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On The Road (With The Guys) - The Billions - Trash & Treasure (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download On The Road (With The Guys) - The Billions - Trash & Treasure (CD, Album)
Label: Northern Records (2) - NRCD0022 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Indie Rock

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Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Bransby Williams Old Bill Ernest Butcher Farm Foreman Muriel George Trelawney Davy Burnaby Keppel Tod Slaughter Dan Lorenzo John Turnbull Bristow Edgar Driver Titch Vi Kaley Edwards Bill's Landlady Percy Parsons When she wasn't wantonly humping anything in her path — "I pretty much nailed anybody that was handy" — she was boozing, attempting to perform while boozing even more, or getting arrested for booze.

In alone she was arrested twice before the summer even began, then kicked off the sunny season by causing a riot after canceling a concert in Germany due to illness. She made it up to them the next night, however, by getting utterly plastered before even setting foot onstage and tearing into the locals over Germany's Nazi past.

This, of course, led to her dismissal from the band. Fortunately, though, she would rejoin the revamped Jefferson Starship three years later, in plenty of time to contribute to one of the worst songs anyone has ever heard: "We Built This City. Guns N' Roses has always been a hit-or-miss live proposition for one shaggy, screeching reason: front man Axl Rose, who quickly developed a reputation for being an enormous jerk who loves to tussle with fans and only deigns to perform if and when he feels like it.

The world got a sneak preview of these tendencies inwhen GNR rocked the brand-new Riverport Ampitheatre in St. At least they did until Rose took issue with something some fan was doing in the front row. When security failed to remove the guy within three seconds, Rose decided to handle it himself and leaped into the crowd. One riot, 65 injuries and thousands of dollars in property damage later, the band was facing multiple lawsuits and Rose's reputation was cemented.

Feeling like he could do better, Rose managed to anger pretty much all of Montreal during the Guns' joint tour with Metallica. When the latter had to cut their set short after lead singer James Hetfield was seriously burned by pyrotechnics, Rose and the boys could have calmed the crowd and saved the day by putting on a blistering set — so of course, they didn't.

They played a cursory few songs before Rose exclaimed "This will be our last show for a long time," and bolted. Presto, instant riot — but Rose, having learned his lesson, somehow made Canadians riot again by canceling a Vancouver show a full decade later. When Keith "The Loon" Moon was manning the skins for British rock band The Who, hospitality employees trembled at the mere mention of their name. This is because Moon, one of the greatest drummers of all time, is arguably less famous for that than he is for constantly destroying his accommodations as if a hotel room killed his father.

Every one of his exploits sounds like a wild tall tale — but not according to the great Alice Cooper, who once said"Everything you've ever heard about Keith Moon is true. And you've only heard a tenth of it. For starters, there's the legendary incident on Moon's 21st birthday in which he drove a Lincoln Continental into the swimming pool of a Flint, Michigan, Holiday Inn. This was apparently not an isolated occurrence, as he also once drove a car straight through the floor-to-ceiling glass of a hotel lobby and up to the reception desk, then got out and calmly asked for his room key.

A limo driver once reported that a panicked Moon asked him to turn around and return to the hotel they'd just left, saying he'd forgotten something — which was to hurl the TV out the window.

He attempted to steal a hotel waterbed, which burst, so he was relocated to another suite — which he trashed. All this, plus a consistent fondness for the old cherry-bomb-in-the-toilet trick — and if Cooper is to be believed, this only scratches the surface.

Despite their fun-loving, party-hard image, Van Halen has to be one of the most stressful bands in the world to be in, because the guys kind of can't stand each other. Guitarist Eddie Van Halen and lead singer David Lee Roth in particular have been known to butt heads constantly, which is perhaps one of the reasons the outfit has always been sort of like the Murphy's Law of live bands: If there's something weird, stupid, or awkward that can happen, it probably will.

In the band's early days, they were just as hotel-room-trash-y as the next guys, unless the next guys happened to be Journey. InVan Halen were opening for the arena rock kings when they became displeased with the headliners' lavish catering and bevy of groupies, amenities the boys felt On The Road (With The Guys) - The Billions - Trash & Treasure (CD of. So, they utterly destroyed their hotel room, chucked TVs out the window known as "pulling a Moon"and had a fire extinguisher fight in the hallway, and blamed it all on Journey.

But that's nothing compared to their bizarre stage antics — from Roth challenging a fan to a fight into Eddie smashing guitars and storming off stage into the mangled mess they made of their signature hit "Jump" at a show. It's their crackerjack live performances that made Van Halen legendary, and when they're on, they're on.

When they're not, David Lee Roth might threaten to kick your ass. Lil Wayne is a very popular rap guy, to be sure, but while Metallica insists that their security be unarmed, Wayne demands a phalanx of armed guards suitable for a head of state. His tour rider begins with the requirement of a two-vehicle police escort from the airport to the hotel, which will be joined by an additional squad of four armed, off-duty officers to accompany Wayne from the hotel to the venue, then back to the hotel, and anywhere else he might need to go.

Sounds pretty secure, right? Not secure enough! Ten more armed guards must patrol the backstage areas, and for international dates, an additional four-man armed security team must be available to Wayne 24 hours a day. For his off-venue accommodation, Wayne requires nothing less than the presidential suite of a five-star hotel, and obviously, copious amounts of food, booze, energy drinks, and towels — 10 white hand towels and 10 white full-size towels — must be present in his room upon arrival.

It's a good thing Wayne is too huge to play smaller towns, or just popping out to McDonald's before the show might require him to commandeer their entire police force. In the early '80s, there was no band more notoriously hard-partying than Motley Crue, much to the chagrin of On The Road (With The Guys) - The Billions - Trash & Treasure (CD manager Doc McGhee.

Their destructive, drug-addled ways were and are well-known, but McGhee put life on the road with Crue into hilarious focus during an interview on the Talk is Jericho podcast: "They were more like a gang than a band," he explained. We got thrown out of every hotel with them. In the latter's defense, an unidentified crew member started it by biting Eddie. But these days, the Crue aren't so much rowdy as they are a royal pain in the keister for venues.

Among the standard, still-excessive rock star requirements for backstage amenities, the Crue requires that each venue have on hand the location of any AA meetings taking place in the area since the boys are now mostly sober. But their newfound sobriety doesn't mean they don't know how to have fun: among their other requests are a jar of peanut butter creamy, pleasea jar of Grey Poupon mustard, a sub-machine gun, and a foot boa constrictor. You know, the usual stuff. The Beastie Boys went from frat boys of rap to beloved elder statesmen in an improbably short time.

But during their tour in support of their debut Licensed to Illthey were about as welcomed by the towns receiving them as a plague of locusts and caused nearly as many problems. These shows famously featured such family-friendly set decor as giant, inflatable dongs and scantily clad women writhing about in suspended steel cages, which went over about as well as you'd expect during the era of the PMRC.

In advance of their Washington, D. The Beastie Boys don't do concerts; they do orgies. While this wasn't exactly the case, their raucous shows and throwback tendency to demolish hotel rooms drew the ire of law enforcement agencies across the country. After having run out of people to annoy in the U. A riot broke outAd-Rock was arrested, and the whole ugly incident led to the Beasties being dropped from the Def Jam label.

They responded to the setback by moving to Los Angeles, hooking up with the Dust Brothers, and producing On The Road (With The Guys) - The Billions - Trash & Treasure (CD of rap's greatest masterpieces.

So if you wanna kick-start your career, start a riot? Unless you're Axl Rose. Three is enough, Axl. Led Zeppelin's on-tour antics were even more legendary than their performances. Because evidently, doing drugs with drag queens in the club's bathroom was simply not something you could do unless you were in full Nazi regalia.

That sounds almost tame, except for the part where Page was naked and covered in whipped cream. That's not as bad as it got — when Page was super out-of-control, his tour manager would take him back to his room and chain him to the toilet.

Meanwhile, John Bonham would drive his motorcycle through the hotel corridorsjust like Danny Torrance on his Big Wheel except if he'd encountered creepy twin ghosts and a tidal wave of blood he would have found some way to turn it into a party.

And, finally, there was the TV tossing thing, which Led Zeppelin invented, by the way. After one particularly fruitful evening in which they threw five sets into Puget Sound, a hotel clerk asked the band's manager what it was like to toss a TV out a window. Go toss a TV courtesy of Led Zeppelin. This particular tour started off badly, with front man Bobby Liebling failing to show up for the first performance and arriving two hours late for the next one. But that wasn't what Album) made Wax Idols and King Woman pull out.

Hether Fortune of Wax Idols told Noisey that some of the other women in her band were being subjected to "inappropriate comments" and "touching.

It got bad enough that Fortune's female bandmates mostly just hid in their van and refused to associate with the members of Pentagram until they finally decided to back out of the last three performances. Oh and finally, Liebling basically said the only reason he'd even decided to tour with two female-led bands was so he'd have "a lot of options with women," whatever that means.

So yeah, Pentagram on tour is a gross, misogynistic, super-uncomfortable experience, and not just for the women in the audience. Ozzy Osbourne had a weird infatuation with urine, and not in a medical way, either.

In fact, if you have a weak stomach you'd better just skip ahead because we're about to repeat an anecdote that will make you want to barf. According to Vanity Fairin the Motley Crue autobiography The Dirtbassist Nikki Sixx says on a tour stop in Lakeland, Florida, Osbourne snorted a line of live ants and peed all over the pavement.

And then, because at that point he had an audience, he bent over and lapped up all the pee "like a cat. Okay, so eeewww, but that's not all.

Perhaps Osbourne's most notorious urine-related incident, though, happened after a show inwhen he ended up at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, and then he peed on it, On The Road (With The Guys) - The Billions - Trash & Treasure (CD. Well actually, Osbourne didn't technically pee on the Alamo. According to Ultimate Classic Rockhe actually peed on the Cenotaph, which is across the street from the Alamo. That was close enough as far as Texas was concerned, though, and he was told to never return to San Antonio.

But definitely not forgotten. Not ever. Kid Rock has a reputation for bad behavior, and he knows it. In fact he's so self-aware about his inability to behave like an actual human being that TMZ says he once told a judge no one should be allowed to bring up his reputation as a "tough guy" or a "thug" in court, you know, lest that prejudice the jury into thinking he's a tough guy or a thug.

Also, he doesn't think it's fair if opposing lawyers bring up his prior arrests. Marilyn Manson has made a tidy living from being shocking. In fact one might argue that he does shocking first and music second. Sorry, Manson fans, but stabbing himself on stage with a broken beer bottle trumps pretty much every weird lyric he's ever written. So yeah, the dude is a little unpredictable. He's been known to threaten random magazine editors with deathand he acts totally drunk and incoherent on stage, though no one seems quite sure if it's just part of his act.

But that's all rock star stuff, right? There's "rock star," and there's also being disgusting and shocking at the expense of another person, which is what happened in at a concert in Clarkston, Michigan. According to MTVManson — who was wearing nothing but a G-string — approached a security guard, wrapped his legs around the poor dude's head and rubbed his bits and pieces all over the guy's head and neck. Manson was charged with felony fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and misdemeanor assault and battery.

The guard also filed a civil suit against him, which he dropped in in exchange for an undisclosed settlement. Manson called the decision " a victory for art.

Not all absolute nightmares involve trashing hotel rooms or getting really, really wasted or brawling with people you don't like. Some stars quietly become absolute nightmares out of the public eye, more or less. To be fair, when the public starts calling you a "diva," you've kind of earned the right to act like a diva. And Mariah Careyas everyone knows, is a diva.

We've all heard stories of stars who demand extra respect just because they're famous, but not too many of them are delusional enough to think that the absolute entire world must know who they are and that anyone who doesn't has clearly committed the unforgivable sin of, um, not ever having heard of them.

Chris Robinson is the lead singer of the Black Crowes, but you already know that, and if you didn't, you need to just pretend like you did for reasons that will shortly become clear. It's not clear why the universe didn't immediately implode, but it didn't, so Robinson turned around and told her she'd know who the Black Crowes were if she didn't eat so many Twinkies, because evidently Twinkies somehow interfere with the body's natural ability to give a crap about who wrote "Lickin'.

Don't feel too bad for Robinson, though. The assault charge was dismissed. Coheed and Cambria is a pretty big name well, big enough to open for grunge legends Soundgardenanywaybut not so big that their bass player doesn't have to go around robbing pharmacies before a concert. He showed the pharmacist a note he'd written on his cell phone, which said he had a bomb and needed painkillers.

The pharmacist gave Todd six bottles of OxyContin because even though he probably didn't actually have a bomb, well, you never know. After the robbery, Todd took a cab back to the Comcast Center, where Coheed and Cambria was about to open for Soundgarden, because calling a limo would have been way too obvious. Anyway, sadly for Todd and happily for Walgreens, someone spotted him getting into the cab, and he was arrested shortly afterward.

Coheed and Cambria distanced themselves from their bandmate's behavior, declaring their intention to continue the tour without him and promising to "address the situation with Michael" at the end of the tour.

That's not where Todd's misfortunes ended, though. Cardi B and her husband Offset are a knockout duo onstage and offstage, too, where they sometimes get into brawls — strip club brawls, specifically. Unfortunately for those folks, Cardi B got caught in the crossfire of a freshly opened champagne bottle.

Well, page of Things You Shouldn't Do to Divas clearly states that divas should not be sprayed with champagne, so Offset took a swing at the champagne-wielding offender. Video of that earlier brawl showed her tossing an ice bucket at a bartender whom she suspected was having an affair with Offset. There were also some flying chairs involved. The charges were upgraded from misdemeanors to felonies after Cardi B refused a plea deal.

As ofthe case is still ongoing, but Cardi's defense attorney seems pretty sure it will never go to court — although he did dodge a question about whether or not his client might settle. One of the things that tends to happen to you when you become a famous musician is that you, you know, gain fans. Fans, in case you require a definition, are those people who are responsible for you being famous, and they also contribute to your bank account by buying your albums and going to your concerts.

InAfroman was performing in Biloxi, Mississippi, when a female fan somehow managed to wander onto the stage. Now, she did kind of get into Afroman's personal space, but his reaction was a little disproportionate to the offense — he punched her, and it wasn't even Har har.

The blow was a haymaker, and it knocked the poor woman down. It was bad enough, in fact, that the police showed up, escorted Afroman offstage, and charged him with assault. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to anger management classes in lieu of jail time. He also reportedly settled a lawsuit out of court. Now, granted, if you're a fan, you should probably stay off the stage because if you're not part of the act, you're going to mess up the vibe of the people who belong there.

On the other hand, when you're famous, you should be nice to your fans, and that usually means not punching them, because that's what you pay your security guys to do. Aerosmith may not have Album) the whole rock stars trashing hotels thing, but they turned it into a fine art.


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