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The pipe Agogo - gAs (10) Vs Lino Pugliese - Split EP (Vinyl) from the line pressure regulator to each outlet shall be determined using the length of piping from the regulator to the most remote outlet served by the regulator. Using Schedule 40 Metallic Pipe and Natural Gas, where inlet pressure [at the appliance] must be less than 2 psi, the pressure drop in the system must be no less than 0.

The codes I cite give detailed tables of pipe types, diameters, lengths, and the pipe's capacity to deliver some number of cubic feet of gas per hour. Take a look at your own appliances to see their requirements. Or you can look up typical appliance BTUH requirements in the documents we've cited. The design pressure loss in any piping system under maximum probable flow conditions, from the point of delivery to the inlet connection of the appliance, shall be such that the supply pressure at the appliance is greater than or equal to the minimum pressure required by appliance.

Exception:Manufactured and listed gas trains provided with the appliance may be threaded. All gas distribution piping operating at a pressure above 5 psig All welding of gas distribution piping shall be subject to special inspection as set forth in Section All piping 4 inches mm and greater operating at pressure exceeding 5 psig Material not covered by the standards specifications listed herein shall be investigated and tested to determine that it is safe and suitable for the proposed service, and, Agogo - gAs (10) Vs Lino Pugliese - Split EP (Vinyl) addition, shall be recommended for that service by the manufacturer subject to approval by the commissioner.

Carbon steel and wrought-iron pipe shall be at least of standard weight and shall comply with one of the following standards ASME B ASTM A Watch out : There are life safety hazards involved when fooling with gas piping and appliances.

A common operating pressure for natural gas appliances is around 7 inches of water column WC or re-stating this in equivalent measure, that's A common operating pressure for liquid petroleum or LP gas appliance is 10" - 11" of water column WC or re-stating this in equivalent measures, that's I was very clear regarding what I was going to use.

I was standing right next to the pipe and pointing to them. Either he is overly cautious or had no idea what he was doing. He did confirm that he was a plumber. Any thoughts on the plan. I also wanted to note that all connections would have PTFE gas rated tape. I do know that the flared heads do not require tape. Thanks for your help!

Black iron pipe is the traditional and correct plumbing material for LPG and Natural gas. Here is what the Home Depot link says Strong and durable black steel pipes a.

Black Iron, Black Malleable are used to transport natural and propane gas from the street or a tank to the home. Good for fire sprinkler systems because of heat resistance.

Hub-and-spigot cast iron pipes should be installed by professionals. I'm looking to build an unusual charcoal grill with a propane starter. I've done some research and scoured the web for information. At this point, I know enough to be dangerous and by no means an expert why I'm asking here. I went to the Home Depot plumbing department for some information.

When I explained that I was thinking of using black pipe for the starter, the representative almost had a heart attack, berated me, told me that I would end up on the news for blowing myself up. I was simply trying to get some information and he refused to help and he told his associate to not talk to me because it could be a lawsuit. My question is, is it safe to use schedule 40 black pipe as a propane burner?

I was also wondering if the attached image of my plan would be viable or too dangerous to try. As a charcoal starter, it would only be used for minutes max. Is that too long and melt the pipe? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Jim P. What's really funny is that the Home Depot website states that black pipe can be used for LP delivery. Sam I don't know the expertise of the person who advised you that individual appliance regulators are not needed, but my view is the safest and best approach is to check with the manufcturer of the specific equipment by brand and model, or if you have the installation and operation manual for your fryers start there.

In my experience appliances expect their own local regulator and the manual writers assume one will be provided if it is not already an integral part of the appliance. Here is an excerpt from a commercial fryer installation manual: To adjust the pressure, remove the regulator adjustment screw cover see the Gas Valve illustration.

Remove the cover cap, Agogo - gAs (10) Vs Lino Pugliese - Split EP (Vinyl). Use a flat tip screwdriver to adjust the screw until the correct Agogo - gAs (10) Vs Lino Pugliese - Split EP (Vinyl) is reached. Hi mod, I'm sorry it is black iron pipe not galvanized sorry. Normally each appliance has its own gas regulator. I am installing two fryers a flat top and a steam table. It's in the way. I'm wondering if I could use one of those boxes for this application.

Below the cap has been removed by unscrewing it from the regulator body. Close-up photos follow. Typically the conversion between fuels requires simply the rotation, inversion, or adjustment of parts already present on the gas appliance. From left to right in the sketch below: an oven burner control internal part is rotated to convert between LP or Natural gas. At second from left the stove top gas burner air shutter position is adjusted.

At below right, a component inside the gas regulator is inverted. Watch out : The sketches above, adapted from a U. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for converting your appliance between LP gas and Natural Gas. Improper adjustment or modification of gas fired appliances can be dangerous and may result in fire or even death from gas leaks.

Below we will show how a different type of gas regulator cap is converted between fuels not by rotating a part but by pulling off and flipping it over. Below we illustrate these steps in photographs for the Bosch gas cooktop. The cooktop is delivered from the factory set up to be connected to natural gas.

We show the conversion of the cooktop from natural gas TO LP or propane gas. At above left you see the gas regulator cap with the plastic plug in position to use natural gas. This is the gas regulator cap as it was removed from the regulator. You need to examine it with more care to see how it has been set up. We see that the letters "NAT" are shown upside down if the cap is held with its outer surface "down".

This is the "natural gas" position as the regulator is delivered from the factory. At above right we've removed the green plastic plug by gently wiggling it side to side and pulling it off of the cap. At above left you see the gas regulator cap with the plastic plug flipped "over" degrees and pushed back into the cap in the proper position to use LP gas: the letters "LP" are upside down and the larger diameter disc is visible.

At above right we have reassembled the regulator cap back onto the regulator, taking care not to strip the threads of the aluminum parts. The cap should be tightened snugly but don't use too much force or you may damage it. We marked this regulator as "LP" to indicate that it's ready for use in connection to a LPG or propane gas supply. Gas pressure regulators used in several home appliances may be similar, but as we warn above, be sure to find and obtain the precise instructions from the manufacturer of your own appliance brand, model, and serial number in order to be safe.

On - by mod - use compression fittings on gas piping? They are intended for water piping. Let me know if I've misunderstood.

Stu Thanks for an interesting question. I speculate that the engineers who wrote the specs for yourBTUh tankless LPG water heater may have been thinking this: It's true that the regulator "regulates" gas input right at each gas burning appliance.

But IF the supply piping TO the various appliances is too small, and IF one of the appliances is a big gas user compared to the others, THEN when that big user is running it may reduce the pressure and flow in the gas supply piping to the other devices so much that it falls below the input pressure that those appliances want to feel.

So they're trying to be sure that all of the gas piping is big enough that the flow rate through the system isn't constricted and that pressure doesn't drop too far when the LPG water heater is hogging all the supply. You want this! Whidbey Island. Bought it for the HotmaxBTU burner.

I left the original 10 foot hose and just pulled off the tank adapter. Attached the 2 hoses together and put the tank adapter back on the 25foot hose. Works great! You can set the tank down and move around; a lot! Easy to use and works like a charm. A big time saver. Had plumber tap into my home gas connection and install a shutoff. I ran the flex line between the joists and through the Agogo - gAs (10) Vs Lino Pugliese - Split EP (Vinyl) wall, then buried it along the foundation to the chase 60 feet away.

Once the fireplace installers were ready, I had limited time to cut the flex,attach the coupling and connect to the fireplace, so not having mistakes or problems was critical. Once connections were made and the gas turned back on, I was relieved that there were no issues, leaks or problems.

It was convenient, easy to use and saved me a bunch of time and money by being able to run the line myself. Excellent product. Cheaper than the yellow gas lines and they are quiet. Agogo - gAs (10) Vs Lino Pugliese - Split EP (Vinyl) for our fire pit.


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  1. The second difference is in the oxygen to gas ratio required for proper combustion. LPG requires an oxygen to gas ratio of approximately 25 to 1. Natural gas requires a ratio of around 10 to 1. To achieve this difference, LPG is typically provided in a smaller quantity but at a higher pressure, drawing more oxygen with it into the combustion Missing: Lino Pugliese.
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  7. Gas appliance orifice conversion: LP to Natural Gas appliance orifice or spud conversions or Natural Gas to LP fuel conversion procedures: How to remove the old and install the new properly-sized gas metering orifices or gas spuds at a gas fired appliance when converting between natural gas and propane or LPG. This article series explains the procedure for converting from LP gas or bottled gas Missing: Lino Pugliese.
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