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If You Have It (Original Mix) - Base Graffiti - If You Have It / Tension Eliminator (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download If You Have It (Original Mix) - Base Graffiti - If You Have It / Tension Eliminator (Vinyl)

SoSafe Green can be used with pressure washer or by hand. SoSafe Blue or Red Professional can be used to remove graffiti paint or ink from raw brick, concrete, stone, granite, tiles and raw metals.

SoSafe Red Professional is ideal for use with pressure washing equipment. This broad-use spray paint remover is for use on most porous, non-sensitive or other difficult surfaces. Ideal to remove spray paint, marker, poster glue, shoe polish, chewing gum and crayon from: Brick, concrete, blocks, sheet metal, train exteriors unpaintedmortar, grout, marble, granite, slate, stone, stucco, unpainted shutters, terracotta, terrazzo, pebblecrete, pavers and other difficult to remove graffiti stains.

SoSafe Blue is available in a Sprayable Gel formula, which will hold in position when applied to a vertical surface until the user rinses, reducing the quantity of product required to remove graffiti as well as preventing graffiti running down the walls. The popular choice for schools, municipalities, and transit agencies! Pro Graffiti Remover - Use with pressure washing equipment SoSafe Professional has been specifically formulated for use by professionals and contractors with pressure cleaning equipment.

The advantage of this is that it can be used immediately after pressure cleaning to give a deeper clean.

For difficult graffiti stains i. SoSafe Red Professional when used in If You Have It (Original Mix) - Base Graffiti - If You Have It / Tension Eliminator (Vinyl) with Shadow Chaser is the most effective and efficient graffiti remover available on the market for contractors. NOTE: Some contractors prefer to leave Red Professional on light shadows overnight to fade out shadows when used on sandstone and other erodible surfaces.

SoSafe Professional is ideal for use on concrete, blocks, stucco, stone and other porous surfaces. SoSafe has recently completed testing SoSafe Professional on synthetic flooring in trains and buses to remove marker pen stains with perfect results.

Shadow Chaser - Graffiti shadow remover - Click for information The removal of some graffiti types, such as very old graffiti requires a special approach, incorporating a combination of skill and chemical technology.

How it works Apply SoSafe Red Professional to the surface to attack the graffiti, wait 1 to 3 minutes, then apply Shadow Chaser with a brush or roller do not splash or spray over the top of the graffiti.

Repeat as necessary. Shadow Chaser has been specially formulated for stubborn graffiti If You Have It (Original Mix) - Base Graffiti - If You Have It / Tension Eliminator (Vinyl) that cannot If You Have It (Original Mix) - Base Graffiti - If You Have It / Tension Eliminator (Vinyl) removed by conventional means and requires a strong arm approach. Shadow Chaser forms part of this revolutionary tool in the battle against graffiti removal, If You Have It (Original Mix) - Base Graffiti - If You Have It / Tension Eliminator (Vinyl), increasing the speed, performance and efficiency of graffiti removal crews.

Shadow Chaser should only be used by trained professional graffiti removal technicians. SoSafe manufactures a range of niche surface cleaners If You Have It (Original Mix) - Base Graffiti - If You Have It / Tension Eliminator (Vinyl) meet obscure requirements, should you have a specific problem area, contact SoSafe technical for solutions.

SoSafe Black is for use by professionals with pressure washing equipment. Unlike SoSafe Blue, Black is not deactivated by water. For particularly difficult graffiti stains we recommend reading our product training manual prior to use.

Utilizing the latest Surface Active Technology SoSafe Black is a real breakthrough invention delivering unparalleled performance eliminating the need for use of flammable or corrosive products for good. No more chemical burns. No more itchy skin! Suitable for use on most porous, non-sensitive or other difficult surfaces to remove spray paint, marker, poster glue, shoe polish and crayon. So check the USE BY date for your current graffiti removal technology and make the switch to SoSafe Black, the better choice for employees, environment and performance.

Ideal to remove graffiti from: Brick, concrete, blocks, sheet metal, train exteriors, mortar, grout, marble, granite, slate, stone, stucco, unpainted shutters, terracotta, terrazzo, pebblecrete, pavers and other difficult to remove graffiti stains. To remove graffiti from difficult surfaces quickly it is recommended to have high pressure available, it is still possible to achieve great results without high pressure washing, though a little more time maybe required. Some of it might be attractive at times but you can't control what people will spray paint on our public walls.

People have a right to choose what they see, and graffiti takes away that right. It can sometimes be extremely explicit. Graffiti should definitely be illegal. First of all, it just shows a visual melancholy of obnoxious colors and miscellaneous shapes and words. It completely destroys the beauty and purpose of anything that it is on unless that objects original purpose was to get graffitied.

Also, I think it should be tolerated on the owners property only. Even on public property, it ruins what the object could look like to all of us who have any shred of class or consideration for others. I love graffiti with all my heart,don't get me wrong. But Graffiti wouldn't be graffiti if it was legal. The beauty of graffiti is that some one is going out and risking there freedom for Art.

If graffiti was legal the place would be a mess. Graffiti would be everywhere and it wouldn't be as special anymore because it legal. The reason why its so interesting is because Its against the law. I've been taking pictures of graffiti for 4 Years now and this question gets ran by me a lot. My final answer is No. Its the rebellion factor that makes it beautiful.

Lets keep it that way. While I strongly believe that graffiti is art and that it should be considered as such, I cannot agree that it should be legal. I personally enjoy graffiti and love seeing it I find much of it beautiful, inspiring and deep But that does not override the fact that it is vandalizing another person's property. Citizens have the right to their property, and unfortunately, so does the state. Because of that and that onlyIf You Have It (Original Mix) - Base Graffiti - If You Have It / Tension Eliminator (Vinyl) believe graffiti should remain illegal.

Property is one of the inalienable rights, after all. However, it is an extremely minor offense, and should have a much lighter punishment than it currently does. No one should be thrown behind bars for expressing themselves artistically, regardless of its legality. All in all, graffiti should remain illegal However I continue to stand behind graffiti artists and their statements. Graffiti is beautiful, and I honestly wish it didn't have to be illegal. But it does. If I come to your house and want to paint a smiley face on the back of your new ride, you should be lucky and consider yourself tagged and proud cause I shared my art work with you and everyone that sees it.

Cool, if you caught me doing it you would prosecute me for vandalism. But if you want to go to another public area and tag it with art it is considered art and should be legal?

It is vandalism of public or private property and is wrong. And should carry a more severe penalty than just the normal slap on the wrist that seems to carry or it wouldn't be so hip to be out tagging everything.

People would be allowed to put their own art on public walls, and this would give people the ability to spread their religion, and this will cause major issues with people that don't believe in that particular religion. Also this would allow gangs to put threats and other messages out legally.

Also this could be used for terrorism and other acts against certain people and even against the government. From the picture though thats "Graffiti art" not graffiti "Graffiti art" is based on graffiti and stenciling techniques to create art but graffiti itself is usually just vandalism In which case there are ways to do it legally but most people find its too bothersome. From which to give the okay. Depending on the community, permission is needed because if the job is done improperly it can make the value of homes go down and people lose money because of that.

If it's not on your property, it is vandalism. Such blatant disregard, and in fact disrespect, for property is in no way good. Should we paper mache your house because we think it would be more artistic than that bland coat of paint you have? No argument saying "but it's art! Yes, it can be art, and quite interesting art at that, but that's not the point - it should not be legal at the expense of someone else's property.

Graffiti, like it or not, is art. That is not the problem. The canvas is the issue. Arguments for legalization seem to ignore the simple fact that these acts are committed on someone else's property. Graffiti is the vandalization of someone else's property. Plain and simple. It is no different than keying someone's car.

Places need more livening up as some places look really dull whereas if you get a good graffiti artist you could really liven up your building otherwise people might not want to go there. Besides, People look for places to eat, Shop, Or whatever you're doing that are eye-appealing as it looks really professional and really well looked after. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Google Search. Post Your Opinion.

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  1. Jun 02,  · graffiti has made me realize, that i could cope with a lawn chair and generic ramen noodles with a portable tv. graffiti has made me waste so much gas it's not even funny. i've hurt my family, only because they don't know my perspective of it, but then again they're not meant to. graffiti has made me realize that i have an adventerous side, and.
  2. If you find the vandalism before the paint is dry, you have a better chance of removing all of the paint, marker, or wheat-paste. Graffiti removal tips number 1. Graffiti gets progressively more difficult to remove as it dries. You’ll Probably Need to Repaint. It’s a lot harder to remove graffiti than to put it up in the first place.
  3. Avoid using solvents on surfaces that have paint under the graffiti. In the process of removing the graffiti you will also ruin the original paint. Graffiti painted on rough surfaces will typically required a chemical solvent and a lot of elbow grease. Use a wire brush or steel wool to get into the uneven surfaces.
  4. You won’t make much money with it and there won’t be any time for other jobs. One graffiti piece can take more than a week to be finished. Most of the graffiti artists don’t have real jobs and they only make money from some irregular contract jobs. You cannot be a real full time graffiti artist if you have a job or other obligations. So.
  5. Before choosing the type of graffiti remover to use, identify the surface type and refer to the table below to ensure correct product is selected. 3M has recommended SoSafe Yellow for use on all signs that have a 3M reflective coating since it will not damage the coating when removing surface graffiti.
  6. Oct 25,  · Check out Hanky Spanky (Original Mix) by Andy Farley vs Base Graffiti on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on luttrolterpmaslaystepovusletseipratin.coinfo
  7. Dec 04,  · (Defective Audio, Base Graffiti, one half of OD) Great production with new hard edged sounds. Check out the Base E.P. out on promo. Won't be released until early '04 but there are a few promos left.
  8. Oct 24,  · Are these sentences correct with the given meaning: 1-I went in through the main door of the building, which has graffiti on it. (The building has one main door. The door has graffiti on it. I went in through the main door. Here "which has graffiti on it" is supposed to modify "the main door" and not "the building".) 2-I went in through the door of the building that has graffiti .

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