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Cruella De Vil (International Hooligans Mix) - Various - Mouse House Remixes (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Cruella De Vil (International Hooligans Mix) - Various - Mouse House Remixes (Vinyl)

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Black and White 60s and 70s Coasters Set of 4 By sarahrinouye. Isaac realizes his quill was missing and pays a visit to see Cruella, realizing, to his horror, Madeline was right. He is stunned that she used him as a means to an end, with Cruella used the skin from her mother's dogs as fur for her signature coat. As Cruella is about to kill him, Issac uses his powers as the Author to make it so that Cruella can never kill anyone ever again by hastily writing it down on a piece of paper.

Enraged that she lost her ability to murder, she rants she's not done as he exits. Receiving an invitation from the Dark One, Rumplestiltskinto the Forbidden FortressCruella De Vil arrives with her two dog companions, using her magical ability of persuasion on them, to which they react with hostility towards two strangers, Maleficent and Ursula. Rumplestiltskin desires help from all three women to retrieve a curse and give them, as well as himself, the happy endings they otherwise would not get as villains.

After agreeing, they travel with him to the Bald Mountainwhere each women uses their powers to defeat an obstacle. For Cruella, she magically persuades a horde of venomous bugs to part aside for them. Once Ursula grabs the crystal ball containing the curse, it triggers the Chernabog into attacking. Admitting that he used them, Rumplestiltskin advises the women about the Chernabog, which detects the heart with the greatest evil and devours it. He then leaves, with the crystal ball, while the trio face the beast.

The Chernabog attacks Maleficent, who distracts it as Cruella and Ursula climb up a crack in the ceiling. Just before the Chernabog can kill Maleficent, Ursula hoists her to safety.

Some time in the past before the Dark Curse, Cruella allied herself with Maleficent and Ursula to steal a powerful gauntlet from the evil sorcerer, Rumplestiltskin.

This gauntlet is capable of revealing one's weakness, which the villains plot to utilize in order to defeat their enemies and gain their own happy endings. Cruella uses a Dalmatian to kidnap Rumple's maid, Belleand holds her for ransom in exchange for the gauntlet. Once the item is in their possessions, Cruella and the other reveal their scheme, though Rumple manages to steal it back, claiming the exchange was performed through ransom, and not a deal, which he never breaks.

Cruella scoffs and claims he'll meet a defeat, as villains never win, yet the sorcerer retorts by claiming he always does. After the Charmings discover that their baby would be evil, and they could channel the darkness into Maleficent's childthey knock out Cruella and Ursula, who had been guarding the cave, and steal the egg from Maleficent.

During the confrontation, Ursula and Cruella tumble into the portal along with the egg. Cruella and Ursula then abandon the baby in the middle of the woods, using the magic powers of it's eggshell to preserve their youth. Years later, in the modern world, it is shown that Rumple having met defeat of his own plans to ally himself with Cruella, Maleficent and Ursula to find the Author of the Once Upon a Time book to forcibly retrieve their happy endings.

At Mr. Gold and Ursula's arrival, she expresses little interest in joining them and instead shows off her car. Gold and Ursula find her and offer her the opportunity to join them into returning to Storybrooke.

Cruella agrees to the terms and takes them to Storybrooke in her car. Upon using Mr. Gold's cellphone, Ursula and Cruella make a deal with Regina to let them into Storybrooke in exchange for info on how to defeat the Chernabog. After the Chernabog disappeared upon being thrown over the town line, Ursula and Cruella were invited into Storybrooke. Later that night, Cruella and Ursula get Mr. Gold back into Storybrooke. That night, Cruella and Ursula meet with David and Mary Margaretwho swear the twosome into never revealing their pasts with each other in the Enchanted Forest.

Ominously, Mary Margaret promises to tear out their hearts herself if they don't comply. Cruella and Ursula secretly work with Mr. Gold to resurrect Maleficent. The women steal an ornament of Maleficent's from the pawnshop, which David and Mary Margaret believe will be used to resurrect the dead sorceress.

Instead, this is only a ruse to bait the couple into venturing into the cave below the library where Maleficent's ashes reside, and after David and Mary Margaret are knocked out by Ursula, Cruella sacrifices some of their blood to Maleficent's ashes to complete the spell that proceeds to morphs her ashes into her undead form, then her dragon form before restoring her to life.

While Mr. Gold, Regina, and Maleficent were searching the Sorcerer's mansion for the door that the Author was behind, Cruella was left to guard August. She was knocked out by Mary Margaret. Cruella managed to slip away after witnessing King Poseidon returned Ursula her singing voice. After catching up to Mr. She also told them her suspicion of Ursula being the mole, unaware that she has left Storybrooke with her father.

Cruella puts Maleficent to sleep. While driving, Maleficent teleports in front on the car. Maleficent confronts Cruella as to why she lied to her about her daughter Lily and tell her that she was dead.

Cruella simply tells her that she's a terrible person and left her in the woods to die, callously stating she isn't "mother material". She tells her that Ursula and herself took her dragon egg to absorb the magic and keep themselves youthful. Furious, Maleficent tells Cruella her death will last for days and turns into a dragon to kill her. However, Cruella uses her powers to put Maleficent under her control and tells her to rest as today is the day she gets her happy ending now that the Author is here.

Cruella then pays a visit to Isaac to make up for lost time and to offer him a deal, as Gold does not know that they knew each other as Isaac catches on to her deception, and since Isaac knows that Cruella De Vil (International Hooligans Mix) - Various - Mouse House Remixes (Vinyl) has no power to kill anyone, Cruella, who tells Isaac that there are other ways to "skin an author.

She then forces both Emma and Regina to do her bidding by making the mothers kill Isaac or else Cruella will kill Henry. The women and Hook searches the woods just in time for Henry to escape from the woods and it's Emma who finds Henry, but Cruella makes a empty threat by holding Henry at gunpoint. She then tempts Emma's patience to see if she will do it, reminding her that heroes never kill. Not knowing that the Author has made it so that Cruella can no longer kill, Emma use her powers to kill Cruella by knocking her off the cliff.

Her spirit is sent to the Underworldunable to move on, having unfinished business. There, she begins a relationship with the brother of Prince Charming, Prince James. When the heroes journey to the Underworld to save HookEmma sees Cruella in her car drive past them. Cruella is chosen as the new mayor of the Underworld after Cora is fired. She redecorates the mayoral office with dog statues and Dalmatian-spotted curtains. Regina realizes that a good way to find Hook would be to get all the schematics of the Underworld buildings.

Assuming they are in the office of the Cruella De Vil (International Hooligans Mix) - Various - Mouse House Remixes (Vinyl) city hall, Regina sends Robin and Henry to get them, as Henry knows the office.

After they arrive, Robin discovers the office is locked, and opens an air vent for Henry to crawl through. Unbeknownst to Henry, Cruella is waiting for him in the office. She tells him that she misses the real world, and since Henry is the Author, he can send her back to the world of the living. When Henry tells her he broke the pen and is unable to do so, Cruella tells him that the pen was a living entity, and when he broke it, it was sent to the Underworld.

When Henry asks her why he should help her, Cruella explains that by bringing her back to life, he would make Emma no longer a murderer.

Cruella talks with Regina in the Underworld diner. Later, Cruella tries to flee the Underworld diner, but Regina stops her, curious to know more about the cemetery. Cruella tells her to use her magic, but realizes that Regina is having trouble using it in the Underworld. Cruella invites her to sit so they can chat.

Regina asks her if everyone who has a grave in the Underworld is actually there. Cruella tells her no, that most of them are passing through, and provides her with a map of the cemetery plots, explaining to Regina that she has access to them, as she is mayor now.

She explains that there is a key to interpreting whether the person who's name is listed on the headstone is present in the Underworld: If the head stone is upright, they are still in the Underworld; if it is tipped over, they have moved on to a better place; and if it is cracked, they have moved on to Hell. She is also seen wearing a doe fur in her meeting with Regina, but neither confirms nor denies it belongs to Bambi's mother.

When David Prince Charming is looking about the sheriff's office, Cruella arrives with champagne and starts flirting with him, acting as though she thinks he's James.

David is able to block her advances before Cruella admits that she knew all along that he is David. She then tells David about James' anger for him, about how their mother chose David and not James. After Hades decides to remove all evidence of hope from the Underworld, he request to have all of the phone booths that allow Underworld residents to talk to they living relatives removed. As mayor, Cruella oversees their destruction. When David and Hook attempt to contact David's son back in Storybrooke, and see that the booths are being ripped out, they protest.

Henry asks if Cruella's doing this because he refuses to write her back to life. She tells them that it wasn't her decision to have all the phones removed, and they figure out it was Hades.

David tells her to tell Hades that it will take more than that to discourage them. Cruella offers them a choice that she can look the other way as they make one last phone call while she has Henry write her back to life.

David refuses the offer, and she tells Claude, the man working on the booths to rip out the phone. Cruella realizes that since Henry will not bring her back from the dead, she needs to find an alternate method to return to Storybrooke. She decides to kidnap Zelena's daughter to use as leverage against Hades as he is in love with the Wicked Witch. She and James decide to have the late prince switch places with David, in hopes they can take the child.

After James successfully imprisons David, and has his niece powerless as a hostage with Robin HoodCruella meets him in the forest to take the baby. She punches Emma, telling her it was payback for killing her though to be fair, Cruella provoked her own demisethen telling her reasons for wanting the baby.

Knowing they won't just hand the baby over, Cruella and James decide to take Emma and Robin to the Underworld harbor, hoping to push them over the docks into the River of Lost Souls. As they are about to push them over, David and Hook arrive. Cruella tries to grab a gun, but Hook takes it first, saying she wouldn't be able to use it anyway. She runs off and takes cover beside a large box on the dock, watching the ensuing fight between David and James.

She helps James during the fight, reminding him of the knife he has hidden in his sock. As James tries to stab David, he is thrown into the River. Cruella then flees the area. Cruella Cruella De Vil (International Hooligans Mix) - Various - Mouse House Remixes (Vinyl) up with the Blind Witch. When a portal to Storybrooke is opened, the heroes can leave the Underworld for good. When Cruella finds out that Hades is also leaving for Storybrooke and that the Underworld will need a new ruler, she changes her mind on being written back to life, instead chooses to stay and rule the Underworld and keep the heroes there as punishment.

As Henry begins writing everyone's unfinished business, Cruella approaches the table. After she reveals her plan to the heroes, Regina tells her that it would be impossible for Cruella to keep them there, as her magic can only "make a dog roll over and beg. She blasts them into the Underworld Library and blocks the door with magic, before she walks off with Cruella, who says that eternity is going to be nice after all.

To make sure no one can complete their unfinished business and stay in the Underworld, she takes the Underworld edition of the storybookand throws it in the River of Lost Souls. As she is enjoying a martini at the diner, Hook approaches her, accompanied by a newly deceased King Arthurand asks her about the phone booths that were torn down, as he needed to contact Emma back in Storybrooke.

She tells him there is nothing left of them, as she had them destroyed. Hook then asks her where the storybook is and she tells him that she threw it in the River. At some point, King Arthur takes control of the Underworld away from Cruella and becomes it's new ruler. Cruella wakes up in a bar only to be greeted by Mordred, the owner, she asks him for several different drinks, but he refuses believing she has had one too many, she then compliments his skin and asks that she make him into a coat, which he disagrees.

Cruella then asks Mordred if he has any ideas of what to next with their deaths, and Mordred suggests taking Arthur's throne back from him together, as he had planned when he was alive, but Cruella responds with "And how did that work out for you?

Mordred then remarks that it is her darkness that makes minor villains look good, and that they should just stay in the Underworld together, which she misinterprets as being the source of darkness that makes goodness possible, making her the hero of the story. She then decides to celebrate by asking for champagne which Mordred decides to give to her, she then asks why she was in the bar in the first place, to which he states that she was celebrating the 50 year anniversary of Arthur becoming the leader of the Underworld, she then wishes Mordred a Happy Anniversary as he walks away.

In the wish realm, another version of Cruella exists. This version was sent by the Wish Realm version of Rumpelstiltskin to stop Henry and Regina, in exchange for new furs, and permission to kill the very people he's after. Cruella challenges Henry to a swordfight and loses and is then teleported into a dog cage where she is forced to reveal the whereabouts of Jacinda and Lucy and how to free them. Later when Henry is looking for enchanted ink so he can use the author's pen, he approaches Cruella and uses the pen to extract the ink from her hair, leaving it completely white as she swears vengeance on him.

Cruella is the mother of Carlos De Vil and she uses her son like a servant. When she mentions that she would miss him if he went to Auradonshe explains "who would touch up my roots, fluff my fur, and scape the bunions from my feet?

She seems to have gone slightly mad over the 20 years that she's been trapped on the island, given that she usually talks to a toy puppy head on her jacket she named Baby. When she sees that Carlos has adopted a dog named Dudeshe thinks it would make a good pair of earmuffs.

However, for the very first time, she is told off by her son, who had gained courage from his time in Auradon. This mockery later led all four villains including Maleficent and the Evil Queen to squabble in embarrassment in front of their kids. Cruella will be the central character in the upcoming live-action film.

Cruella appears in the fourth and fifth books in the saga. At the end of the book, she mentions she's an important part of the Overtakers, because she knows the ways of the modern world unlike the Queen or Maleficent. In Shell Game, she and the Queen appear again aboard the Disney Dream while following the hyenas who caught the Keepers' scent; she commands the hyenas, giving them names like Happy or Howly.

She has a figurative "magic" the Overtakers need to use on Chernabog, but what that is remains unknown. She has also asked "Queeny" to teach her some spells. Cruella appears in the prelude to Descendantswhere it is shown that she treats Carlos as a slave rather than her own flesh-and-blood, going as far as to have him sleep in an inhospitable coat closet rather than give him a room of his own.

She spends a portion of her time at an area on the island that passes for a spa; it serves as one bit of comfort and reminder of her past luxurious life. She appears in the Animated StoryBookwhich is based more on her appearance from the first live-action film. In the "House of DeVil" page, if a music player is clicked, Cruella gets her first musical number titled " I Love Fur ", where she discusses her obsession with fur fashion.

As Whizzer and Patches look around DeVil Manorthey find her nanny's room with a portrait of a young Cruella ripping the head from a doll, with a nervous nanny behind her. Whizzer and Patches also find Cruella's room from when she was younger, as it seems to suggest she tortured animals in her youth. When Cruella learns of Whizzer and Patches, she chases them into a mine shaft where they throw a pile of explosives at her, sending her flying into a bathtub in a junkyard, where the police are waiting to arrest her.

She seems to have tried online dating, where she has supposedly wed herself to Professor Farzbooma meek professor who helps her make her toys. However, the toy sales are failing, and Cruella suspects it is because the public is spending their money more on animals. She then sends her toys to abduct all the pets in England. Domino and Oddball confront Cruella on a number of occasions, with her in devices that Farzboom makes for her such as a helicopter or a boat.

Cruella's plan is to incise the pets of England in a Super Glop made by Farzboom and then sell them as lifelike plush toys. When Domino and Oddball confront Cruella at her toy factory, they are able to knock her into the vat of Super Glop, with Farzboom jumping in to help her.

Afterwards, they are arrested still stuck together. When Cruella angrily asks Farzboom how long will the super glop hold them together, Farzboom cheerfully replies the Super Glop should wear off after 20 years which isn't quite as long as their prison sentence, much to Cruella's horror. Dottie describes Cruella's scent to be like Peppera likely homage to how her scent and taste are described in the novel.

In Disney Universea Cruella costume can be unlocked for the player to wear. In the 3DS version of the game, she appears as a cameo and will take coins from the player with the highest amount and keep them for herself.

In the Disney Villains Challenge tablet game, Cruella is one of the antagonists that the player may face. Her challenges include trying to help a Dalmatian from DeVil Manor, pinning down her car, repainting said car, playing Roger's piano, and giving Cruella a makeover to make her look silly. Cruella was featured in the villains segment of the rendition of World of Color.

For meet-and-greets, she can often be found along Main Street, U. She makes a deal with Hades under the guise of Boss Tealto have all the Dalmatians in her possessions in exchange for the legendary crystal of the Magic Kingdom.

When word spreads that Pongo has contacted the local dogs to guard the crystal, Cruella sends Jasper and Horace to capture the dogs. They capture a few but before they a given a chance to eliminate them, the park guests arrives and defeats the hoodlums.

Meanwhile, Hades created a fireworks show to distract the citizens whilst Cruella rampages through their homes to find the crystal. Eventually, she breaks into Merlin's secret vault. However, Perdita replaced the crystal with a chew toy, and Cruella breaks down in tears at the fact that she's been outwitted by dogs. After the guests blast her with magic, her coat falls apart, causing her to throw a tantrum and falling beneath the floor.

Cruella appears as one of the villains in the Florida version of Fantasmic! In the show, Cruella is called forth by the Evil Queen when she plans to destroy Mickey Mouse once and for all with the help of her fellow Disney Villains. In the end, Cruella is killed by Mickey along with the other villains. Facilier and prior toMaleficent to celebrate the dark and sinister style of Halloween. Cruella and the other villains be seen singing " I Cruella De Vil (International Hooligans Mix) - Various - Mouse House Remixes (Vinyl) a Spell on You " with the sisters at the end of the show.

Cruella's most notable park appearance in arguably Disney Stars and Motorcars Parade. Facilier encounters. She teaches Facilier about fashion and he defeats Cruella De Vil (International Hooligans Mix) - Various - Mouse House Remixes (Vinyl) using the puppies which drives her to running away. Cruella is one of the villain suspects in Midship Detective Agency on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship.

However, after finding some evidence, it is reveled that Cruella is not responsible for the crime in question, being absent from the ship at the time the crime was committed. Ironically, one of the crimes she was innocent of was the kidnapping of Pongo and Perdie's 99 puppies.

So far, Cruella is always innocent. Her name is two three words. Her first name is Cruel la which comes from cruel. Her middle and last name make up two words. Chapter 2. Toad: Mr. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. I worship furs! After all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn't?

Contents [ show ]. GameSpot September 20, Cruella De Vil the victim! The artist1. Does anybody want Cruella to call Jasper a slimy, contemptible sewer rat?


Pjesma Ličkog Junaka - Various - Sve Najbolje ! No. 1 (Cassette), Black Matter Phantasm - Under (File, Album), Jutka Ja Kunkka - Raptori - Moe! (CD, Album), Es Un Papel - Los Iracundos - Te Lo Pido De Rodillas (Vinyl, LP, Album), Statistica (cantata da Paolo Perduca, Elio e Ettore Diliberto) - Custodie Cautelari - Lincoscienza (, Engulfed - Molly (16) / Paregorik - Molly / Paregorik (Cassette, Album), 1x1​=​4 - Numatica - 1x1​=​4 (File, Album), Make Me Wanna Dance - André Cymone - Survivin In The 80s (CD, Album), Breakout


  1. Dec 06,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Disney Classics - Cruella De Vil ( Dalmatians) YouTube Disney Classics - Once Upon a Dream (Sleeping Beauty) - Duration: ThePeacekeeperj3l 7, views.
  2. Oct 12,  · Cruella De Vil (Album Version) Artist Bill Lee; Writers Mel Leven; Licensed to YouTube by UMG (on behalf of Walt Disney Records); UMPI, Walt .
  3. A favorite, absolutely classic album, dark and delicious, but this track listing is either incomplete or some songs have disappeared from the album? Specifically, Cruella de Vil by The Replacements, and I Wanna Be Like You by Los Lobos, both really great parts of this album/5(79).
  4. Cruella de Vil. arr. Mona Rejino - Hal Leonard Corporation Cruella de Vil. arr. Mona Rejino - Hal Leonard Corporation. Click to review. This is an early intermediate arrangement of the popular tune from the Disney animated film Dalmatians. Select a Product. .
  5. Cruella is an upcoming American crime comedy film directed by Craig Gillespie from a screenplay written by Aline Brosh McKenna, Jez Butterworth, Dana Fox, Kelly Marcel, Tony McNamara, and Steve luttrolterpmaslaystepovusletseipratin.coinfo on the character Cruella de Vil introduced in Dodie Smith's novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians and Walt Disney's animated film One Hundred and One Dalmatians, the film .
  6. Cruella De Vil is the main antagonist of Disney's animated feature film, Dalmatians. She is a wealthy, fashion-obsessed heiress who wishes to use the skins of 99 Dalmatian puppies for a fur coat. She first appeared in the novel, The Hundred and One Dalmatians () by Dodie Smith. Perhaps the most famous incarnation of the character was developed for Disney's animated.
  7. See image of Susanne Blakeslee, the voice of Cruella De Vil in Mickey's House of Villains (Movie).

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