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Stay (Dubbyman Downbeat Mix) - Oval Future Face - Stay (Deep Explorer Remixes) (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Stay (Dubbyman Downbeat Mix) - Oval Future Face - Stay (Deep Explorer Remixes) (Vinyl)

We'd also recommend the formidably heavy, drum-laden rework of "Dance For Gratitude", whose Latin American bassline and simmering synth-strings are almost as addictive as the weighty groove they sit upon. In den Warenkorb! NFRV gram vinyl 12". The A side opens up with an energizing sure shot as Saison remix French house head N-You-Up, before they turn in the equally infectious and uplifting "One Day".

N-You-Up get another treatment on the flip, as "Jazz Bar" gets snazzed up with a classy gloss of sophisticated house suitable for the smart-casual crowd as well as the party people up front. Saison's own "Sazerac" rounds the record out in fine jacking form, with plenty of soulful licks and jazzy twists woven in between the beats.

Still We Are EP 12". House Of Disco. Speaking of Crazy P, lead singer Danielle Moore lends her distinctive vocals to the Imagination-ish Brit-boogie business of "Positive Emotion", while the EP's other track, opener "Synthesize", is a darker and more spaced-out chunk of weighty, bassline-driven nu-boogie goodness.

Back To Bahia 7". MotorCity Wine Detroit. Titled after his MCW residency of the same name, the release combines Deep House, Jazz, Boogie, and, of course, musica popular Brasileira flavors to welcome the sunshine into your life.

Housed in the MotorCity Wine 7" company jacket. The label kicks off in fine style with the supple, expressive techno of John Shima and Mihail P offering up two tracks each.

Shima takes the A side with the warm and bubbling synth expressions of "Seasons" before taking things in a more hypnotic direction on the ever-so-slightly trancey "Hunter Mind". Mihail P maintains a similar vintage techno sound palette, but pings for positive constellations with the jubilant "Momentum" before veering into blissful breakbeat on "Neon Hologarden".

Pressed For Time. Out of time and out of mind, the Plate just bring the kind of satisfaction to club music that could launch a thousand sessions. For the late night Stay (Dubbyman Downbeat Mix) - Oval Future Face - Stay (Deep Explorer Remixes) (Vinyl), for the mid-morning rollers and the sophisticated toe-tappers in between, sink your ear-teeth into this generous serving but whatever you do, don't call it an album. Peggy GOU. Once 12" Nachpressung.

Here, she returns to action having graduated from Technicolour to parent label Ninja Tune. Many may already have heard EP standout "It Makes You Forget Itgehane ", a percussively ambidextrous beast based around a bouncy, off-skilter, snare-heavy rhythm track. It has been much discussed online after Gou included it her recent Resident Advisor podcast.

On the B-side you'll find tracks representative of her developing style, which draws together elements of European deep house, electro, early '90s U.

S house, the rubbery disco eccentricity of Maurice Fulton and the instinctive polyrhythms more often found in traditional African music.

Sixteen Oceans gatefold 2xLP in spot-varnished sleeve 1 per customer. As ever, it's the way that Kieran Hebden tugs at the heart strings so artfully that makes him so well-loved, and he's not holding back one iota as "Sixteen Oceans" opens up with the ineffably pretty "School". There's some advanced garage ruminations on "Baby", classic ambience on "Harpsichord", and so the eclectic and extremely soul-cleansing vibes continue across three sides of wax.

In addition to this wonderful new album, Hebden has also held back the fourth side for a bunch of locked grooves so satisfying you could get lost in them all day. This time around he's bringing the dopeness to Astrolife, laying down the understated but utterly engrossing deep house sound he's made his own since the early days on the brilliant "Time Machine".

Then it's up to the remixers to do justice to the original - Lola Allen does the most striking job with her gorgeous ambient "Outro" version.

Vincent Inc's take is a nifty, sample-juggling affair that manages to maintain the depth of the original, and the Kazarian remix whips up a shuffled groove and heavyweight bass that rocks it raw and righteous. Get Over U 12". Sosure Music. The duo was comprised of 'Godfather of house music' Frankie Knuckles with veteran producer Eric Kupper.

Atypical US. You have to come correct when you dare step to Nina Simone, but you know full well the cast of characters assembled on this 12" can be trusted with the high priestess of soul. Timmy Regisford is up first, bringing some intense organ lines and Lately bass into the mix with a perfect balance between jubilant expression and tension. Joe Claussell then steps up with two different edit and overdub versions, where the organs get poured on more liberally and the whole jam boils over.

As a wonderful bonus element, you get a powerful acapella monologue from Nina Simone to close out the B side. Haiku gram vinyl 12". Apersonal Music. Vol 1 12". Emotional Especial. Her track "Blood Moon" hinges around rolling breaks and a globular monosynth bassline, but it's Foxman's vocals that give the track an electric, mystical energy that will cast a spell over the dance. Roza Terenzi takes the original and jacks it up, sharpening the focus of the rhythm section without losing the crunchy breaks.

Dawl and Sween channel some bleeps n' breaks vibes of their own with a version that keeps things darkside and wiggy for the old-skool crew. Rounding things off, Violet's remix emphasises the acid as it plunges into the depths of the dungeon in a hooky, hard-edged style. Kutchie Dub Sushitech 15th Anniversary reissue limited hand-stamped 1-sided marbled vinyl 12". The Reverb Chronicles 1 12" Nachpressung.

In another life, the crew behind Reverberations nicknamed Reverb to many released literally hundreds of titles on various labels including their own. This special release on the later incarnation, RvS, handpicks four in-demand tracks and remixes by Silverlining, Ravi McArthur and their collaboration, Impossible beings. Do not miss! Calling Out reissue red vinyl 7". Her intention was simply to make "happy music". To that end, she turned to her gospel roots. The results, shared here on 7" single for the first time, are little less than spectacular.

With collaborator Dames Brown in tow, Lloyd's vocals - accompanied by a gospel choir, of course - simply soar above a jaunty, piano-heavy track rich in live instrumentation. It sits somewhere between traditional gospel, house and disco, with a flipside instrumental brilliantly showcasing the quality of the instrumentation throughout. The piano solos, in particular, are breathlessly good.

Needs gram vinyl 12". Needs not-for-profit. This time the gauntlet is thrown down by the increasingly prolific DJ Normal 4, who wields some of his signature breakbeats over a cheeky synth that nods to Da Hool for a dark and deadly roller.

Israeli duo Red Axes pop up fresh from outings on! K7 and Phantasy Sound for the worldly percussion and mystical atmosphere of "Treacksheni" before Bristol bass-wielding techno titan Hodge finishes the package off with the stunning, dramatic undulations of "Signal," making this a collection of tracks that all feed into the same vein of rhythmically adventurous, moody club music.

Shake That Body 12". It's accompanied on the A-side by the superb "Dubbl" version, which sees Glenn Underground strip the track back to a killer dub disco groove before bringing back the keys, acoustic guitars, spacey synths and snippets of T.

K's vocal. Over on the flip you'll find a seductive "Remix" that subtly moves the track closer to deep, soulful house territory. And it is. First up, Kieran Hebdan takes "Never Come Back" and warps the bass, builds plenty of tense percussive energy and layers in some sci-fi synths that take the track into the next dimension.

It's epic, as is always the way with Hebden, and ripe for some rave reactions. Cult neo-disco innovator Morgan Geist does something completely different - his drums skip and ping, with a breathy and soul drenched vocal next to lush cosmic chords. It's bouncy, playful, brilliant. A Passing Of Time gram vinyl 12". Rich analog tape waves sit nicely beside thick rhythmic elements throughout this killer three tracker.

This theme continues through "FM Joy" and "Eye Ache" but with a wider focus on the dubbier elements of the electro and house spectrum. Decks Reworx Germany. Cub - E. The Claudio Gentile Release gram vinyl 12". Allegria De Vino Vol 2 7". For this 2 volume series Andres flexes his blunted downtempo beat-driven side, complete with his primo cut skills celebrating our favorite red, white, and pink libations.

Both volumes feature 3 instrumental hip-hop beats, cut loud at CCCP Edits 2 12". We shouldn't have worried. While those versions retained the core elements of Snaith's warm and ear-pleasing original mix, Shepherd has chosen to re-imagine it as the kind of positive, spacey, musically detailed and rushing late night deep house jam with which he originally made his name a decade ago.

It has serious sub-bass weight, too, and is one of his most impressive club-focused outings for some time. It's worth buying the 12" for that mix alone, but his wonderfully deep, sub-heavy, garage-influenced rework of another "Suddenly" album track, Stay (Dubbyman Downbeat Mix) - Oval Future Face - Stay (Deep Explorer Remixes) (Vinyl), is also superb. In other words, you need this in your life.

Os To EP gram vinyl 12". After two years of planning, tweaking and fine-tuning, Danish groove monkeys Kasper Marott and Alfredo92 are proud to present their new label Axces. Repping their local crew, the label represents a community of artists including this single's co-producers Carl Emil and Lauge. Dreamy, cosy, unhurried.

The start of something exciting and fresh; everyone has access to Axces. Runaway Galaxy LP limited to copies. Ten Lovers Music. The vision and scope on this record is impressive to say the least - just cop the advanced chord progressions powering the wide-open vistas of "78 Universe", or the wild expression of every instrument coursing through "Galaxies". This is Javonntte going full-flight on his artistry and it sounds impeccable - not one to be missed.

Out Of Body Experience 12". Running Back Germany. That means tactile synthesizer basslines, ear-catching melodies, classic house synth sounds and drum machine beats rich in Burrell's usual infectious swing. Highlights include the breezy and life-affirming jazziness of "3rd Time", the bass-heavy, intergalactic thump of "5th Time" a cut that would neatly fit into Bleep techno-influenced sets and the summery warmth of "2nd Time". EEE hand-stamped 1-sided heavyweight vinyl 12" Nachpressung.

This seventh instalment harks back to the charming deep jazzy house of their inaugural release - think of the legendary St. Germain and that should give you a fairly good idea. The track's smoky, late night jazz bar vibe is complemented by a rolling bass and swinging rhythms that should appeal to the likes of Rhadoo or Petre Inspirescu - legends of the Romanian scene who themselves have lent their deft hand to the French producer's work as remixers in the past, too.

CB gram vinyl 12". Constant Black. Pascal Benjamin takes the lead with "Falkhill", locking into a Romanian-flavoured minimal breaks formation that rolls in resplendent fashion with a particularly choice vocal lick from an undisclosed RnB track. Michael James and Benjamin Joseph nudge the pitch fader up and dial in the swing for the decidedly funky wiggler "The Island", and TIJN keeps things bumping but works in some sharper drum sounds for the tough but bouncy "Maybe".

Nick Beringer finishes the record off with the chunky funk of "Nyx", calling to mind Mike Shannon amongst others.

Minuendo Spain. Extra remix by Ernie, head of Minuendo Recordings. Now he's back on Romana with a new joint that maintains a seductively deep mood throughout, but still knows how to jack where it counts. The undulating synth tones of "" get carried through to Magnus Asberg's ranging, steady building remix, while TIJN creates a delicate and detailed tapestry out of the ingredients to complete the set.

For classy and consistent variations on a warm, mellow house theme, look no further than this deeply satisfying drop from the Romana crew. Allegria De Vino Vol 1 7". This mini album will only increase the hype further, because it's genuinely really good. Jiraya EP 12". Want You In My Soul 12". South Street. Downes' vocals are the loved up icing on the romantic groove cake. Flip over for the "Summer In London Edit" - a more stripped back and direct version, perfect for outdoor stages as the sun beats down.

ENDZ coloured vinyl 12" 1 per customer. Here the Romanian makes his first outing on Eastenderz, an imprint that's fast becoming one of tech-house's most consistent outlets. For the occasion, he's offered up a quartet of cuts that fix warm, deep house style musical elements to thickset, occasionally off-kilter deep house grooves.

It's a smart and attractive blend that results in numerous highlights, with the simultaneously chunky and spacey "Kald", moodier "Quatro" and lively opener "Din0zaur" standing out. Ballets Lizz mix gram vinyl 12". Lazare Hoche France. The Parisian minimal house bastion is experiementing on this release, as Alex Font collaborates with Nils Weimann for a record that explores the synergy between classical minimalism and contemporary dancefloor reductionism.

On the flip, Lizz comes on board for a remix of "Ballets" that places the emphasis back on the beats. EBS 1 limited 1-sided blue vinyl 12" Nachpressung. Electric Blue Germany. Here he becomes RT Factor on the Electric blue label.

Of course, it is another high class and timeless offering that features just one epic 15 minute deep house journey. All the usual traits are present and correct - supple and rubbery drums, spiritual chords and majestic key playing that all effortlessly drift in and out of the mix to make for something smooth flowing and compelling throughout. All these years after starting out and re-writing the rules, Trent is still the man to beat at this deep house game.

Caminho hand-stamped 7" limited to copies. Nova Onda France. Heist Recordings Netherlands. In its original form, "Coffee in the Morning" is funky and addictive, with ear-catching lead vocals riding a chunky groove rich in warm Rhodes chords, disco-style bass, bustling house drums, layered hand percussion and snaking sax motifs. It comes accompanied by two flipside revisions - a deliciously rubbery, all-action "Diskomiks" from Prins Thomas that's arguably even better than the original version, as well as a driving Dub Mix that contains a stunningly saucer-eyed breakdown - as well as a jaunty, synth-heavy classic house style bonus cut "Move Out of the Way".

In a word: essential. The endlessly prolific Javonntte is in control on the A side, sounding as iconic as ever with the rousing thump of "Quantom". On the flipside, Simon Garcia's The Blaxploited Orchestra is in heavy edit mode on "Ready To Go", bringing a full-frequency funk and sizzling house drums to the fore with a classic sample or two.

H3misphere feat SIT remix gram vinyl 12". Euphoria US. Here he's been invited to Euphoria for an EP that burrows into the most shadowy corners of his sound. The whole B-side is given over to SIT's "Remux" of "H3misphere", which holds the groove down in a more linear manner but keeps that chilling atmosphere intact just behind the beats.

Underground Resistance US. Heaven remixes 12". With the assistance of UK soul star Andreya Triana, they've conjured up a thrilling debut cut that sits somewhere between gospel, disco and sultry soulful house. The superbly warm and groovy original version - all bold piano riffs, jazzy horn solos, crunchy guitars, rolling drums and sublime lead vocals - is undoubtedly the standout, though the accompanying remixes are also rather good. Mousse T's boogie-flavoured house remix is a great alternative house mix with a deeper and more obviously electronic flavour, while the two Nightmares On Wax rubs are chunkier, sweatier and even warmer with plenty of D-Train style synth squiggles and ear-catching musical flourishes.

In a word: ace. He's released plenty of music since then, though this hook-up with Glenn Underground - who produced the music - and fellow house veteran Byron Stingily who provided backing vocals is still his first outing for almost 12 years. The A-side full vocal version is simply superb, with Hall's superb, impassioned, gospel-inspired vocals riding a bouncy, Osunlade style groove, jazzy guitars, sustained church organ chords and all manner of intricate musical details.

Glenn Underground dons the CVO alias to deliver a Stay (Dubbyman Downbeat Mix) - Oval Future Face - Stay (Deep Explorer Remixes) (Vinyl) tougher, more groove-driven B-side "Dub" that nevertheless includes plenty of sun-bright musical warmth. Moment EP reissue 12". Wisely, she's chosen to kickstart said imprint - the freshly minted Gudu Records - with her first EP of fresh material for over 12 months.

There's a similarly retro-futurist feel to the equally loved-up "Han Pan", where Gou's attractive vocals once again catch the ear alongside heavy analogue bass, chiming synth lines and Kwaito influenced drums. Slow Roll EP gram vinyl 12". DJ and producer Pawas Gupta has amassed a cultured discography since Releasing his moody house vibes on labels like Fear of Flying, Night Drive Music and Back Key Limited, he has put out a steady stream of excellent 12"s and LPs and never fails to cook up original sounds.

Absorbing and atmospheric opener 'Slow Roll' is a cavernous chamber of warming sound with soft rubber drums making for a lazy groove. Icy pads and soulful chords drift and flap about above as distant stabs help propel you along this underwater landscape. Building to a subtle peak that makes your whole body move, it is a fine opener that is rich and detailed. The expertly layered 'Filtechno' is a fathom deep track that is as dubby, flabby and horizontal as you could imagine.

Celestial pads circle like spirits in the night and gloopy bass brings a fortress sense of depth to this most serene bit of sonic landscaping. Many floors are sure to be in a state of brain soothing joy when they get lost in this one. Lastly, Pawas shows another side again with 'Aired,' a more melodic and jazzy number featuring cute little piano motifs, tooting bass and hip swinging, super wet claps. It is perfectly atmospheric and nicely coloured, and rounds out a classy EP of contemporary house sounds from one of the best labels in the business.

Fabrice LIG. Hmong Dignity EP 12". Subject Detroit US. Allegedly stored in the Subject archives for some time, "Hmong Dignity" is finally unleashed and the original will be familiar to anyone that's witnessed a DJ Bone set in recent years.

Eminently raw, but filled with melody thanks to those chords and restless riffs, "Hmong Dignity" is a fine example of how Detroit influenced European techno. A remix from the late, great Aaron Carl opens the B Side, lending the track a familiar dose of murkiness thanks to some stomach churning bass, whilst that instantly recognisable central melody is wisely retained.

The accompanying remix from DJ Bone glides along on a tough techno meets electro vibe, superbly slicing up the melodic element to form an entirely different refrain.

Please Don't Make It Funky limited 7" to copies. While it was a commercial flop, the track is undeniably attractive and fun, with squelchy synth sounds, ear-catching horns, fluid piano solos and Pisani's blue-eyed-soul vocals rising above a tidy groove.

This surprise - but most welcome - reissue backs Pisani's cheery original with a fresh re-edit by the Patchouli Brothers. This includes some filter trickery and a DJ-friendly arrangement, but otherwise sticks close to the original mix. Ascendance gram vinyl 10". Common Dreams. There's a looped up insistence to "Heal", but it's offset by emotive movement in the synth lines and an overall spiritual quality that escapes much cyclical techno.

It's a truly classy statement that stays true to techno while saying something original. Keep Up Appearances gatefold 2xLP. To be Stay (Dubbyman Downbeat Mix) - Oval Future Face - Stay (Deep Explorer Remixes) (Vinyl) in December on beautiful double gatefold vinyl and CD, with reworked woodcut artwork by Conrad Felixmuller, it has been a long time in the making but the wait has more than been worth it.

Their music engages dancers in the head, heart and heel in equal measure and this considered new album proves that once again. Keep Up Appearances was written over the course of 18 months and has been whittled down from over 20 tracks, all made using mostly analogue gear with the usual Roland and Moog boy's toys, whilst the trusty Fender Rhodes, Space Echoes and Moogerfooger pedals are featured on many of the tracks.

It's not a straight up home listening album, but it still has a beginning, an end, and a couple of slower tracks that hint at our wider tastes away from the dancefloor.

The title track is then a melodically lush and uplifting affair with curious synth patterns ebbing and flowing beneath crisp percussion.

Tracks like 'We Search For Answers' combine organic, wooden textures with more synthetic and trippy synth sounds that are as far away from your standard sample packs as can be imagined. Across the course of the album there are dark, moody and emotive pieces like 'Worship' previously released in extended form on the MDL02 single featuring Qzen who reads a poem by Patience Agbabi in tantalising fashion as well as heavyweight, dubbed out techno groovers like 'Shadow Theory.

Despite the fact much of this album will work on a dancefloor in the hands of the right DJ, there's an invention and musicality to it that renders the whole thing hugely listenable away from the club. Now it gets revisited on this tasty 7". The a-side is a special edit of "Makkusa", a steamy, spiritual, deeply layered and emotional house track that is lead by a standout sax line. Joaquin's Sacred Rhythm dub is just that on the flip-side, a punchy rework with groaning vocals and a tribal feel, marching drums and plenty of the steam and sweat that makes his music so unique and powerful.

His next project finds him on an executive producer role as he assembles a crack team of world class musicians under the Elements of Life banner. With a sound inspired by greats like Stevie Wonder and Cymande, this fantastic record brims with musicality, joy and soul from front to back. The tracks are live sounding, richly percussive, sprinkled with Latin spice and various moods, grooves and tempos.

For big hearted DJs and dancers, this is pure gold. Of course guests like Anane, Blaze and Lisa Fischer all help add their own special colour to the picture. Care4life Sampler 1 white vinyl 12" 1 per customer. FYI Chris ups the ante with a warm and atmospheric house cut that carries you away on a spaced out vibe and Luke Vibert gets typically wonky and electric on his playful downbeat jam "That's Ill Folks.

Forbidden Dance. He starts in fine fashion via "Habano", a shuffling, soft-touch skip through Latin-fired deep house wonder rich in fluid vibraphone solos, layered beats, spacey synth doodles and squelchy synth bass. Washerman picks the pace up with 'Twilite', which is reminiscent of legendary Detroit label Underground Resistance, and adds to the continued diversity of this project.

Atmosphere EP reissue yellow vinyl 12". This yellow vinyl reissue proves our point: you'll struggle to find a more infectious fusion of New Jersey organ stabs, sparkling piano riffs and bumpin' club grooves than "Climax 1", or the tougher dub mix "Climax 2" for that matter a revision made all the more alluring by Chandler's use of heady African vocal samples. The goodness continues on the flip, where the jazzy and immersive deep house warmth of "Track 1" is quickly followed by the Larry Heard-inspired brilliance of "Track 2" - a kind of tribute to "Can You Feel It" that features some dizzying piano solos from the hugely talented Chandler.

Jack's Tracks VA Vol 4 gram vinyl 12". Jack's House Recordings. A2 on the A side is Lee Onel from Fuerteventura with Pepon, driven by its baseline, skippy percussion and in true Lee Onel style, a long breakdown arranged perfectly to jump start the crowd.

With heavy early support on Ibiza Global Radio and the islands dance floors, its more than made its mark. B1 The label welcomes back Julenn with Long Shot. Another great slice of House music led by its strong kick, light hats and dirty baseline. B2 The unstoppable Russian, Legit Trip is back on the label with Brat, a pure groove leading into a straight up breakdown before catching the groove again right to the end.

Knights Are Cold EP gram vinyl 12". It's smart in its reference points, but certainly not trying to be a simple 80s disco pastiche. Space Space Part 2 Deep Explorer mix gram vinyl 12".

Inner Shift. Deep Explorer comes on board for a remix that feeds some loose and limber breaks into the mix, which match the dusty feel of the track perfectly. Kalamazoo EP gram vinyl 12". Sonic Mind US.

Stay remixes 12". Pinder is super speedy and tight as you like with "Forever", while Instinct regular gets freaky with the subtly tripped out "Hard Lines". Zac Stanton is perhaps the stand out turn on this 12" with the absolutely surefooted and sharply soulful "Stop Tellin Me".

Holloway comes in strong on the B2 though, channeling that impeccable Ghost sound for the stripped and spooky "Places To Be". Classy club gear throughout, but especially on that B side. The Message For You 12". Visions Inc. He's at it again here on a two-tracker that showcases his love of studio collaboration. Our pick of the pair is exuberant, life-affirming A-side "The Message For You ", a sublime slab of loose-limbed Latin house soulfulness featuring vocals from Justin Chapman and keys-work from Japanese artist Hajime Yochizawa.

Attias' old pal Mark De Clive-Lowe lends a hand of equally positive and sparkling flipside "The Waiting Game", adding all manner of jazz-funk inspired sound synths to a fine, rubbery deep house workout. Dusty Pink gram vinyl 12". This four track EP is packed with bombs, from the shimmering, metallic deep house finery of "Running" to the cheeky acid wriggle of "Dusty Pink".

Things take a darker, deeper turn on the fierce "Fixate," and then lift into fluttering after hours tones for the sublime and ever so slightly trippy "Lara's Dub". Pt 1 gram 12". Purple Trax US. Patricia's cameo on 'Casper' is the record's strangest sound, a propulsive house groove with explosions of crackling texture and a bassline deeply buried in fog, while 'Babi' stutters along between the drum pulse and its disappearances into deep wells of delayed vocal samples and gentle melodies.

Vibes are saved for the opener 'Moon River Membrane', where Terreke's characteristic cosmic haze comes out more heavily, complemented by the genre-bending psychedelic tendencies of Avissar's programming and Woo's weighty low-end. Kick Drunk Love gram vinyl 12".

Intimate Friends. There's a couple guest appearances as well: Damian Schwartz plays some bass on "Sidewalks" and Eureka provides "a hell of a [vacuum] rev" on "Stage Left. Find Ready gram vinyl mini LP.

Lustwerk Music, Stay (Dubbyman Downbeat Mix) - Oval Future Face - Stay (Deep Explorer Remixes) (Vinyl). As you'd expect of an artist snapped up by the close-knit crew Galcher Lustwerk orbits, there's a hazy, dreamlike mood lingering over all the tracks on "Find Ready", but there's plenty of variety taking place within that context. There's spacey acid, dusty, mechanical house and plenty more besides.

Fun, varied and drawing on an angle that's all his own, Quavius has more than delivered on the promise of his first record.

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Drum machines. Studio headphones. Digital recorders. Guitar accessories. Studio accessories. GBP My Language. Wishlist Log in to view your wishlist. Items in wishlist:. Items in cart:. Deep Explorer Spain. Play All. Sort Artist. Items 1 to 47 of 47 on page 1 of 1. People also bought Hysteria EP 12". On the A side, 'Hysteria' gives what its name suggests and opens the EP with a cut of electronic house with a solid bass influenced by Environ or Chicken Lips among others.

The B side begins with the reconstruction that makes Dubbyman main subject of 12". Finally, 'Feel To Learn' closes the disc with its dragged rhythm and cool sax. Time EP 12". Ten releases after 's "The Gathering" EP, the producer makes a welcome return with four original tracks of deep house with a slow, smooth and emotive feel.

Opening with "Forever in My Mind" Above Smoke drafts in the help of Alton Miller whose soulful vocal hook compliments the jazz inspired, dubby production of the track perfectly. Following simple piano key melodies and building chords the track drops into funky bass rolls with nice breaks and hand claps. There is another collaborator on the following track, "Elevation.

A nod to the more relaxed sound of Detroit, "Elevation" merges a steady, understated beat with light percussion and hushed piano chords. The occasional soulful vocal adds to the sophistication of the track, turning it into a piece of deep house music in its purest form. There is some light bongo action in there and a nice groove weaves and bends itself around straightforward beats.

The 'I Gotta Have It' vocal cries back to the original days of house as Above Smoke keeps everything very controlled in another of his deep house efforts. As one of the main artists responsible for the sound of Deep Explorer, it is great to see Above Smoke back where he belongs. And even better that the Spaniard has been able to pick up exactly where he left off from to deliver some more pristine, deep house cuts. Sun Storm gram double 12" vinyl.

For those unfamiliar with the sound of Deep Explorer, think of the warmest, soul-inflected deep house rich with natural instrumentation as much as electronic elements and you should have an idea. On the album format Above Smoke has space to branch out into some refined neo soul excursions such as "Don't Stop Till The Morning " featuring Kikone's stirring vocal, but as ever it's the exemplary house music that truly defines this album.

The Gathering EP 12". Four Suns EP 12". Kai ALCE. Alpha Revisited EP 12". Willow EP 10" limited to copies. With roots that stretch across America, from Atlanta to New York and Detroit, Alce is tied closest, musically, to the Motor City he was hired to do lights at the city's legendary Music Institute at the age of The Willow EP positively drips with Detroit machine soul; the title track features floating synths and a subtle bassline working beneath Azulu Phantom's vocals.

This leads into the excellent "Track 3", which features some raw, brittle drums, soulful moans and an unforgettably deep bass line. Flip over for the acid-tinged Deep Explorer remix of the title track, which takes the original and spans it out over an entire side of wax with subtly hypnotic results. The three original Allstarr Motomusic exude an old school feeling no doubt developed by years of record collecting and are augmented by a fine remix from Anthony Nicholson.

This time they're working in collaboration with vocalist Sarignia Bonfa and the results are stunning. Primitive Reflex EP gram vinyl 12". In he droped "Love you more EP" for Pan records, an instant classic for all the real deep followers.

Now he joins the Deep Explorer army with this 4 track eo full of frozen emotions and winter sounds. It includes a sick downtempo remix by Man-Drake the other face of Dubbyman. Psychopark EP 12". A special ep that celebrates the 10th release on vinyl, making a special tribute to two Detroit based labels: FerrisPark and Psychostasia. With a side for each label, this record opens with soul singer Marvin Belton and his 'Back to Africa', a percussive vocal tune that grows step by step among a sea of Detroit atmospheres.

Next up on the A side, the owner of Ferris Park. The techno deep-fire is opened with 'Transformation' by Reggie Dokes, the mind behind Psychostasia, the cult label from Detroit, and known too for his releases on Detroit beat-down and Sound Signature, offering a mix between percussive house and melodic techno. Blessing In Disguise EP warehouse find 12". DIP EP gram vinyl 12". This is the pair's first collaborative release, but their studio chemistry is there for all to see as the first few bars of "Do It Properly" ease out through your speakers.

It's floaty, jazz-flecked house bathed in pools of gently rippling bass tones, and things are given a sophisticated edge by the adroit vocals of Brian Cullen. Flip over for a remix of the title track from - gulp - Larry Heard, with the Chicagoan legend turning in a typically sumptuous slice of machine soul that naturally hogs the vast majority of the B-Side, before an excellent EP is rounded off by a beatless outro. BaarregaardBjak. Beyond The Reef EP 12". Electric Blues EP 12".

The Golden Years EP 12". Icarus remixes 12". Deep Is Dead gram vinyl 2xLP. Instead what we have is an update on his deep house standards, with a greater emphasis on instrumentation and an embrace of different tempos and grooves.


Relief Is Just A Swallow Away, Lets Get A Rocked - Def Leppard - Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits 1980-1995 (CD), Inner City Life - Paul Oakenfold - The Goa Mix (Cassette), Razamanaz - Nazareth (2) - At The Beeb (CD, Album), Lörsson / Kenny Lust - Lörsson Meets Kenny Lust (Vinyl), Leviathan - Mark Lanegan Band - Blues Funeral (File, Album), Dearest Darling - Various - 20 Great Doo Wop Recordings (Vinyl, LP), I Just Cant Get Enough (Remix)


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  2. COMPETITION ANNOUNCEMENT And the winner is Please message Deep Dubstep Vinyl for the details about shipping. Thanks to all who participated in our first giveaway this year!
  3. Dubstep dj mixes & sets by Dubstep DJ's from around the world. Download the latest Dubstep dj mixes. Page 1 of
  4. Welcome to EDM Records (a sub label of Geomagnetic Label Family). We are proud to present this very special selection of top Dubstep, D&B, Dub,Breaks & Electro Bass inspired Electronic Dance Music. Most of these artists are very inspired by Old School Dub, Dubstep, Reggae, Techno and Downtempo.
  5. DJ RusLan - Stay (Dubstep Remix) - luttrolterpmaslaystepovusletseipratin.coinfo Music. Skip to main content. Try Prime CDs & Vinyl Go Search EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. Today's Deals Your luttrolterpmaslaystepovusletseipratin.coinfo Gift Cards Help Whole .
  6. Dec 13,  · Don't forget to subscribe to give your future self some pleasure ;) 50+ videos Play all Mix - Deep Dubstep Mix Ep Best Christmas Music Mix | Best Mashups & Remixes Of All Time.
  7. Review: The new reference of Deep Explorer brings the different visions in electronic music for the dancefloor of Javier Alvarez (aka Above Smoke) until now habitual in Deep Explorer for his works of mastering and his remixes for different artists within the world of the electronic luttrolterpmaslaystepovusletseipratin.coinfo the A side, 'Hysteria' gives what its name suggests and opens the EP with a cut of electronic .

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