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搖擺心窩 [Rocking Heart] - Various - 12; Fever Mix (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download 搖擺心窩 [Rocking Heart] - Various - 12; Fever Mix (Vinyl)

The Chaos Lounge is a music blog, focusing on posting reviews of albums, songs, concerts and music videos. As headliners of a night which was curated in a rather strange manner — they were pre-empted by some high quality…. She becomes infatuated with The…. Well tonight, for me and few hundred others, we got to witness one such evening courtesy of James Morrison.

But it held true, and despite huge thunderstorms soaking most of the South East of England, this corner of a Hampshire farm a few miles from Winchester did indeed stay dry all weekend! Ghost B. New Slang. A classic student night out, but also home to some excellent live shows. A loud ring of distortion precedes the stoner jam that they open with, before shifting gear into strongly grunge-influenced hypnotic stoner rock.

Their cyclical style stays on the right side 搖擺心窩 [Rocking Heart] - Various - 12; Fever Mix (Vinyl) repetitive, and the heavily apparent influences of early Nirvana, with often pixie-esque vocals, immediately place the listener into the early 90s. The emotional depth of the vocals that leech out from behind the lank fringe of their guitarist and vocalist immediately ensnare the audience, and the simple drive and rhythm of their tracks keeps the attention of the uninitiated, who might otherwise be put off by the reverberating wail of the guitar.

At times tight and punchy, at others loose and cataclysmic, The Wytches are part of the grunge revolution that is happening all across the music scene at the moment.

Keep on stirring the cauldron, boys. A packed out New Slang welcomes Pulled Apart By Horses with open arms and raised voices, as their particular blend of raucous grunge punk fills this small venue. These guys have been squirreled away working on their third full length release, and it is clear that those here tonight have sorely missed their madcap live shows.

A word more on the new tracks: the first album was stung all over by epic build ups and rock outs, the second a more considered release, viewed by the band more as a single item than a number of songs. The new tracks on display tonight, though obviously not being played in an album format, seem to unite both sides of the PABH coin. They have the sexy riffage and break downs that define their debut album, but also the more deliberate song writing of their second release.

By the end of the gig, 搖擺心窩 [Rocking Heart] - Various - 12; Fever Mix (Vinyl), the tops 搖擺心窩 [Rocking Heart] - Various - 12; Fever Mix (Vinyl) off both on- and off-stage, and every available forehead beads with sweat. I have been a big Enter Shikari fan for 6 years now. The band end what had the potential to be a great set on two of their strongest live tracks, the trance inspired Return To Energiser and crowd favourite Zzzonked.

Deafheaven with out a doubt stole the show. They had an intensity to them that could not be denied. The playing was spot on with a shimmer slaps you and then shakes you while the cathartic exorcism explodes into the ether on waves of delay and distortion.

My favourite moment from many high points in the career of David Byrne and Talking Heads is the Jonathan Demme directed film Stop Making Sense ; to me, that film and the music is the real ending of Talking Heads as a band.

Sure, they released more albums but they never toured again after that artistic high point. Onstage, just before launching into a cover of the particular track at the heart of her story, Annie Clark, aka St. As you might expect, the performance is dictated by Byrne, resplendent in all white, with a gleaming pair of spats and that shock of white hair present as always.

Photograph by Jason Williamson in London. External image External image External image External image. While proceedings took a bit of time to pick up the electric energy inside the venue was palpable from the start. Living up to his on-record persona the revered MC breezed through his catalogue of solo classics and collaborations Madvillain, DangerDoom with all of the quirky charm you would expect.

At times it appeared that Chino may have lost some punters with his complex rhyme patterns. As Ghostface said his thanks and made his way to the merch stand to sign autographs you were left with a sense that you were part of something special. Adored by his loyal followers with cult-like adulation but shunned by critics for his perceived lack of musicianship, he went into self-imposed exile as he battled depression and the perils of being a pop 搖擺心窩 [Rocking Heart] - Various - 12; Fever Mix (Vinyl).

They thanked the fans for one last hurrah and rode off into the sunset the same way they came in, discretely. It was almost a symbolic gesture, out with the old in with the new. Throughout the 搖擺心窩 [Rocking Heart] - Various - 12; Fever Mix (Vinyl) Numan seemed equal parts powerful rock god and uneasy hero. Smiles of appreciation cracked his solemn persona as he progressively grew more comfortable on stage. Chit-chat was almost non-existent however he let the crowd know their support was appreciated.

Well here ya go. A great night for fans new and old. Alex Turner, complete with Elvis quiff, leather jacket and sunglasses, looks every inch the rock star part. External image The London based four-piece stroll on amid a fog of echo and reverb.

The casual entrance is undeniably understated and the audience barely acknowledge their presence on stage. Pushed to the front of the stage by The Klaxons equipment; Fiction choose to stand four abreast, presenting each member equally.

One surprising factor is the overwhelming coolness of the band despite having two singing drummers. How is this possible? The placement of the kit between Mike and James actually even adds an element of illusiveness as they sometimes turn a shoulder on the audience to attack the skins. This does not prevent a connection with the audience however as we are won over by the third song. It starts slowly but builds in layers, each time with hooks improving on their predecessors.

Fiction holds our attention from then on, allowing the set to flow smoothly by maintaining an underlying noise between songs. The overall feel of the set is incredibly mellow but they receive a large cheer upon announcing their love for Leeds this is in fact their third Leeds appearance in a jam packed couple of months.

It is a cool vibe for a support act; successfully preparing the audience for a pumping set from The Klaxons; but Fiction definitely has plenty in reserve. Opening the day with their subtle, melodic guitar-leaning pop, WALL shine in bursts.

Lauren Down. The first real, warming sunlight of the weekend spills onto the festival precisely as Landshapes open the main stage. Merlin Jobst. External image Photograph by Burak Cingi. Alan Pedder. Overall, though, it was stirring, beautiful stuff. There may not quite be that stare-in-your-eyes immediacy but in these gently anthemic, soul-huggingly inclusive moments, environment is rendered irrelevant and the same conclusion is reached; this band are really quite special. As Lefkowitz makes his way through tracks from his debut solo record, his confidence grows and the crowd are audibly appreciative of his soul-laden brand of gently picked Americana.

Francine Gorman. Is there a better meteorological metaphor for Eels than a double rainbow? Sam Briggs. A hugely adoring crowd flood the Garden stage for Matthew E. Mainly delivering tracks from debut Big Innerhis genuine delivery packs a weight worthy of far more than the humble beginner he pens himself as.

The final band to appear on the Garden stage tonight are an EOTR festival favourite, returning to Dorset to present their critically acclaimed album Pirimida. Bass tones resonate towards the trees, masterful harmonies soar over the top of intricate rhythms and with each flash of a stage light, the strange, fine misty rain descending upon the crowd is illuminated. The band take their final bow and exit the stage smiling, leaving a rapturous, and thoroughly won over crowd behind.

Vincent songs throughout, with an enormous brass band they work together to deliver a flawless production. Amidst the washed out and warm vibes of Sol Cat is a band that is full of talent. What I found so outstanding about Sol Cat was their ability to make danceable music that was much more than your standard four-on-the-floor. Last time I saw Young Guns I was left feeling very disappointed however this time everything is different, fresh from their first ever US tour they are heading out on the Vans tour to play to some of their biggest UK audiences.

External image Goldfrapp is a pioneer of modern music. With this in mind, it was difficult to anticipate how the night would unfold. The band, shimmering in 搖擺心窩 [Rocking Heart] - Various - 12; Fever Mix (Vinyl) futuristic silver fashion that is fast becoming synonymous with Head Firsttook to the stage via a giant inflatable silver portal. The spectacle was surreally inter-galactic. The band performed an eclectic set of tracks from across their albums but steered clear of their down-tempo fourth album Seventh Tree and debut Felt Mountain until the encores.

Ultimately this lead to a lack of synergy between performer and punter, but maybe this is just evidence of her self-confessed shyness. Regardless of this; the show was incredible. Grinding bass pounded and electric violin screeched, smashing and ripping at ear drums while aggressive strobes and other lights reduced vision to blurred snapshots.

The Academy became a fantastically disorientating environment. She really knows how to use it creatively; bravely tackling instrumental style solos and wrapping it in spacey effects.

The healthy applause that ensued recognised a good effort from a class act, but it was a shame Goldfrapp made it feel as though, to them, it was just another gig. Log in Sign up. Review of the Kansas City show of the Hotline Spring tour.

It's a strange paradise. There is pop magic in what MM is doing, managing to make the kind of movie-soundtrack-ready tracks that feel both personal and epic. Seattle Music News. Rasslin review: Chikara. What follows are my confused, disjointed recollections of the evening: Keep reading. Chikara live reviews show reviews. You could tell that the band themselves were having a great time by the way they were bouncing off the walls while they played their songs.

Those are always the best kind of sets. The Scoliosis Racoon. I have never been to a concert filled with more love. You could tell the whole crew was more than just a couple of bands touring together. They were a family. Before you knew it, all the artists were playfully jostling each other, and falling to the ground while playing their instruments. This cover was an incredible finale to this magical night.

Review of the Dallas show of the Hotline Spring tour. Good news! I finally got my shit together and found a decent theme! For those of you enjoying my posts on a computer, enjoy. Live Review: Supafest Blink !!!!!!! Blink The All American Rejects. O2 Arena London, Blink Music live reviews london. Mike Hubbard Takes Pianos.

Biophilia Reviews Are In nonesuch. Ask cantquitu a question live reviews la times troubadour. Bigsound Live Reviews Brisbane. Orange Goblin live reviews baron greenback stoner metal. Lucero the fleece armchair committee live reviews country. The Skints the fleece Bristol Reggae live reviews. I hope you enjoy your stay. Live: Blissfields Review. Sonisphere Festival You can see that their singer puts his heart into every single word he belts out, and each of the accompanying musicians plays in an amazingly tight synergy that one would expect to see from veterans of countless tours and albums — to see such a young group of musicians performing flawlessly with an unbridled enthusiasm was a complete surprise and an absolute treat.

And when their singer gave his thanks to the audience at the close of their set, you could tell he meant it dearly. They definitely drop a big slab of pure intensity but have the agility, touch and range of post-rockers. Live, they come with a force-of-nature velocity that feels like a tornado touching down on the roof above you. Playing mostly from the Roads to Judah album, the band managed to summon a strong reaction in the crowd that night. Clarke was the driving force behind this reaction, as his theatrical expressions were akin to the kind of intensity one displays at fisticuffs.

His stance was often crouched, as if he was ready to pounce on the audience and his leer made him look possessed. Guitarist Kerry McCoy—and fellow original member alongside Clarke—-writhed around with the rest of the band during some of the speedy moments but swayed along during the more droning post-rock lulls.

I was unsure of what to expect from them live, as I have never attended a black metal show in person before, but Deafheaven delivered. As great as Roads to Judah sounds on record, its material comes to life when the band are performing it in front of you. The sound of lush tremolo picking and rushing blast beats is quite an enveloping sound, and the emotional aspects of the compositions really make sense and connect live.

Old Days eating in my chest when I remember us yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm overwhelmed but now I'm m is sing yo 41 7. I Don't Mind e here On my chair with my legs up high Taking in the sun On my skin does it feel alright Stay if you want to Leave if you want to I don't mind oh I don't mind Loving imperfection When I That's just the illusion on my mind Only if I try Try to start with a hi Full in Crowded Zone feat.

Those People Who Dance Feat. Xela V wards For you I would travel through all of the planets When Those People Who Dance feat. Baby don't go away Return to my embrace I'm so reliable That u can trust me every day Baby don't go away Return to Baby don't go away Return to my embrace Maybe u will regret And i wan Boat ighthouse is always calling you Though you 're stuck between the waves Since you 've floated so far awayJust hope no one will see Dawn And close you r eyes Before tomorrow's arrival Take off I just want to be naked with you now Let you know what im next show you how Go find a way to relax Touch you r skin and the hair No one bother to is 64 1.

Eleven P. Eleven Eleven p. Alcohol's an old god's dream Alcohol's an old god's dream You blow in all out of breath I'm gonna take the chance Captain kid was a fraud Give Me Your Love 8.

If I Never Breathe Again ge I feel you trying to turn my heart into stone Put up res is tance to me so I let you go But the love inside just won't subside I can't stay far from Shadow of Blue To a place where nothing else is there but empty mind and you Aint no place too high aint no fear to hide when Lonely night9.

I'll take you far away To the stars Princess. Here I am And I belong to Here I am And I belong to you. She has just become an empty shell Where are I feel alone.

Am I to break her heart and 75 5. If they try to separate us Prom Nothing matters but Nothing matters but you. Nothing ex is ts but you. Don't worry If they ever take you away I will f 76 1. Wake Up e up from my nightmare Was in cold sweat Wake up from Mama Says mama says you should take a rest mama says you don't have to be afraid mama says ar you coming home tonight? G Song of all th is But strong enough to carry on I almos Let You Know feat.

Fascinated feat. Wake Up Remix ess calls my name Freedom never makes you slave You r heart will never be you r grave The blood is racing till I find The ghosts are messing with


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  6. 度∕葉蒨文 我的星座>卡龍詞 創世記∕陳百強 搖擺心窩∕夏韶聲 愛到發燒∕林子祥. 12" Fever Mix. 庫存單位: HK$ Missing: Various.
  7. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Richard Lam at the Discogs Marketplace. Explore. Discover. Explore All Various: 搖擺心窩 (as 林振強) and 3 more Various - 12" Fever Mix ‎ (12", EP, Comp) WEA, Warner Communications Inc.
  8. you + love + is + my 搜尋歌詞 共有 個 符合。 這是第 1 至 ,請多利用+或-或空白縮小搜尋結果.如【愛情+代價】【愛情-代價】.

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