changed water to wine, so that all might believe who he was. There is nothing told about this woman, but that she was standing by the cross when her son stretched his arms out on high, and met death with a thief on each side.

There is nothing told about this woman, but that she was one in prayer with those upon whom tongues of fire did descend, and Spirit baptized them with flame. Ye Who Claim the Faith of Jesus: Ye who claim the faith of Jesus, sing the wonders that were done when the love Do Lord / Oh Mary - 5 Milers* - Reunion (CD) God the Father over sin the victory won, when he made the Virgin Mary mother of his only Son.

Blessed were the chosen people out of whom the Lord did come; blessed was the land of promise fashioned for his earthly home; but more blessed far the mother, she who bore him in her womb. Therefore let all faithful people sing the honor of her name; let the church, in her foreshadowed, part in her Thanksgiving claim; what Christ's mother sang in gladness let Christ's people sing the same.

Oh, blessed is she who believes in the Lord, oh, blessed is she who believes. She was Mary the Maid of Galilee, and blessed is she, is she who believes, Do Lord / Oh Mary - 5 Milers* - Reunion (CD).

The first one ever, oh, ever to know of Messiah, Jesus, when he said, "I am he," was the Samaritan woman who drew from the well, and blessed is she, is she who perceives. Oh, blessed is she who perceives the Lord, oh, blessed is she who perceives.

The firs ones ever, oh, ever to know of the rising of Jesus, his glory to be, were Mary, Joanna, and Magdalene, and blessed are they, are they who see. Oh, blessed are they who see the Lord, oh blessed are they who see.

They were Mary, Joanna, and Magdalene, and blessed are they, are they who see. Methodist Sing of God's own Son most holy, who became her little child. Fairest child of fairest mother, God the Lord who came to earth, Word made flesh our very brother, takes our nature by his birth.

Sing of Jesus, son of Mary, in the home at Nazareth. Toil and labor cannot weary love enduring unto death. Constant was the love he gave her, though it drove him from her side, forth to preach, and heal, and suffer, till on Calvary he died. Joyful mother, full of gladness in shine arms thy Lord was borne, Mournful mother, full of sadness, all thy heart with pain was torn.

Glorious mother, now rewarded with a crown at Jesus' hand, age to age thy name recorded shall be blest in every land. Blessed was the breast that fed thee; blessed was the hand that led thee; blessed was the parent's eye that watched thy slumbering infancy. Blessed she by all creation, who brought forth the world's salvation, and blessed they, for ever blest, who love thee most and serve thee best.

Virgin-born, we bow before thee; blessed was the womb that bore thee; Mary, Mother meek and mild, blessed was she in her Child. Episcopal Lord Jesus, Virgin-born to thee eternal praise and glory be, whom with the father we adore and holy Spirit evermore. Gabriel of high degree, he was sent from the Trinity, to Nazareth in Galilee, Nova, nova. He met a maiden in that place; there he knelt down before her face and said, "Hail Mary, full of grace. When the maiden heard his song, she was filled with confusion strong and feared that she had done a wron.

Nova, nova. Said the angel, "Have no fear; by conception without compare the Savior Jesus shall you bear. Said the maiden, "Verily, I am your servant right truly, the handmaid of the Lord now see. Sing We of the Blessed Mother: Sing we of the blessed Mother who received the angel's word, and obedient to the summons bore in love the infant Lord; sing we of the joys of Mary at whose breast the child was fed who is Son of God eternal and the everlasting Bread.

Sing we, too, of Mary's sorrows, of the sword that pierced her through, when beneath the cross of Jesus she his weight of suffering knew, looked upon her Son and Savior reigning from the awful tree, saw the price of our redemption paid to set the sinner free.

Sing again the joys of Mary when she saw the risen Lord, and in prayer with Christ's apostles, waited on his promised word; from on high the blazing glory of the Spirit's presence came, heavenly breath of God's own being, manifest in wind and flame. Sing the chiefest joy of Mary when on earth her work was done, and the Lord of all creation brought her to his heavenly home; where, raised high with saints and angels, in Jerusalem above, she beholds her Son and Savior reigning as the Lord of Love.

God of Eve and God of Mary: God of Eve and God of Mary, God of love and mother-earth, thank you for the ones who with us shared their life and gave us birth. As you came to earth in Jesus, so you come to us today; you are present in the caring that prepares us for life's way. Thank you for belonging, shelter, bonds of friendship, ties of blood, and for those ho have no children, yet are parents under God.

God of Eve and God of Mary, Christ our brother, human son, Spirit, caring like a mother, take our love and make us one. Brethren Who was Mary? Mary was the queen of Galilee. Mary rode to Bethlehem, Mary was the queen of Galilee. There she brought forth the Holy Lamb.

Oh, she wept an' Martha moaned. Sky turned purple all a roun', Mary was the queen of Galilee. Angel came unto her, Telling the good news that Jesus Christ is risen an' will appear again. Mary, Mary, Oh, Mary. Mary was the queen of Galilee, Galilee, Galilee. Oh, Mary. Lawson-Gould Mus. O my boy: Jesus, my first and only son, Rock on my breast, my first and only one, my first and only son. O my Jesus: my first and only one: Born of God and born near his sun, bright boy: my only one: O my Jesus, rest on my breast, my first and only son: O my boy; Jesus: rest: shhh, you need the rest.

Don't pay attention to the old men in the temple: they have given up. Tell them what you told me: cast the sinners out, clean the house of God, load the rich wit grief, prepare the poor with hope and, Jesus, don't stop to play with Judas and his friends along the way.

Jesus, did you know that Lazarus is back? Jesus, are you list'ning? Laz'rus has come back His grave is still open and Martha tells she heard three angels singing with three birds: their feathers brushed together. Jesus, are you hearing La'rus has returned to Bethany. Jesus, won't you answer? Lazrus has come back and he's calling for you. He says that death was gentle and woke him up early. Jesus are you praying?

Lazrus has returned. There's a supper in Jerusalem tonight and I wish that I was there, I'd journey anywhere to be with Jesus: to stroke his hair, Remind Him, O my baby dear, I'd journey anywhere to be with Jesus tonight.

There's that supper in Jerusalem tonight and I could be right there. But I don't dare to journey to Jerusalem tonight. O my Jesus, you're eating in Jerusalem tonight and I wish that I was there.

O my boy, take care at that supper in Jerusalem tonight. Cold and icy in my bed: laid on the ground of Jerusalem: every flow'r is withered the birds have left their song, the sun wears a twisted eye. I'm alone with your dream of redemption, my Lord Save Him, save our son. I'm his mother: save Him: Let me rock Him again in my trembling arms.

Save Him, I'll receive the silver from Judas. Help him. Your word is all my world. I'll receive the silver from Judas' hand and spend it on nothing. Bring me those needles, Martha, I believe I'll knit Jesus a scarf. Go Do Lord / Oh Mary - 5 Milers* - Reunion (CD) snapping those butterbeans.

What time is it? Let me see now: knit one. You say it's twelve o'clock? Snap enough for Joseph and Lazarus: They'll be here before you're through. Martha, what time is it Purl two, purl one, knit one, purl two.

If I had the star of Bethlehem, I'd knit three and light His sky. Where was I, Martha? Oh yes, knit one, purl sev'n. What time is it, Martha? Knit three, purl ten. It can't be near three o'clock. Where was I? Knit, purl twelve, purl, nothing. Martha, don't leave me alone. Where are you Martha, Martha, Do Lord / Oh Mary - 5 Milers* - Reunion (CD) are you, Martha? Everything is black, air, water, sun, moon, all light, dirt is black.

Heav'n is in mourning for our Son The earth is dead: it will rise again, Almighty God. No I understand what light is: it is our Son. It is Jesus, no longer trembling in my arms; it is the Christ. O my boy: Jesus, my first and only one. Now on my knees with Joseph at my side, I ask Thee; send the resurrection now. Give the air and water and sun and the moon and the dirt; the light again.

Send the presence Almighty God, send it even to evil men. I see Jesus in the clouds, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, free Him from death for life: We must be free to sing: loose the birds for their songs, Bloom the flow'rs for their songs, Light Martha, whose brother came back from death, light Mary Magdalene, light Gethsemane's gardens: Light those walkways with lilies, and heal the wounds of Christ.

Let me rise up into your starry sky and love our Son, and praise thee, and praise thee. Ah, comfort me in paradise. O my Jesus: my first and only one: Born of God and born near his sun, bright boy: my only one: O my Jesus, rest on my breast my first and only son: O my boy: Jesus: rest: shhh, you need the rest. Leeds Music-Can. Athletics Overview Dayton Flyers. Explore More News Calendar Libraries.

Alphabetical List of Articles. All About Mary. Summit All-Spotless Heart: All-spotless heart, no breath of sin E'er marred thy purity; The shining choirs of angels show Quite dim and dark by thee. Worship 3 Hail, Queen of Heaven, the Ocean Star: Hail, Queen of heaven, the ocean star, Guide of the wand'rer here below; Thrown on life's surge, we claim thy care; Save us from peril and from woe.

Hours Holy Light: Holy light on earth's horizon, Star of hope to those who fall, Light amid a world of shadows, Dawn of God's design for all. Basil I Sing a Maid: I sing a maid of tender years To whom-an angel came, And knelt, as to a mighty queen, And bowed his wings of flame: A nation's hope in her reply, This maid of matchless grace; For God's own son became her child, And she his resting place. Worship 3 In This your Month, Creation's Queen: In this your month, creation's Queen, When fields have blossomed and the trees, The diadem of flow'rs we bring With your great majesty agrees, For Solomon, in all his state, Was not arrayed as one of these.

Basil Mary, How Lovely the Light of Your Glory: Mary, how lovely the light of your glory, From David's house, royal daughter you come, Holier, higher than angels in heaven, Holiest, highest through all God has done. It was covered by Johnny Mathis in It was covered by Anne Murray in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

London: Guinness World Records Limited. Official Charts Company. Retrieved November 29, Retrieved Ultratop Swiss Singles Chart. Single Top Top 40 Singles.

Singles Top Single track Top 40 lista. Retrieved 28 December Aria Charts. Retrieved 9 February IFPI Denmark. Retrieved 7 January Nederlandse Vereniging van Producenten en Importeurs van beeld- en geluidsdragers.


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  1. On all 12" releases, "Dancing In The Streets" is the A-side and "Mary's Boy Child/Oh My Lord" the B-side. There is a separate master for "Dancing In The Streets" releases where the B-side is not "Mary's Boy Child/Oh My Lord". "Mary's Boy Child" is a cover version of the hit by Harry Belafonte/5().
  2. Audio CD (May 17, ) Number of Discs: 3; Format: Box set; Note on Boxed Sets: During shipping, discs in boxed sets occasionally become dislodged without damage. Please examine and play these discs. If you are not completely satisfied, we'll refund or replace your purchase. Label: Aao Music; ASIN: BSC8XYQ; Customer Reviews: out of 5 /5(5).
  3. Refrain To you, O Lord, I lift my soul, O Lord, I lift my soul Your ways, O Lord, make known to me; teach me your paths, guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my savior Good and upright is the Lord; thus he shows sinners the way. He guides the humble to justice, he teaches the humble his way Al.
  4. 1 Do Lord, do Lord, Do remember me. Do Lord, do Lord, Do remember me, Do Lord, do Lord, Do remember me, O do Lord, remember me. 2 When I'm in trouble, Do remember me.
  5. Each song is played on the CD! ISBN: UPC: Width: Length: Pages: 68 Visit our eBay Store: Contents Angel Band, Are You Washed In The Blood? Crying Holy Unto My Lord Arranger: Eddie Collins, Day By Day(Stephen Schwartz) Do Lord.
  6. Oh, Mary [Me III-C 5] Us - Oh Mary, Don't You Weep. Oh, Mary and the Baby, Sweet Lamb. Seeger Family. American Folk Songs for Christmas, Rounder /, LP (), trk# 19 Oh Mary, Don't You Weep [Me III-C 5] Mf - If You Miss Me at the Back of the Bus. Pb - Oh, Sisters Don't You Weep; Oh Riders Don't You Weep.
  7. Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord Lyrics: Mary's boy child Jesus Christ / Was born on Christmas day / And man will live forever more / Because of Christmas day / Long time ago in Bethlehem / So the.
  8. Mary Lord in Ohio. Find Mary Lord's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading people search directory for contact information and public records.

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