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Take, Hold, Fire! - Mr. Lif - Mo Mega (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Take, Hold, Fire! - Mr. Lif - Mo Mega (CD, Album)
Label: Definitive Jux - DJX129CD 088.0129.020 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop •

The "Canadian Girl" Set with two diamonds. Sun Oth Or Crtdit and age. Members of the family present were her three sons. Fred McConnell, Mr. Her daughter. Llla C. Ross, of North Vancouver, j was unable to attend, having left recently for a vLsit to 8altsprlng I Island.

Her other two sons, unable to be, present, were Mr. Mc- Connell, of Vancouver, and Mr. McConnell, of Vernon. William McCague, Graham Street, a pleasant afternoon was spent yes- terday, when the Quadra Circle of the Centennial United Church, of member, entertained with a birthday tea in Mrs. McConnell's honor The tea table, with its graceful appoint- ments of roses flanked by yellow tapers, was presided over by Mrs.

Stewart and Mrs W. Bryant, and assisting in serving were Mrs. E McCualg and Mrs. Corkie, of Merrltt, B. Paul Green accompanying. William the wedding of Joan Champneys, j Findlay were ushers. Oak Bay. Kyrle William Symons, eldest son of Mr. Symons, Victoria Avenue, which took place yesterday after- noon at o'clock in St. Mary s Church, Oak Bay, in the presence of a host of friends. Canon Nunns officiated at the service, and Mr. Dudley Wickett played the wed- cilng marches and Incidental music, and as the register was being signed.

Aldous sang "O Perfect Love. Con-scrvatory scholarships have also been awarded to Miss Lily Washimoto. Fred McConnell, Oscar Street. The dLstrlct deputy, Mrs Jane, opened the affair, and as general convener had the stalls attractively arranged She was presented with a beautiful bou- quet of flowers by Master John Lomas and was Riven staunch sup- port from the members who took charge of the various stalls of home cooking, novelties, loe cream and housle-housie.

Tea was served In- doors owing to the wind, and the tables were dainty with vases of roses and daisies Mrs. Kidney, of Edmonton, entertained the guests. The cushion donated by Mrs. Lomas waa won by Mrs. H, White Supper was served at 8 30 p. Six tables of court whist were In progress during the evening. First prizes were won by Mrs. Hume and Mrs. Ourney; second. Archer and Mrs. Huson, and con- solation Mrs J. Naden and A. At Album) close of the pt'riy Mrs.

E Oiles. Miss Jean Findlay, In a delightful frock of delphinium blue lace, with a velvet sash In a deeper tone, and large picture hat trimmed with 1 uty, Mrs. The bride- telephone the secretary before next groom was supported by his brother. Watts, assisted by Mr.

Symons, welcomed a large number of friends 1 after the ceremony In St. Mary's Hall, which had betn converted into a bower oi roses for the event. Pink rambler roses draped the window-ledges, and were also arranged In standard baskets around the room and on the platform before a background oi palms.

Findlay, a very old family friend. Symons left during the afternoon for cruise among the Islands of the Gulf, and on their return will make their home In Vic- toria. Renaissance frock or Ivory satin, a 1th a wide panel front and short puff sleeves, and her veil of em Wednesday. There will be only one meeting In July and August. Burnett at Mill Bav. The buses will leave Mill Bay at 0 p. Members are asked to tele- phone Mrs. Edward and Mr.

Among the many handsome gifts received by the young couple were an engraved silver tray from the school and staff of St. Michael's School, of which the bridegroom Is a teacher and hla father, headmas- ter, and a handsome silver casser- ole and stand and hors d oeuvre dish from the Florence Nightingale Chapter. LODE, of which the bridegroom's mother has been re- gent for the last seven years. Hall at 8 pm. L Carruthers. Patrick Street. R Perclval preside In the absence of the president.

Rev L. Robson took charge of the devo- tional exercises, after which the fol- lowing programme was given Vio- lin solos. Marian Bralthwaide; vocal solos, Mrs. Bad- ger; piano solos. Switzer, on behalf of the Onk Bav l. Switzer also Kranously thanked the hostess and all those who con- tributed to the programme. Robert Council, M P P. There were dock golf, coconut shie. Visi- tors were present from Victoria. Victoria Chapter. No 25, will be held tomorrow in K. Alban s W. Kl Alban s W.

Cashmore, " Oos- worth Road. The net sum of was raised The boudoir doll was won by Mrs. With the worthy president Mrs F Chappel. Installation of district dep- j. Limes Bay LA. During the after- noon Mrs. Oawley, senior member of the aid.

No Order of the Daughters of St. George, will be held next Friday at pm After the meeting refreshments will be served, housle-housie will be played and a mock auction will be hejd. Members are asked to bring articles for the mock auction. Oeorge Lodge, No. Important business will be discussed at this meeting.

The W A. The session will be con- ducted by Its newly-Installed offi- cers. He had been a newspaper owner and publisher in Alaskii for forty years. Bride and Her Attendants The wedding took place last eve- ning at 7 30 o'clock. Irving Archer, of Victoria, and Mr.

Arthur Howard Plows, youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs. Plows, also of Vic- toria, Rev. James Hood officiating. The bride was given away by her uncle, Mr. V McN. Neil Orant. Grant sup- ported the groom. A reception was held later at the home of Mr. After a honeymoon on the Main- land, for which the bride left in a hand-knitted cream-pearl dress, a cream coat and felt hat. Druflt You ar. Special yJarfiDU A. Alleen Anne, to Mr. Richard Holmes, also of Vic- toria, at Toronto on July 10!

Mllbum and Archer, created tremendous interest and were the main attractlona. Candy and novelties were sold by Ifo M. Oolng and Mrs H Kennedy. Martm't-in-the- Fielda Church on Friday night. Duncam Surgenor, of West Hartford, Conn. Nell [ M.

Robert Oliver. Fraaer expect to be at home! Mir- September 1. Praser la well known here, having conducted evangelistic services in the city. William Tickle and hts orchestra. Mr Jack Bemmea, Mr. J Anstle, Mr. Ian Ross, Mr. Miss Eileen Pendray. Pangman, Mr. Mr Allan Mayhew. Miss Tlta Hall. Lea McM. Mr Desmond Bur- don-Murphy. Oordon Ver- ley, Mr. Donald Brake, Mr. Tom Coventry. Jack Trace. MLss Beryl Wharton. Miss Elizabeth Rugglea. Waring Ken- nedy. John Gray.

Bruce McOregor. Charles Treadwell, Take, Mr. Brian Green, Mr. Ed flavannah. Mr and Mrs T Sturgess. Mlsa Patricia Pennock. Miss Elaine Adam. Mlss Rhoda Goward. MLss Oregory Crawley. Suther- land. Walter Connerton. MLss Joan Wharton.

Miss Marcla Prior. MLss Stephenie Camp- bell. Jack Boorman. Hubert Sceats. Miss Honor Ben- son. MLss Lots Pendray. MLss Irene Ellis, Mr. Donald Mc- Clure. O Corbett, Miss Alma Hoare.

Mr Colin Tyrrell. Miss Helen Peden. Dick 8tur. Peter Stursberg. Miss Eileen Regan. Ross Hocking. Jim MunrO. Vaughan Thompson, Mr. MLss Patricia Riden. James Macdon- ald. MLss E. Therp- w n. MLss Elizabeth Ruggles. Robert McAusland. Miss HelenPaterson VancouverMr. Crabtree, Mr. Miss Isabel M Alexander. Miss H Loggm. W Kerswell. Mlvs Mary Heat ley. Orant Macdonald. MLss Betty Langdon. Charlie Treadwell, Miss Margaret Tuthlll.

MLss Evelyn Duffleld. Graham Tor- Arthur Laundy. Miss Lilian Ryan. Mr George Y. Simpson, Jr. John S. Siilncy Miss Dulce Brethour. Mrs Stanley Bre- thour. Simpson will take place tomorrow. Is the guest of Mr. I ODE. After lea. At the close of the day, the Brown- ies sang their songs and gave the "Grand howl" for their hosts. Smith, principal of the Victoria High School, and son of Mr.

Henry Smith, former clerk of the County Court, and the late Mrs. Smith, has arrived in Char- lottetQwn. Prince Edward Island, for a two weeks' visit, and his first glimpse of his home town in eight- een years, according to a story ap- pearing In the Charlotte town paper.

In his younger days the local principal was a mem- ber of the McGill University hockey squad, a point winner in track and field and a great lover of English and Canadian Rugby. Doris, to Mr. Eddis S. Havden, of this city The wedding will take place shortly.

Wil- liamson, Joffre Street. Dresses for all occasions. Evening dresses, sports dresses, afternoon dresses, street dresses. She plana to return home tome time in September. Social and Personal Surprise Shower! James Roy A. Morris Kersey was hostess ' Maconachie Mrs Maconachie l. Here are values you cannot afford to miss in smart, fashionable shoes of nationally famous makes Street, afternoon, evening and sports wear, every style is represented in this store-wide sale, grouped at prices that spell bargains.

Every one carries the Cathcart pledge of quality, marked down to a fraction of their true value. Olen Holland. Mr and Mrs MacDo-Aell. Miss Di- ana Hammond and Mr. Ham- mond. Taylors par- ents. Charles H and white tapers in silver holders. Games were enjoyed during the eve- ning. Those invited were: Mes- dames M Mctikus. R Hurst. Fran-ccs. Carveth, T. Hurst, T. I Aldred. Monaghan, J. Naylor, Misses M Hurst. D Hurst, O. J Hurst and M. H Krementz. Lowell P.

I MOfkelwait. They will be the guests of Mr and Mrs. Charles Street, and Mrs. Maurice HumbeNewport Avenue, to motor to Parlbville. Madison Street, who 'left re- cently for Up-Island with their two children. Byron and Maureen, to spend a holiday there. Rupert, were Mrs R. Gleason and after spending two weeks" holiday her daughter.

Miss Victoria Gleason. I here. They were, rharmed with the At Prince Rupert they will transfer C itv. Trent Street. Ethendge's mother and sister. James and Mrs. R Ferris, respectively. R A- Semple at Chris- tina Lake. Maude Dua. Calis expected in Victoria on Tuesday to visit Mrs.

Jones, Rockland Avei. Misj, Jean Stinaon. Also going over AL the same time will be members of the Vlc. Mr Oibson ex- pects to be back in Victoria on Sat- urday corning.

Re- lief. Arlington Mines. Hawkins 1 dai' mht e e. They are at days of Major and Mrs T. M Knox the Empress Hotel. Paul J. San Mrs. E Shankly TurnbuU. Wifiorfs parenu. Mr and Mr. Idaho, -and Miss Ruth Blgelow. Sacea- mento. W A'- M Bp! At Shawniran I. HHr trail ots l. John Ualiberg and. Two other craft suffered mishaps that put them out of commission for some time. In those pioneer days of few adequate aids to navigation and tugs incapable of handling windjammers in a blow, marine casualties were far more common than during the twentieth century.

As the British sailing ship Fanny hove In sight, the captain of the Isabel scented more business and transferred the hawser from the Rosalia. Another rope was made fast from the Fanny's stem to the Rosalia's bow. She was laden with 1 tons of Nanalmo coal and valued at Her former name was the Vortlgern.

The Fanny was on her beam ends with every sea making a clean breacfe over her hull. Both vessels were abandoned two days later. Backus, pioneer auctioneer, nold remains of the Fanny to R. Her owners commenced action for Indians reported wreckage and the brought information on June 7 that the vessel had been sighted safe and wind passing the Stlkine River, so the report of her end was incorrect.

The Cape Scott wreck remained a mystery. She was en route to Victoria at the time in command of Captain Benjamin, a Russian When the vessel entered the bay. Captain Kohl, one of the officers, asked Captain Benjamin to give the order to immediately drop the anchor Captain Benjamin insisted it would not be necessary, but paid dearly for his dian Music Teachers' Convention to be held In Vancouver, July A schooner was dispatched from Victoria to lighter the coal in an attempt to refloat the Constantine.

Enterprise, while Captain Ben- jamin departed for San Francisco The vessel was reported fast on a jagged rock, exposed to southwest winds A large qtiarftity of valuable furs was damaged by Rait water. Salvors were successful on August lfl. Miraculously no- body aboard was Injured The craft drifted on to Discovery Island and was towed lster to port by the tug Leviathan. Details of the mishap are teddng. Running before a strong south- east wind on November 25, the schooner Thomas Woodward struck Shelter Point, near Cape Mudge 8he was laden with groceries and drygoods from 8an Francisco for Sitka.

Shlrpser aad Major Christmas, passengers aboard, were landed safely and eventually made their way to Comox. Two days after the casualty the schooner keeled over on the reef and was pounded to bits within a few hours.

Something New! Unlike the garden survey which the society is also conducting the whole of this month, gardens en- tered In the Home Garden Compe- tition must include both flowers and vegetables.

The Judging of these gardens will take place about the third week In July, and will be com- pleted at least one week before the society s annual show at the Willows. July 31 and August 1 In addition to the challenge trophies In each class, cash prlres are given, and to all competitors securing seventy-five per cent of total number of points, awards of merit are given.

Practically any sine garden can compete, as the competition has been divided Into three classes: Class A for gardens of 7. A copy of the rules and score card can be obtained from Secretary F. Boulter, Obe- Avenue, phone E George I. Warren, Victoria publicity com- missioner, announced yesterday. In a letter from Oeorge F.

Warren was Informed that between 2. Mr Warren was asked to suggest some suitable locations. Salt and fresh water fishing is essential to the club, which also wants deer hunting and plenty of sport birds. Depot, 10 am. Kind of meat. French for -the" IB. Word of dental. Small food neh. To captivate Wtthtn 42 Oreek letter. Ooddesa of I rsrt a? Behold 5. Flower 8 Cable post. To silence 25 Kind of beer 28 Unmannerly person. Self-Mtlsfled 37 To discard 39 Forward 40 Top Central state.

Mitk — 4. V Drege 47 Land measure Babylonian deity 54 Pronoun. Refrig- erators and what a value surprise they proved to be! The A M C brings a truly fine refrigerator to a "with- in tht reach of all" price! Inspect Them NOW! Summer Cretonnes Colorful 36 inch prints for use as Summer draperies, for making up into beach togs or for smocks.

Over twenty-five pieces from which to choose! AO They're so absolutely new. We invite you to see our new shipment of culotte sets and culotte skirts. M An amusing and charming ts. July 11 CP. Lloyd of the Canadian Authors' Associa- 1 Morgan. July 1. Edward J. Pelham Edgar, of Toronto, internationally known as a poet ftoclaiion or not.

Angus Kennedv. Ebbs Canavan. E Album) Those intending to be present at this function are asked to communicate- with either of these ladies as soon as possible.

Out-of-town delegates and local branch members will, during the afternoon be taken by motor over the Malahat. That I by the afternoon boat. O Cameron for- mally opened the affair and wel- comed the many guests. The lovely garden was set out with tables, which were centred with vases of roses, the emblem of the sorority. During the afternoon Mws Dorothy Blakency delighted the with two solos.

She was ac- At Empress Hotel Mr. Kenneth Cains. The president was chosen a delegate to attend the Do- minion Conference, to be held In Vancouver during exhibition week. Jones and Mrs. Acreman were appointed to make, arrange- ments for transportation. Knitting for the Solarium was distributed among the members. Victoria, is leaving today for France to be present at the unveiling of the Vimy Memorial. Miss Franks is Arriving here yesterday, Mr and j one of the small group of three or four British Columbia overseas Mrs.

Ohio, registered at the Empress Hotel. At the Hotels rompanled at the piano by Mrs. Clock golf and bean contests were enjoyed, the winners brine Mrs. Mr H A Bar- nett. Vancouver; Mr M. W Hooper, La Grande. Rucker, Sacramento; Miss F. Akerman, Fulford; Misses F. Bishop and O Huger. Woodard, Na. Several lost their lives when the hospitals or transports were destroyed by the enemy fire, facts which are frequently forgotten by the casual historian.

Giles, Trail; Mr and Mrs. San Diego; Miss E Ontario. Calif ; Mr. Los Angeles; Mrs. Allard, Mrs. Port Albcrni. Anderson, San Jose; Miss E. M Borden. Miss D. Los Angeles. Gibson, of San Francisco, were recent passen- gers aboard the Ss.

Princess Ma- qulnna. Teacup reading added to the pleasure of the guests. The con- veners of the affair were Misses L Patterson. D Baxandall. Hem- mlngsen, B. L Ormond and K Mrlntyre. Those assisting with tea were Misses Enid McConnell. Lex Crulrk. Patterson and Louise Ormond. Epler and Mr. Pueblo, Colo ; Mr. San- derson. Seattle; Mr. I Marbut. Los Angeles; Muss C. Lackove and sister, Seattle; Misses H E. Miles and E Moffatt.

Denver; Muses K. Frank and O. Mo ; Mr and Mrs. Rodenwald and Mr F A Fldde. Vancouver; Mtss L. Benson Minn ; Mrs. Bremerton; Mi and Mrs. Stewart, Reo Vista. Misses Harriet O. Ola Tacoma; Mr. Glas- 5on; Berkeley, Mr. Winnipeg; Mr W H. E Ecker. Blck- mont. Vancouver; Mr. Edmonds, Glendale, Cal.

Carl Spencer. Hill, Miss Marjorie Hill. Edmon- ton; Mrs. H Winter. Muss D. Nick- fll. Los Angeles; Mr Gavin Mitch- ell and daughter. Edinburgh; Mrs V. Winnipeg; Miss V. Misa Ruth Arbuckle. Portland; Mr. Bigelow, Album). Tab- rett. Doyle; Redwood City. Evans, Mus-s Dorothy Evans; Oakland. Muss M. Strickland; Modesto. William D. Denny; Seattle. Spokane, Mr. Joe HW vo Mrs. Rice; Saskatoon. Nel- son; Hayden Lake. Broad has arrived In Toflno and will visit her parents, Mr.

Is Bride of Mr. Noble In a charming setting of ferns J and a medley of Summer flowers, including rases, Shasta daisies and Canterbury bells, the wadding took place in the Queen of Peace Church. Esquimau, yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock, when Teresa, second daughter of Mr.

Leo Howard Noble, eldest son of Mr and Mra. J Noble. Muss Wanda Spencer presided at the organ, and during the signing of the register. Miss Betty O Leary sang a solo. The service was con- cluded by Rev. Father Wood. Given in marriage by her father, the bride looked pretty in a ruffled floor- length frock or pink silk net over taffeta, which was worn with a veil of palest pink net. M Mjl- lan. Miss Audrey No- ble, in a charming frock of mauve net over taffeta, and a matching mohair hat.

Acting as bridesmaid was Miss Isabella Sloan. In a dainty frock of Nile green silk lace, and a small green hat, and both she and Muss Noble carried bouquets of pink. Victor Young was best man. Donald Ward and Mr. Robert Hawkes. Pink and green featured the dec- orations In the church hall for the reception which followed the serv- ice, when a large number of guests were welcomed by the parents of the young couple, who stood be- neath an arrh of ferns and roses.

A three-tiered cake centred the tea table. Ward wore a floral gown of chiffon crepe on a blue background, and a picture hat of vintage red. Does it rcve. Smell it. If it has an unpleasant odour, it means your teeth are improperly cleaned. Then rinse your mouth. After thai put a bit of Colgate's on your tongue and take another sipof water. Gargle well back in the throat, then flush the water through your teeth. Rinse again with clear water. You Got These Colgate Results Colgate's penetrating fosm gets into all crevices and between the teeth even where the toothbrush cannot reach.

It dissolves odour breeding food deposits and washes them away. Colgate's safe polishing ingre- dient keeps your teeth white and sparkling.

Colgate's delicious pep- permint davor leaves your mouth refreshed and your breath fragrant. Willi, ison. Vancouver; Mrs. Tune and Mm Dakola. Thev are registered at the Douglas!. San Francisco. To- ronto; Mr. George Dullum.

Kinders- ley; Misses J. Winni- peg; Mrs. L P Dickie, Edmonton; Mr. Hoppe, Mr. Campbell, Los Angeles; Mr. C Smith and party, San Francisco; Mr. Kelly, Vancouver. Hir ihbocker, Jollet. Ill; Mr. Menlo Park. Mr and Mrs M Wahrhaflln.

Pled- 1 0. Miss Evelyn Achttien; mont; Mr. Syracuse, Muss Edith N. Nason; MLss E English. Miss A. Muss Alma M. Olson; Olympia. Muss Ruth O. Ol- son. Miss Myrna Olson; St. Nason; Regina. Van- atx weeks In Vancouver. Btrachan and Miss C. John Abe VVan- V. Winnipeg, are spend- ouver; Messrs K and E Burgess. Ing a few days In the ettj They Kaslo; Mrs.

F H Beenson. Santa are staving at the Empress Hotel. Calif ; Mr Charles Farrow. Le ell. Victoria; Mra. Joyqe Farrow, Cloverdale. Tand Mrs. Baton Roiure LoUiataM, are ooldie. This would prevent a hard border dividing Northern and the Republic of Ireland, and mean a customs border could be put up down the Irish Sea instead. However, some groups are concerned that, as the end of the transition period approaches, the issue of Northern Ireland Take been pushed down the list of priorities during the Brexit negotiations.

Instead, many have voiced fears that as the Republic of Ireland will remain in the EU and the UK leaves the bloc, there is a chance that support for unionism will increase across the Emerald Isle. Brexit talks are currently at a stalemate, as both the UK and the EU refuse to budge over three key issues — access to UK fisheries, a level playing field and any governance of a future deal.

Mr Johnson has also threatened to walk away from negotiations without a deal, as he is determined to take the UK out of the bloc by the end of the year.

Source: Read Full Article. But some commentators believe this is not enough.


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  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Mo' Mega on Discogs. Label: Definitive Jux - DJXCD • Format: CD Album, Promo • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Mr. Lif - Mo' Mega (, CD) | Discogs.
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