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Say You Dont Mind - Various - Lost And Found (Record One) (Vinyl, LP) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Say You Dont Mind - Various - Lost And Found (Record One) (Vinyl, LP)
Label: World Record Club - R 90957 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation, Club Edition, Mono • Country: Australia • Genre: Pop •

There is more surface noise to colored vinyl as opposed to black vinyl. I own multiple copies of split, tri-colored and quad-colored vinyl and if you listen to those LPs with head phones on you can tell the difference in surface noise. Especially if one of the sections is black.

Also I find it irritating that when some artists release an LP there can be up to 10 different variations of the release! Annoying AF! I always buy the black version for my play copy and leave the other variation just to look at occasionally. I have found though that there are some really good quality colored vinyl out there and it seems to be the gram and above that sound the best.

Also picture discs have improved a lot since the glory days when picture discs were all the rage. I experiencing a lot more warping, rough edges, particles in the grooves and kinked inserts and inner sleeves. Sure there was warping back then too but usually on popular releases that would sell a lot of units and they packed and shipped them quickly before they completely cooled from the pressing process. Frampton Comes Alive comes to mind.

Love all the comments on this informative article. For those that say record companies always punched out label centers before melting down old vinyl to make new vinyl pressing …. Not sure if anyone out there knows something about this, but i have recently found that colored vinyl and other variants arrive warped FAR more often than black wax.

Not blaming the record companies, just the colored vinyls… any thoughts? The labels were punched out before the vinyl was ground up and melted down. LP) a bit of label would get in with the vinyl if the label were originally off-center, for examplebut that was pretty rare. Vinyl is the ultimate historical musical artifact. Everything about the vinyl should feel like it represents what the music is about.

Not going to lie. I will sacrifice slighty better sound quality for an artifact that has history ingrained in it ie.

The sound difference between black vinyl and colored vinyl is really not that discernible. Sometimes you would see pieces of the old labels in the vinyl.

They could cause clicks, pops, skips, etc. The purer the vinyl virgin yes even blackthe more light would show through. Colored vinyl is nice. Almost exclusively classical music targeting people who wanted high quality sound.

Pressing and mastering are much more significant than the color of the vinyl. I have nothing against colored vinyl as long as these two jobs are done well. When buying a second hand record, colored vinyls are a minefield. You cannot reflect light and see the possible defects as well as black vinyl. The worst in this case are the clear vinyls. Even the sleeves were better quality. Flip back garrod and loft house for example.

After that they charged a premium for deluxe. It really just depends on the particular pressing. And on a side note: nothing beats the look of a LP) made splatter vinyl! Just my two cents :.

Anyway, has it been proven that colored vinyl has inferior fidelity compared to black? Has it been established that the carbon black makes for a better pressing substrate?

Go colored vinyl, go picture discs! Having worked in multiple pressing plants and for multiple record labels, I can say that colored vinyl can sound just the same as black. Most all colored vinyl is pressed after the full run of black vinyl and occur on worn-out stampers. The current backlogs for every step in the vinyl record process makes for sloppy or non-existent quality control — these problems of haste equally afflict all vinyl colors.

I just go for a version with the best price. For example, you can find a barely-played 60s pressing of the soundtrack for a couple bucks…and often in dollar bins. Why do I need an expensive colored repress?! Thanks for letting people know! Some really low-grade vinyl sometimes looks brown but is actually black because the wax is so thin you can see through it. In the end, it goes what people want, Say You Dont Mind - Various - Lost And Found (Record One) (Vinyl. As a vinyl junkie and I can admit that.

I like vinyl. I think coloured vinyl is great when it adds something to the understanding of the music or what the artist is trying to convey. When done thoughtfully and well, clever packaging and coloured vinyl can actually enhance the music and therefore the listening experience as a whole.

So 2 pops with every spin …. Even the most pristine black vinyl cannot represent the music as accurately as can high-resolution digital. Part of the fun for me is tracking down limited pressings, preferably on colored vinyl which I feel enhances the artistic design of the entire package and increases my enjoyment. To my knowledge, Say You Dont Mind - Various - Lost And Found (Record One) (Vinyl, vinyl was changed to black to conceal the blemishes of the raw PVC.

Whatever the reason, black is the standard to which median prices can generally be set whether it starts that way or not. Which more or less proves your point that color makes zero difference. Do you have an example of a record being colored and it not being mentioned on the sleeve? Vinyl is supposed to be black! At least give me the choice of not buying it! I hate it especially Say You Dont Mind - Various - Lost And Found (Record One) (Vinyl the coloured vinyl makes no sense in terms of design.

The White Album on blue vinyl. That kind of thing. Some indielabels have really nice designs where the colored vinyl is beautifully intergrated with the artwork on the sleeve. Although I would still prefer black if it is availabe.

Great read. Clear vinyl should always be cheaper than black and colors, yet it often gets priced higher in stores, and often this is paired with smaller pressing numbers. This highlights the real reason pricing pressings on Discogs is crapshoot:. Prior to this resurgence, perhaps you can justify talking as if most buyers were educated on this point. The issue is marketing and the ignorance of vinyl buyers brought in on the resurgence wave. People are getting marketed out of more money for absolutely no reason.

Color has zero to do with it anymore. For some, the gimmick is the best part, and fair enough. I recommend googling the subject, there are many vinyl manufacturers online that will literally grade the typical degradation in sound by their color. Personally, I rip all of my vinyl using a certain turntable with a certain head cartridge with a certain tone arm and a certain platter using a certain pre-amp.

Do you listen to vinyl rips on Flac? Or do you like any Flac compression? It was mentioned by another user earlier that all colors are dependent upon the quality of the pressing as well, so your argument may reflect this.

Even black vinyl can sound like crap if not pressed correctly. It definitely seems a large number of these colored variants get bought in quantity so sellers can then flip them for a higher price.

Thanks for those examples, those are awesome. It ceases to be about the music and becomes a race to just collect stuff. Oh boy. I can understand that black vinyl would have less noise then colored or picture discs. But records for me are a fun way of listening to music, which is why I still buy and play them.

If you want to buy black, then buy black. If you want a little color, then go for the colors. I therefore cannot comment on the quality. It just never seemed important to me, though to seek a different color. The colored vinyl phenomena is most certainly gimmickry. However, it happens to be gimmickry I love. Besides, most music is produced digitally now anyways which relates back to my first point. Buying records is not merely a listening experience, but also an exercise in collecting.

The beauty of the artifact is as much a part of a record as the content. I love beauty. I love beautiful music, beautiful people, and beautiful objects. Colored editions are not my exclusive choice every time, but they are fun when available. Music is an experience and trying to collect experiences in a physical form is silly.

Yet we do it obsessively. If you enjoy what you are doing, you might as well have fun. Given the degradation in quality of black pellets in the last 20 years, perhaps the colored variants are now on-par? I own a few coloured vinyl but I prefer black; it just feels like the real deal to me. Then you get to the point of ridiculousness with albums like [m] — if the numbers on discogs are to be believed copies on vinyl are in existence — are picture discs; a whopping on various colours and patterns and only on black!

I completely disagree that it sounds inferior. That said I agree with your point that it seems that people care less about the music and more about the variant. People can do whatever they want with their money, but it seems that newer collectors are also looking at it as more of an investment than about the music as well.

I have a mix of black and coloured vinyl. I love both. I hear no difference between them at all. Most of my more expensive coloured ones have been awesome presents actually. This kind of loses out on the significant indie scene of previous decades, at least, where some bands chose to do it themselves—though, admittedly, plenty of them had a similar attitude themselves and found it a gimmick.

As far as i know singles were colored by genre in the early days green colored country singles come to mind which then stopped because it became to pricy as more and more genres became popular. I see it as a part of the art form, the package, the message or whatever you want to call it. Big choruses reign supreme on this tune, and this will assuredly provide a live performance highlight for many. Following on from her appearance on Later…With Jools Holland, LP finally seems to be cultivating more mainstream applause, which is truly a refreshing sight to behold for anyone who has been following her work up until now.

Lost On You is reserved LP) nuanced enough to strike a real connection between artist and listener. Rachael Scarsbrook. Next Album Review: Blondie — Pollinator.

More Stories 4 min read. Sam Etzioni.


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  2. in "Fight The Power," Chuck D raps, "damn if I say it you can slap me right here." Cruise Florida Georgia Line Florida Georgia Line's "Cruise" spent 24 weeks on top of the country chart- the most ever until Sam Hunt's "Body Like a Back Road" was #1 for 34 weeks.
  3. Randy Newman - Land Of Dreams (LP, Album) Label: Reprise Records, Reprise Records Cat#: WX , Media Condition: Media: Near Mint (NM or M-) Sleeve Condition: Sleeve: Near Mint (NM or M-) Personal archive copy - new & once played for grading - a few light hairlines with no impact on audio - still in shrink but opened - comes with original inner -small prices .
  4. Jun 01,  · New album 'Heart To Mouth" is out now: luttrolterpmaslaystepovusletseipratin.coinfo Heart To Mouth Tour: luttrolterpmaslaystepovusletseipratin.coinfo Lost On You: luttrolterpmaslaystepovusletseipratin.coinfo
  5. To all the things I've lost on you Tell me are they lost on you Just that you could cut me loose After everything I've lost on you Is that lost on you Is that lost on you Baby is that lost on you Is that lost on you Wishin' I could see the machinations Understand the toil of expectations in your mind Hold me like you never lost your patience.
  6. Wow, since I saw Lp on The One show her song Lost On You has been playing in my head and I have checked out her you tube videos and I am really impressed.I saw an interview where she said she had been writing songs mostly for other people for 10 years she has certainly done her apprenticeship and she so deserves to be in the spotlight now,her /5(K).
  7. And THOSE VOICES! This album is a pure masterpiece. I still love Brian's Smile but the Smile Sessions on vinyl is one of my favorite albums of all time. I enjoy all the session, individual song parts & fly on the wall tracks on the deluxe set (not on this vinyl version) but the 2 lp Smile in mono with the last side containing some stereo /5().
  8. LP; Lost on You Lyrics LP – Lost on You. Wishin' I could see the machinations Understand the toil of expectations in your mind Hold me like you never lost your patience Sell me that you love me more than hate "all I ever wanted was you" no games. "ill never get to heaven cause i dont know how" -- even though she did right by her.
  9. Apr 18,  · Example 3: Alex North – A Space Odyssey Soundtrack A fine example of unbridled financial hysteria is in the case of the recent Mondo repress of the soundtrack by Alex luttrolterpmaslaystepovusletseipratin.coinfo black vinyl median price is $20, and while it costs this much to buy new, this is a reasonable price to pay.. However, you then have the “randomly inserted” colored vinyl .

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