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My Clock - The Krewmen - Plague Of The Dead (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download My Clock - The Krewmen - Plague Of The Dead (CD, Album)
Label: Part Records - 6114.001 • Format: CD Album, Reissue • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Psychobilly

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How it could travel and effect the whole world. The concept is quite disturbing since it would make sense. Yet when it finally mutates, the infected go a bit attack crazy. Chaos ensues!

One thing I loved in this book was the types of infected. You had carriers who have had contact but are otherwise still normal. Once it has gone through it's incubation period, they go crazy are are on virus steroids or something. These are referred to as 'Sprinters. They sound the alarms to other zombies and will chase you down! Once an infected dies, they rise again. These are referred to as 'shamblers. Can sneak up right behind you but if spotted at a distance you might be okay.

My guess it its the rigor mortis kicking in that slows them down. The problems are you have to kill the infected twice! They will track and chase you for miles. So being on foot is bad since humans still need sleep and rest. Then you have the crazies who when the world falls apart, go nuts and destroy things, hurt and kill people, etc. And you have those who want to help and you have the survivalists. This book shares of the crazies but the focal points are from the helpers and survalists.

This story has a heavy military emphasis. The story focuses around mostly them. From trying to control the outbreak, to trying to get away and then figuring out what the hell to do next. It is an interesting ride. We get a lot of different viewpoints and perspectives in this book. From the military, to the scientists, to Red Cross, to a reporter.

Each character has various strengths and weaknesses that we get to see, giving the story a very real feel. While I like many of the characters, you do not get attached to them. They are not too deeply created for the most part. But that is a good thing. This is a zombie novel after all.

Many will not make it. But there is enough deep and backround to understand and relate to them. While lots of death occur, it is not grotesque. More action-style but the zombie survival with the feel of 'What if' that this book gives adds the element of horror.

This is not for young readers. This is an adult novel. While maybe suitable to older, mature teens can be debatable. Fast paced, easy to read and lots of action in this first book of The Morningstar Strain trilogy. Almost 4. This book has much the same feel that The Autumn series by David Moody, but lacks the emotional impact that is delivered by the characters of that series.

We prefer to call him a Deceased ambulatory viral host. No explanations to the virus are 3 Stars Plague of the Dead is a decent book one in a typical post apocalyptic zombie world. No explanations to the virus are given other than it happens in Africa, and monkeys may have been involved. This novel plays out like a military book, where planning and coordinating on how to survive, to rescue, and to move forward are the major plot points.

The undead zombies are your typical come in two flavors. One, the classic slow moving shambler, and two the fast paced runner. The line splitting the two has an interesting twist. In this book the living when infected will succumb to the virus and become "Carriers", they will be runners, and Album) will technically still be alive. That is why they are so much more coordinated and can run.

These carriers can be killed like any normal person, to then only rise again as an undead shuffler. A fast enjoyable zombie book that is good enough for me to recommend and to also move on to book number two.

Oct 16, Jason Bradley Thompson rated it did not like it. The twist is that the 'infected' start out as 28 Days Later-style running zombies, but if you shoot 'em in the chest, they revive as Romero-style slow zombies; one hard-to-believe plot thread involves the US government trying to conceal the latter fact past the point of absurdity, hunting whistleblowers even after the zombies have already overrun the US.

The writing is weak, and rushes through events: one moment zombies are reviving in a morgue in a scene totally lacking any tension20 pages later all of Africa is overrun, then My Clock - The Krewmen - Plague Of The Dead (CD the US is overrun with little fanfare or explanation.

Characterization, details and worldbuilding Album) lacking. Recht's time in the military. Unfortunately, shortly after that, it's like it becomes a different book, as the action moves to a far more familiar setting, a zombie-overrun America with small groups of survivors. I wish he'd stuck with the large-scale military battles, which were tense and cool and reminded me of the World War Z movie, unlike the rest of the book.

May 08, Patrick rated it did not like it Shelves: zombies. I wanted to like this book, but was never able to like all, or even most, of it. Between a ton of really obnoxious characters, a general lack of knowledge about the military, and horrible dialogue there is a lot that makes this a below average novel. It starts strong, but the middle is a chore to get through.

The characters keep making clueless and stupid choices. No one thinks about saving ammo, or to take heavy equipment with them.

They also run around acting like B-grade action movie character I wanted to like this book, but was never able to like all, or even most, of it. They also run around acting like B-grade action movie characters, Album). At one point a character challenges his former partner into a duel, while zombies and a SWAT team are attacking the house. I mean, really? The military knowledge also seems to come from action movies and Call of Duty.

Every single military character is overwrought and un-military. He gets the weapons, jargon, and just about everything else wrong. It kept grating at me all book. A fairly forgettable book in the slew of zombie books. Mar 22, Joanie rated it did not like it. Possibly the worst zombie book in the entire world. The book is written in an extremely annoying style, consisting of a constant narration of what people said and did.

He said, 'This has to end. He waved. He left the room. Review of Plague of the Dead by Z. Can I just say WOW. This book had been sitting on my shelf since and only got around to reading it 6 years later. During a pandemic.

This is one hell of a zombie book. This is the stuff about zombies I wanna read and I couldn't get enough of it! That's why I'm already soooo looking forward to reading the sequel.

And not only that. If you're anything like me, you're always on the lookout for scientific details and I can't say it enough: your need for all of that is completely fulfilled here. Characters-wise, this book isn't that much 'deep', loads of people are introduced during the narration, but don't expect the writer to go full on psychologist: you'll have to retrieve some infos on your own, as a reader should always do. Something that will help you though, is the writing style and how dialogues were constructed.

We get to know the people inside the book especially thanks to those, so you wanna keep a close eye on them, trust me. So much thought went into the making of this book, I'm so so impressed!

Plus, the writer was so young when he wrote this, so kudos for that as well. If you don't know though, Recht died in at the age of 26, he was involved in a car accident.

He completed the first two books in this trilogy on his own, but then the third one had to be completed by Thom Brannan and was published 2 years after his passing.

Zachary, thank you for your service he was in the military and also, thank you for providing the world with this amazing book. Can't wait to read the sequels!

Jun 13, C. Bella rated it it was amazing. Obsolutely action packed,engagin,weel-written. Though it starts promisingly enough, Z.

Recht's Plague of the Dead quickly descends into standard zombie apocalyptic territory as the U. This best of both worlds approach think George Romero and 28 Days Later is about the most novel addition Recht makes to the proliferation of zombie literature in the universe at the moment. Everything is else is standard, if inoffensive; predictable, though readable.

Characters are by the numbers, with the narrative boiling down to two separate groups who, by the end of the novel, are aiming to meet one another somewhere in the middle of the fairly large land mass known as North America. This implies one aspect of Plague of the Dead which was less than stellar: It is far from its own self-contained novel.

In essence, it reads like Part 1 of a massive zombie tome, and offers nothing approximating a conclusion, instead baiting the reader to continue with the second book in the series Of course, this was Recht's first book and to be fair, as far as first books go, I've read far, far worse.

It would have been interesting to chart Recht's progress as an author, but sadly he only wrote one other book My Clock - The Krewmen - Plague Of The Dead (CD the sequel to this one - before dying at a tragically young age.

Honestly, I'm not sure if I'll bother seeking out the sequel at this stage. I'll have to see if curiosity eventually overwhelms me.

Nov 06, Kemper rated it liked it Shelves: apocalypse-nowzombieshorror. I am a stone cold sucker for zombie stories. I don't care if they're the old school Romero shufflers or the new breed My Clock - The Krewmen - Plague Of The Dead (CD 28 Days Later style runners, give me a story about the world being overrun by undead flesh eaters, and it makes me happy.

This probably says something very disturbing about me. This is pretty standard stuff. Efforts at containment fail and soon the entire pla I am a stone cold sucker for zombie stories. Efforts at containment fail and soon the entire planet is being overrun.

The remains of an Army force is trying to get back to the States after failing to hold back the zombies in Africa, and a Army virus expert finds that the U. Hilarity ensues. Pretty solid zombie story, but there's a lot of overly macho military and spy crap with a lot of B movie cliches. This isn't anywhere close to the class of a World War Z or The Walking Dead graphic novels, but not too shabby as ending the world by zombie apocalypse goes.

It was entertaining enough that I'll check out the sequel. Shelves: horrorfiction. Ok, I know I just resolved not to read any more bad zombie books, but a friend had already loaned this one to me, so it doesn't count. There's a pattern that emerges when an apocalyptic story is told by someone with a military background—at least it has in the books I've read.

The mild-mannered ex-soldier, wanting nothing more than to settle down and enjoy his life as a private citizen, is forced to rely on his superior training and personal weaponry when civilization implodes. Clueless civvies Ok, I know I just resolved not to read any more bad zombie books, but a friend had already loaned this one to me, so it doesn't count.

Clueless civvies are always totally unprepared for the reckoning. Sometimes there's character development—like when our hero discovers his dreams of living a "normal" life conflict with his fundamental take-names-and-kick-brains nature—but usually things simply devolve into gun porn.

Recht's story adds something to the zombie genre I like the distinction between "sprinters" and "shamblers"but eventually it falls into the same pattern. There are three books in this series aren't there always? Usually, I can pick the survivors in a zombie novel.

It's pretty easy. Just find the ones who aren't written like walking snackpacks, and root for them. In the case of Plague of the Dead, however, it becomes more difficult, as Recht focuses all his attentions on a gruelingly dull point-by-point military description of the initial zombie outbreak, leaving no time to flesh out his characters.

His disinterest leads directly to the reader's disinterest Those more inte Usually, I can pick the survivors in a zombie novel. Those more interested in the technical military aspects might find this entertaining, but I like my apocalypses with a little more flesh and blood.

I think I am done with the Zombie genre forever. This book was an ok read for awhile but eventually fell flat with boring characters. I really find it hard to believe that a horde of zombies is fast enough to chase military vehicles over long distances. Oct 21, Dan JK rated it did not like it Shelves: prom-night-dumpster-babiesnot-worth-mentioning. The writing style is just terrible and uninspired.

The mechanism for character and story development is based entirely on convenience. The plot is laborious. In summary this book is a perfect example of genre exploitation. Thumb if you agree. May 15, chucklesthescot rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-star-readshorrorzombiesfiction.

This is without doubt one of the top five zombie books that I've ever read. This series along with Glynn James and Michael Stephen Fuchs 'Arisen' series are probably the best zombie series ever.


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