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Imagery - Glows In The Dark - Research and Development (File, MP3) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Imagery - Glows In The Dark - Research and Development (File, MP3)
Label: Not On Label - none • Format: File FLAC, MP3, EP • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop, Jazz • Style: Avant-garde Jazz, Jazzy Hip-Hop

People who work for the CIA, MP3). A farewell saying, used when saying goodbye to someone. Can be shortened to " Glow ". Jeremy : do me Laura : only if you have glow in the MP3).

Someone who isnt quite smart, who has a low IQ Can be used to describe a naive person. This chick in my economy class can't stop asking stupid questions, she really doesn't glow-in-the-dark! Gambiarra TPM Bug Catcher Boomer APM Go Blue FeiLo Corking Tolongges Get Mad Soggy Cracker This is one of the most successful mock ups because I have managed to create the illusion that the room is dark and the parts of the design is glow in the dark. I have achieved this by editing the image using the brightness an contrast tool which created a dark shadow over the design and helping the love hearts glow so much more.

I am confident in submitting this design as one of my final three CAD visuals. If I am ahead of my time table I hope going to place my designs on products from other market areas too see if my collection is versatile.

This design was specifically made for a pillow design, in the hopes to make my own pillow for the final deadline. However, I had never considered making this design into a repeat pattern until a post on Instagram inspired me because of the very structured square tiled repeat.

This is very different from the pattern style in the rest of the collection but I think its a nice contrast because of the very structured block stile. This experiment has inspired me to create some more structured designs as part of the collection.

I think that this style would work well as wall paper but the colours too dark so I am also going to experiment with different colour ways. I have replaced the bugs in the hero design with two swans to try and tell the story more. I think that this has worked really well and ties in the pink background to my hero designs. I have placed it upon my collection board and I think that there is a good balance between all the different styles, sizes and motifs.

I have gotten feedback of the changes that I have made and it was agreed that the colours are working nicely together. I love this design and I think that its taken this collection to another professional standard. I love the purple colour scheme of the CV and I think it represents my current collection quite well. I think that the bigger scale for the design is more effective for the CV as you can see the detail in the motifs and is overall a lore more clearer.

I am still developing my CV but I am really happy with the progress. I need to slightly edit the motif so its brighter like the original design. I have added this too my collection board to see what the improvements look like with the rest of the collection and I think that it still works with the designs.

All of these images were found on copy right free websites such as unsplashed and pexels. I tried to find images that would allow me to show a range of designs, which would also challenge my editing skills. It was difficult to find images that were representative of my target market, however, I think I have found a good selection that will fit my theme and my style. This mock up has a design from almost all four of my collections.

I think that this is really successful and an improvement from the first attempt see blog post here and represents all of the ideas and themes within the collection. My next step is to create mock up images that are specific to each collection so its easier when I create my look book as ill be able to put the collections, and the mock ups together.

I wanted to try the butterfly design in a different style because I think its my strongest wallpaper design. The other two mock up designs have a mixture of collections because certain designs fit within the frame concept. I think that the overall concepts are strong and its encouraging that all of the collections work as a whole collection. I have made the effort to change the colour of the other walls without the featured wall paper as my way to make the whole design cohesive.

I love how all of these mock ups have turned out because of the chosen image; the sun light reflection on the wall makes the design look realistic because it creates a natural shadow and highlight on the design. I am going to continue to look for imagery with this same concept. I wanted to try and create a mock up of multiple designs from the same collection.

I though that this wall paper and tipi image was perfect for my frog collection because it has a link to nature as these tipis are usually found outdoors. This is a mock up I developed whilst creating my look book because I found that I was missing a larger mock up with multiple products.

I like the large scale bees as wallpaper and it creates the effect as the wall stickers would have if I was able to create them for the original submission points part of out degree show exhibition. This was another CAD I developed whilst creating my look book as I wanted an image to fit across a two page spread because it was something that I had seen whilst doing my research.

A design that was missing within my collection is a boarder design. Previously I struggled to find the right motif that would look nice as a boarder but I made this rainbow flower design for a hero design and I though it would be perfect to make a boarder design.

I love the simplicity of the design but how bold and colourful it is. I wanted to incorporate some bug motifs that are in my hero designs so that this can be a strong secondary design. The dragonflies still need development and slight adjustment to make them tie in with the whole concept of the design.

I am going to add more in a variety of sizes and colours similar to the rainbow. I am still developing this design and trying to incorporate the dragonflies into the whole concept. I hope to get some feedback from tutors MP3) hopefully a different opinion and ideas. I loved elements of this collection but there were areas that needed improvements to be the same standard as my other two collections. I knew that the only way I could develop this collection was to create a strong all over hero design in a similar style to the swan and unicorns designs.

By doing this I would have a range of motifs and ideas that I could use within the collection to make coordinating designs. I love the cobweb motif in the placement design in this collection I wanted to use it within a hero design. I think the cobwebs were jus too structured and overall not suitable for my target market. I used the same motif in the placement design, but changed the colour and removed the crown to create a whole new motif.

I decided to chose all green toned motifs to create a very monochromatic design with the pop of yellow from the bees. This is such a strong concept and has provided me with a selection of new motifs to create new designs with.

I decided to play on the childlike element of my collection and create some hand quality water ripples in a cartoon or crayon drawing effect. I wanted to incorporate more dark background colours into the collection to create contrast between the light pastel colours and the make certain designs pop. The turnover frog design is one of my favourite and strongest designs and I love how it incorporates almost all colours from my colour pallet. I wanted to create a similar design using a motif from my hero designs which creates a cohesiveness between the collection.

When editing this motif I wanted to use all colours from my colour pallet so I created clipping masks to be able to edit and change the colours of the design. By doing this I have lost the details within the motif, but Imagery - Glows In The Dark - Research and Development (File think I have created a really strong and unique concept that would be perfect for products such a bedding or stationery. This turnover butterfly is very different from the rest of the collection because of its structure.

However, I think its fits really well within the rest of the collection and is a nice contrast to the designs that have more movement and less structure.

I think the dark Imagery - Glows In The Dark - Research and Development (File background works really well and makes the butterflies really clear within the design. I have used the same motifs from the first hero design to create this blender.

Again, i love how I am using a number of solid colours from my colour pallet which creates a very hand drawn and childlike effect. This would look really effective on a bedsheet or pillows with the hero design on the main blanket.

The leaf design is one of my favourite blenders from the entire collection. I love the monochromatic colour pallet and that it creates the illusion that the leaves are falling because of the placement and layout. I think that this would be really sweet on lightweight material for curtains such as chiffon or part of beset on pillow or bed sheet. Skip to content As a designer its important to have an understanding of different colour pallets and how certain colours compliment each other and some not so much.


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