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Twilight Sun - Gods Tower - The Turns (Cassette, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Twilight Sun - Gods Tower - The Turns (Cassette, Album)
Label: MetalAgen Records - MAR-024 • Format: Cassette Album • Country: Russia • Genre: Rock • Style: Doom Metal, Folk Metal

The gods, particularly the Olympians, removed all mention of these prophecies, but a few particularly knowledgable souls, such as Xena, were aware of them. Others, such as Hercules and Eli, heralded Twilight by teaching mortals that they could exist without the gods, without being aware or trying to fulfill specific prophecies. Strictly speaking, Twilight was not a time when the gods would all die as most of the gods themselves interpreted it meanbut rather a time when humanity would "grow up" and no longer need them spiritually or mentally.

In terms of individuals, remarkably few gods were actually killed during the Twilight- the rest endured for a time, eventually fading into myth. The fallen gods were victims of their own fear, the fear of prophecy came true, their fear accelerated the prophecy.

After Xena was resurrected and returned from heaven she learned that she was chosen to be the one to bear the Messenger of the One God. The Fates told to Zeus and Hera that the child will bring the Twilight of the Gods, fearing this the Greek gods launched a campaign to destroy Xena and her child.

Zeus and Hades sent their minions to kill Xena and her unborn child while Hera went rogue and helped Hercules find the Ribs of Kronoshaving come to the conclusion that Twilight might be what the gods deserved.

After Xena escaped from the Underworld where she went to find the helmet of invisibility, Hades and his minions stopped their pursuit. Zeus gave Hera the kiss of death for her betrayal to him and went to kill the child. The Twilight had begun. After the child's birth PoseidonArtemis and Apollo sent their priests OrcasTira and Tazor to kill the baby, but the attempt was thwarted, though nearly at the cost of Joxer 's life. Xena, Gabrielle and Eve were later besieged by Athena while visiting Amphipolis ; the gods' seemingly petty siege kick off Twilight in earnest, as the villagers stood up to Athena and questioned the need for a baby to die.

The siege ended when Xena killed Ilainus of Mycenaeand she fled with Gabrielle and Eve to Siberiawhere Eve was safe from the Olympians and Gabrielle could be happy. The pair were forced to return after Cleopatra called on them to keep Egypt free from Roman control.

Now in the eye of the gods again, Xena and Gabrielle returned to Greece. Decided to face the challenge head-on, Xena consulted the Fates, who told Xena she must die in order for her to save her child. Athena, Hades and Hephaestus teamed up to destroy Xena, who entrusted Eve to Octavius and kidnapped Celestaostensibly to learn about the future, but in reality to assist them with faking their suicides.

The ruse worked too well, however, and a grieving Ares laid Xena and Gabrielle to rest in a tomb of ice. Upon awakening, Xena and Gabrielle discovered that Octavius had raised Livia to be the perfect general.

To their horror, though, Livia was as brutal and ruthless in her dedication to Rome's glory, and was as bad as Xena had been as the Destroyer of Nations. Xena revealed herself and assumed her prophesied mantle as the defender of Eli's disciples in a desperate attempt to get Livia to acknowledge her true identity. Pressed on silver disc. A Picture of Fading Light God's Failures You--I demand your attention! A story would be told about a boy who's growing older Now's the time to dive inside your warped and tattered mind The pieces do not fit the puzzle of your logic's path And as I sit in the candlelight A silhouette from behind Failing Gods Into the shadow of my mind, mindful of the implications Failing Gods Where was your God when brother died?

Failing Gods A cancer patient hopes he'll win Failing Gods I'm by your side until the end Punished by the hand of God for seizing fruit of knowledge The metaphor made flesh--you'd carve me pound for pound And as he rots in his death bed I see his father with calloused eyes Failing Gods Into the shadow of my mind, mindful of the fading light Failing Gods They've put their stock in failing Gods Failing Gods A cancer patient hopes he'll win Failing Gods I'm by your side until the end Solo: Tyler Failing Gods Into the shadow of my mind, mindful of the implications Failing Gods Where was Twilight Sun - Gods Tower - The Turns (Cassette God when brother died?

Cannibalistic Mind Waste away for hours, slip away The only way out of this cage You're fading away By the window watching autumn leaves My only break from reality He lies in his agony He'll die, this I feel but But what's the purpose behind?

He lies, shadows of pink in the light Implies terrible things will happen to all Never had a normal life, I'm not the same Severed ties to community Your fears are legitimate Meander through hallways day by day Leave my mind to die by day The mind when unfed it It feeds--so insatiable It eats itself The mind, so unnourished It eats any idea it comes in contact with Solo: Calos Solo: Tony He lies to himself yet He cries out for mercy But still he keeps up his faith He lies to the others He cries when they ask him How he's doing I'm not.

Coping Mechanism You say I'm angry, I can't deny It's burning Album) my veins But that's only the symptom You say I'm searching, I tell you now The things that I have seen Could crush your fragile state of mind We call it folklore Wander the moonscape, let your spirit fly Disguised as strength and yet I never question why Wander the moonscape, a dreamworld farewell Your id desires freedom, subterfuge by self Born in my mind, a seed of misanthropic fear I can't identify as one of you I know It's not a phase, it's not a stretch I'd love to rid myself this useless cage of human flesh We call it folklore Wander the hallways, let your spirit fly Disguised as innocence, you never question why Wander the hallways, a conscious farewell Your id desires freedom, Album), subterfuge by self Solo: Tyler Wander the hospital, let your spirit fly I am a lonely vessel, candle in the night Wander the hospital, subconscious farewell Memories and time will fade How long do broken ships sail?

Lies and lies from generations die Yet I'm the only one who questions Why we're here. My Fantasy Destroyed I walk alone at night, hoping that I'll find Epiphany or more, a greater understanding Always knew that I'd be alone Never thought that I'd find a home Home, a different meaning Who is solitary Always knew that I'd die alone Never thought that I'd find someone Someone to be by my side To help me find the fleeting light Full moon shine--I'm swimming in my Twilight Sun - Gods Tower - The Turns (Cassette fears Blackest skies--a highway jam that's in my head Nevermind--something is here Crashing waves--I'm treading in the blackened waves Flowing blood--relentless routing in my head Pounding fear--time to reveal Feeling now that my brother's tale Doesn't have a happy end End to a broken line This wretched soul, observer Always knew I was special, I I'm taken back by By the surreal feelings here Almost like a dreamworld here Glowing moon--it's almost like a lucid dream Lurking doom--or is it just a catalyst?

Nevermind--time to go back Gentle wind--I look up to his room alight So exposed--I'm standing naked in the rain Now return--to numbing death Cancer leaves families exposed Rips, cracks into canyon walls Step by step up to his room Lying there, mother beside Solo: Tony Fantasy is torn apart Reality is fucking stark Stark in the face of tears Eyes that show our fears Mom caresses withered hands Hold on tight and pray loud Loud is the comfort of men Yet they're silent in their pride Indoor breeze--this surely cannot happen now Earned your keys--into another bleaker world Blood and bone--you won't escape Only smoke--emergency to save his life Without fire--no longer am I here alone Earned your keys--time to grow up.

Lucid Nightmare Peeling back the layers of what is real Darkness comes into my realm surreal and Pulsing steady, macabre delight It calls to me beating, somewhere in the night Oh how it burns Dreams broken by you, your suffering and your pain Infects those you love, we share in all the pain Now--time to be seen See--all that has been Free--all that you think Let us inside you No--let us be you Please--soon we'll be through What--do you desire?

All that I can know I sit alone by windows So silent, meditating quiet There's nothing odd it seems but A drop of sweat spells in all out Shadows with eyes A force of nature has found a friend Shadow's disguise The memories are cast into light Speak, speak to me she pleads So kind and motherly One shouldn't speak his thoughts Just keep to your own self Why I have you come here? I you want it all clear? Shall we we learn about Each other and more?

Now begins my spiral fall into the black Grey ethereal world of answers, answers and lies Curiosity divine yet frightening When left alone the mind will turn on, turn on itself Open doorways, let the dark come in The void seems frightening, but it needs you Needs to be seen No more dreams, the things I've seen In a lifetime of mere seconds Time compressed, what's the deal? To be struck between yourself and I No limits, I want to fly Leave the world of mortals far behind No body, I want to die leave us one with the elements in space A noble step into the light Of the darkness of reality Count to three, and then you'll see This has all been just inside your head No!

I want to stay You! Do not betray I! I found you there I have freed your soul We I are to be bound I we cannot be found Die no singular path For my desires Awaken from the stupor of meditation gone awry But still the pain is with me and to my right he's lying there Stand into light The morning beams of the sun's twilight Stand up and see A newfound path of your destiny.

The Rain in the Meadow Rays of sunshine through the haze In these melancholy days A mind who's blinded by the pathos 'til the nerve is burned and numb Have I gone too far?

A fallen star, but did I ever really shine? I feel the truth unfold Blur the lines and pray But not to God, I yearn the flawed embrace of man I feel the lines have thus been blurred The catalyst of mine occurred Bent the straw and broke the line This new reality of mine.

Waiting for heaven to shine Watching the life force of my brother drain away Carried on through hellish halls Dimly lit, I hear the calls You can't save me--I'm breaking down Family weeps together and the presence of another man Michael Andrus has just arrived "I am the father of the man who's dying here This is my power, authority of God" I carried hopes with me that somehow we'd avoid These ego games and sport for your control Life, after this life, after this death You're wandering in a lucid nightmare now To be the wraith who wanders endlessly through space You're looking death in its pallid face this time Carry me away and split this soul apart In this world of mine inside my head Carry me away and bring me to the edge To the edge of consciousness and pride Skies of grey and howling wind Let the combat trial begin Fratricidal--we'll spill the blood!

Autophagia Life Support Between rage and sorrow We sense approaching death The drugs put him to sleep He's conscious less and less He will come back to us, God will not abandon I gave him life, and I won't see my pride and joy slip away I know that I hide alone But I will never leave you I wouldn't have you take this path Of what I'll soon become Please--sitting in corners alone Please come back to me No--trust in the gift of life He will pass on in the night I hope that I may be wrong God will relieve thosewith faith Please--I will not give up on you I'm bracing myself for the storm Storm!

I will not yield! I know that you would pray But no prayers will sound while that thing is still around I just can't take it all, this constant hate and fear Like a snake that circles round and round and feasts upon itself I know that you two butt heads, but can't you let that rest?

My son is dying here and still you can't but difference Album) Will you consider my words? I just want to be alone How can we deal with this shit? You've already danced with death We could go on in shifts There's no sense dealing with him Trust--how can I trust in you people?

Trial and Coronation Harvester of Souls Conquest Is Over This Storm The Great Assault Beyond the Wall A New Beginning. The Gathering [Lucifer:] Imago dei The meaning stays hollow and vague Encrypted are these words of old It is a play An incensation for foolish dreamers This age of not knowing is endless Its reign is eternal [Conquest:] Thus, there is a way There must be [Lucifer:] Disgraceful suffering That might be to their liking [Conquest:] I was promised truth But our league is broken [Lucifer:] Your passion for these… These earth creepers… It is beyond compare They still insist on blaming me Though it is him Who stole the light [Conquest:] I believed in the power of the throne Yes, we once were protectors Guardians But that is long gone by We are myth Not more than a myth [Lucifer:] Go Curse the world For what we are Is what we are Our true nature is not of matter Resistance shall be thine Your wish It shall be granted This battle is not over, yet 3.

War Feeds War This phantom thought divides us The fearsome warriors A god so jealous Obscures the great divine This pain is endless This world's insane This war is fed by war Since fate is in love with hate The seventh sign reveals the end Warrior When death aligns with Mars My friend Warrior There once was a time We rode side by side Warrior But now it's gone War feeds warriors Behold there's A pale horse The fourth appears Meet old father death Furthermore down They'll drag me down Furthermore down I'll bring them down And then for a moment It seemed They could survive Seven seals, we're all blind Will it ever be the same?

Will I touch this final flame? Will I be on my own? Or is there anyone Who knows? Hope Is there knowledge? How can I pass this gate? Be aware and now awake In oblivion Warrior Warrior They all come crawling The black swarm crawls in From beyond The ancient foe descends 4. Dark Cloud's Rising I salute you, dawn It's a new age Dear friends, welcome Kings and noble men They may not come No one's ever seen A brighter crowd and feast But I feel dark clouds Rising from the fields of misery This road goes on Forevermore This road goes on Forever on Still the road goes on Still the road goes on And for a last time I bid farewell And for a last time I repent It is the road Calling again No further grief Beyond that door I'm on my way Out of the dark Let's hold on to the dream The wind will Lead us Over yonder and astray But I feel dark clouds rising The road goes on And on and on and on Now it's your turn Search for the great unknown You might lose it Don't forget For there is truth to find Beyond the walls of sleep What I believe I cannot prove Yet Winding roads lead straight ahead What does it all mean to me?

You need advice You have to face this I will take you to places You would not like to be Meet a fearsome enemy Terrible and dark Behold that foe is near Beware Beware Beware No time to lose It lies before and behind My burden I will carry it along This road goes on and on But you shall not walk alone For friends You'll meet on your way Good spirits follow your ways Am I trapped in lies?

Who can tell me? Will things go wrong? What the future holds The stars may know Somewhere out There must be freedom There must be But I feel dark clouds rising From the crypt of history This road goes on Forevermore This road goes on Forever on Still the road goes on Still the road goes on Rising 6.

In the Underworld They'll burn in hell Do you think What you have done was clever? Who the hell are you? Bez [Bez:] May I, should I? Do they carry something? Do they? Have they nice, nice, nice Yes, yes, yes You may enter How will it end? Is there anyone who knows? How can we survive? Treason Beyond the pale horizon Far from this dark place There lies our hope Not yet awake A saving grace A sleeping giant Death is near All dressed Album) white Show no fear Redeem your prize For our wrath Shall come upon our foe There's no flame Without a spark Yes, we're blessed indeed By the newborn star Oh, behold a newborn star Oh, behold a newborn star There is war at hand Gather For my last command Stand brave Stand tall We must defend I call to arms This is my final stand Let the earth move for a while We're defying gravity Now everybody It's death or glory Don't let them Put a spell on you Somehow, somehow There's no one there Cross the water For they cannot cross the border Free will we shall defend For there's more to lose This is what we are The intruder is near This is all we are And we defy you There is war at hand Follow me My valiant friends Then side by side We march again This is the anthem of the lost And damned Don't know Which way to go?


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