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Quiet Whiskey - Big Tubba Mista - The Sting That’s Swing (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Quiet Whiskey - Big Tubba Mista - The Sting That’s Swing (CD, Album)
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Of course, in the comfort of your own home, you can enjoy whiskey on the rocks without the "rocks" ruining the flavor of your drink.

Keep a set of whiskey stones in the freezer and you'll get the cool liquid and clank of ice without suffering through a watered-down drink. There are no rules that say your days of downing shots have to end when you move out of the fraternity house.

In fact, there's nothing wrong with the occasional celebratory shooter. But the Three Wise Men is a whiskey shot that may make some serious whiskey connoisseurs clutch their pearls.

Considering that you're drinking a bourbon, a Tennessee whiskey, and a Scotch whisky all in one shot, you definitely aren't ordering this drink to experience the flavor of each distinct type of whiskey, and no self-respecting whiskey-drinker would combine these names into one absurd shooter. Plain and simple, you're ordering this drink to get drunk — and fast. And we all know that's just not a good look. If you really want to double-down on your embarrassing order, Spruce Eats recommends the Three Wise Men Go Hunting shot, an even stronger and more embarrassing variation which adds Wild Turkey to this already ridiculous concoction.

A whiskey sour is a perfectly respectable drink for a person who is just starting out on the bar scene. It's easy to order, easy for the bartender to make, and fairly easy to handle as long as you don't down too many. But if you're over 21, it's time to leave this drink in the past along with your bean bag chair and your shower caddy.

And if you do still order whiskey sours, it may be time to find a new go-to drink. As one bartender told the Times Free Pressany person who orders this sweet whiskey cocktail at the bar is definitely going to be judged as an inexperienced drinker, which could be pretty embarrassing for someone who is trying to play it cool.

Or maybe save the whiskey sours for when you're at home, and ask your favorite bartender to help you find something a little more sophisticated to order when you're out. When it comes to cocktails, it doesn't get much more classic than Jack and Coke. The time-honored cocktail is made by adding the cola of your choice to a glass with Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey on ice.

The drink, which gives you a nice buzz along with a bonus dose of caffeine, was the original Red Bull and vodka before the energy drink was even invented, as Cool Material noted. They also included this cocktail on its list of drinks that a person should never order after reaching the age of It just makes you look like you can't handle the whiskey on its own. Even if you don't believe you need to find a more adult drink, there is a reason to reconsider your order as you age.

While you may not be embarrassed to order Jack and Coke at the bar we admit, it does have a bit of a classic vibeyou may be embarrassed by some of the things you do if you have too many. Researchers at Brown University conducted a study which found that participants who drank bourbon were more intoxicated i.

And all that Coke addition does is make it easier for you to down a lot more Jack Daniel's than you would if you were drinking it straight. If you order an Alaska Duck Fart at a bar, you should expect that just about anyone — including your bartender — will never take you seriously ever again.

How could they? Because what self-respecting adult would order a drink that makes reference to intestinal gas? The sound the customer made after drinking the creamy cocktail for the first time is among the theories of how the drink got its silly name. Besides having a ridiculous name, the Alaska Duck Fart is a dieter's worst enemy. But in all honesty, if you aren't counting calories and you can manage to give the bartender your order out loud with a straight face, you are in for a tasty boozy treat.

The food blog, My Incredible Recipes calls the drink "amazing" and "probably the best drink I have ever had. If you're thinking about ordering an Album) Fashioned the next time you're out at your local dive bar, think again. For starters, the name sounds like something only your grandfather would drink, and ordering one makes you sound like you've been kidnapped by the late s, which is when a similar drink made with gin was first introduced.

According to Esquirethe traditional Old Fashioned recipe calls for bourbon or rye whiskey, bitters, a muddled sugar cube, and club soda. Grandfatherly tendencies aside, ordering an Old Fashioned at a bar that doesn't specifically have it on the menu may leave you on seriously bad terms with your bartender.

Making the perfect Old Fashioned — which is what you expect, of course — can be a lot of work, and could be seriously stressful for an already overworked bartender during the happy hour rush. And as Westword points out, bartenders are likely to give you some serious stink eye if you ask them to "make it the right way. Let's face it, the drink is called an Old Fashioned because no one going out to bars in this century should be asking for it.

Apple Jacks sounds more like something you would eat in a bowl while watching your favorite Saturday morning cartoons than a drink an adult would order at a bar. But, believe it or not, it is a real cocktail — and an embarrassing one at that. The cocktail is served over ic,e and is finished with an apple slice for garnish. No matter how amazing the apple juice flavor pairs with the caramel and spice notes of the whiskey, this is not a drink you want to order at your company's holiday party.

If you're not in kindergarten, you have no business drinking apple juice anymore. And mixing apple juice with whiskey just makes you look like a kindergartner who is trying to pretend to be a grown-up. If you're looking for a more grown-up whiskey cocktail, try a mint julep instead. Let's get one thing straight: Ordering a drink named after drug paraphernalia is the opposite of cool. Which is why you should definitely be embarrassed to go into a bar and ask for a crack pipe shot.

But apparently, someone out there is doing it — and they should be embarrassed. According to Tipsy Bartenderthe crack pipe shot is actually a real thing that you can ask for by name. The shot is made with equal parts Wild Turkey, Rumple Minze, and proof rum — and as the name implies, all that is going to hit you pretty hard. It doesn't even bother adding fruit juice or soda to make it go down smoother, probably because there's not much that can make that happen for this one.

From my experience, Early Times will make you regrettably ill. Or maybe just mint juleps in general. Or maybe just Derby hats. While many people would consider sullying a decent whiskey with an intruder liquid to be a crime against humanity… to each her own!

You do yo ur mixer. Knob Creek is the best best whiskey. You can taste the oak barrel, you guys. Also Glenfiddich is quite nice. I go with three ice cubes in a mason jar or —! Probably the easiest way to drink whiskey is with ginger ale or even just a tiny squeeze of a lime, which will be kinda weird but will work in a real pinch.

Are you in Tennessee? Chase Jack with SunDrop. What do you think? Did we miss a whiskey? Do you sometimes call it schwiskey? Please share your whiskey feelings in the comments! Mint julep was one of the first drinks I ever tasted. And when my granddad passed away, my sister and I made whiskey sours his favorite drink in his honor and drank them out of nalgene bottles at his burial. Side note: I believe strongly that you should never, ever use sour mix.

Lemons and sugar are pretty easy to come by, and they taste so much better than mix. I think how you choose to prepare your whiskey sour depends on the whiskey. Try honey whiskey Wild Turkey with grapefruit juice. Not to be creepy, but I know now almost exactly where your family used to live. Or the general area, at least.

Most of my family is from KY as well and we have a yearly reunion that is conveniently located so that between Indy home and there, we pass at least 5 major distilleries. I think you have to get it on draft. The local tavern in Bardstown serves it with some pretty excellent fried green tomatoes, if you meaning, other people are ever in the area. My absolute favourite is Talisker, for its very distinguished smokey taste. It feels like you're drinking liquid smoke, in the best possible way you'd ever want to drink smoke.

The best non-alcoholic way of drinking smoke is lapsang souchong tea, by the way. That's the taste of the best campfire in the world in a tea leaf. To me, drinking Talisker feels like drinking something magical, for it has such an out of this world special taste. My cheap go to whiskey is Jameson. But even Jameson is pretty proper. More neutral, less scary than Talisker. As a person who perfers to drink her whisky straight up, cheap whiskey for me is not really worth it.

I'd rather just invest 40 dollar on a bottle of proper stuff at some point and use it sparsely. It's worth it. Yes, even if these drunk imbeciles are your friends. They will thank you for saving the Nice Whisky for Proper Occasions. Talisker is my very fave with Laphroiag coming a close second. I have to say, I hide the good stuff when I have friends over — they would only try to put Pepsi Max in it. I love them, but it just pains me too dang much. I think you may enjoy them if you enjoy both Laphroiag and Talisker.

But the sea-peat is what makes Laphroiag magic! I love it. I was in my regular today, and I drank Laphroiag and had to think of you, Lottie. Consider it the next best thing. Have you had Talisker 57 North? My favourite whisky hands down. No, that person was really, really not me. In fact, reading back that comment of mine, it sounded rather rude to ask. So sorry for the impoliteness on my side. Maybe it was just you… Did anyone else say it taste like nipple??

Also, I really like Jameson, but I once had a Dalwhinnie 15 at a scotch bar and it was possibly the best thing ever. Whiskey in more than small quantities tends to upset my stomach again, corn allergy? I was hoping someone would mention Red Stag! It pretty much WAS Benelyn. However I generally go for Scotch or Irish Whiskey.

Being welsh I also like stuff like Penderyn, not quite as strong as most scotch so easy to drink. Essentially, every single good cocktail uses Angostura bitters. And bitters bottles are just so lovely. I bought a bottle of orange bitters last year.

Very awesome and, when used in minute quantities, make a good addition to desserts dark chocolate esp. The year lifespan thing is no joke. Bitters bottles always have pretty rad package design, particularly since they come wrapped in paper. I hope my friends can enjoy cocktails made with my bitters at my wake. I hope, at my wake, my friends can enjoy cocktails made with my bitters. I am interpreting this advice as coming from Betty Draper Album) a gun, which makes me extra likely to take said advice.

This article could not have come at a better time. Because vodka is just… blegh. I hail from the land of Bushmills been to the distillery and allso I might try starting off with that. That and the fact that I have a bottle of it lying around, a gift. And yes, Quiet Whiskey - Big Tubba Mista - The Sting That’s Swing (CD, get yourself some bitters, lady! Ooh, I deeply want one of those giant-cube trays, all my favorite fancy cocktail places use the giant cubes.

You can also just keep a glass in the freezer, which will chill your drink nicely and will not force you to buy any rocks. Well, granite shit, but still. Very wrong. I would never complain if a friend gave me a drink of water in an opaque cup.

On the contrary, I would thank the friend for being kind. But, whiskey is gorgeous and golden and warm; it looks like cooling fire. I believe there may exist some words in Gaelic that specifically denote whiskey as fire-colored.

Whiskey Stones ruin the beautiful swirls of smoke-like melting water and whiskey. Besides, many generations of noble and not-so-noble whiskey drinkers have managed to drink their whiskey at optimum temperatures with simple water or an ice cube or, gasp, two. I do have an ancient ice-tray that makes huge, square ice cubes and one of them is perfect for a single drink of whiskey.

Aesthetics Bitch awards Whiskey Stones a big fail. Also, Whiskey Stones? Fer fuckssake! The first association I made was with kidney stones and bladder stones.

I thought it was some kind of new bladder disease that whiskey drinkers were developing. Oh my gosh, I have so many feelings about whiskey. You cannot go wrong with Old Overholt. I strongly recommend not putting ice in good whiskey. Good scotch on the rocks will taste very similar to cheap scotch on the rocks.

So either stay cheap and iced, or just use a little water to cut the alcohol. If drinking whisky Scotchice should not even look at the dram. I used to be able to see Kentucky from my house, so I am a committed whiskey drinker. But I have to admit, the best cheap whiskey is Tennessee bourbon. In rare whiskies, I love the Breton whisky Eddu. Some Japanese ones are quite good as well. Agree completely. Do you have a particular favourite?

I personally would like to salute you for being the person who caused me to open a bottle of rye whiskey at 11 in the morning. Just to sniff it, I swear. Deadly, that shit. I was at a Purim party trashed on Manischewitz and kept having shots of Famous Grouse passed to me while we celebrated life, health and all good things.

As far as single malts go I love Talisker and Macallan whisky. Macallan, yes definitely! That brings back memories. I was going to treat myself to a bottle after my exams in two weeks.

Yeah, the Maccallan. Horseshoe bar, old stevedores male and female- think Leslie Feinberg with amazing stories of working the now long-vanished docks, well drinks for all. It also has a ladies darts night and from 3.

But Macallan, yes. Glenfiddich is okay as well. Had more than a few excellent drams at the Machar. Great pub. I went to Bourbon County High School. If you really are not a whiskey person, the Ward 8 is one of those drinks that goes pretty far to disguising the taste.

My mom used to drink Ward 8s all the time. All of the feelings about this. Maybe here:. I tend to drink my whisky straight. Variety is the spice of life. I like to keep a good array of whisky in my home. The most important thing to note about the above picture: most of the bottles are at least half-empty.

Drink that shit. Picture fail…try this? At first I really thought you had special shelves to store your whiskey bottles upside down, and assumed it must be an important aspect of whiskey appreciation. Is that…a pumpkin whiskey of some sort? I had no idea such things exist and now I need to know more. They get pumpkin beer from a local brewer and then distill it like whisky. When rifling through the alcohol cabinet at home over Christmas, looking for things to put in the Christmas cake, I found out my dad has a bottle of Southern Comfort.

All I know is I had a whole shot of whisky spelled like a Canadian once and it was very unpleasant. Hats off to those who can somehow enjoy it. Good grief, that is no way to drink whisky! And two glasses. I lean a bit more towards scotch Glenfiddich holla. I got a bottle from a friend for the holidays. After trying it, I now declare him to be a very, very good friend indeed.

I love Eagle Rare. Also, for cheaper I think? In Kansas, we like Kentucky Deluxe with our bluegrass. Straight out of the homewrecker, sometimes with pickle juice chasers. I was going to try conditioning myself with a shot of some leftover Bells every day for a month, but I recoiled too much just from the smell of it to get very far.

Purists will despair, but for mysterious reasons I ended up mixing it with Cheerwine, which made for very quaffable cherry-flavoured rocket fuel. When I get the opportunity to restock my cocktail supplies, I am thinking of using bourbon and cherry liqueur as a base for some kind of black forest concoction. Whisky seems to be a lot more expensive than other spirits in the UK; if anyone has any amazing bargain booze recommendations, I am all ears!

I cannot say this enough. It is not Album) real whisky. Unfortch, we Brits have to fork out rather significantly for the decent stuff. Which is why I tend to stick to Jamesons, especially when Sainsburys has it on offer. On the other hand, the black forest concoction sounds like it has potential. Jesus, Cheerwine?! I could have sworn I saw that somewhere….

Bells has to be the scotch i drink the most — not necessarily the best — but with a glass full of ice and a splash of coke, goes down a treat. And best whisky drink by the pitcher: — whisky -disarano — coke — ice n slice. And the infamous hot toddy — whisky, honey, lemon, sugar, cinamon stick and hot water. You have to find your own balance with this one.

For me its — double whisky, juice of a full lemon, two teaspoons of sugar and the teeniest bit of honey with a blob of syrup. It also makes me want to post you a huge box of better whisky so I can defend that much better things come out of Scotland. Bushmills all the way. And for something WAY out there, Suntory yamazaki. And always two sips before actually drinking it. I also like Lagavulin. I got to try Johnny Blue once and it was amazing. So delicious. A bartender I once worked with created the Sweet Lou named after herself which is a shot of Jamo or Jack with a splash of Kahluah, chilled.

I get really offended when bar tenders attempt to make a Manhattan with Makers. As far as scotch goes, Johnny Walker Red or Dewars with soda, or Johnny gold-through-blue skip the black, red is better with one large ice cube…. My new favorite Whiskey to drink on the rocks is Old Crow Reserve. I understand how many will get The Fear after hearing the Old Crow part, but the reserve is super smooth and super tasty. Yeah, people who are calling Jameson cheap whiskey are not in the same budget I am.

Or just have a different booze budget. I like Jameson, I will drink it straight any day of the week. The idea of drinking whiskey does not appeal to me at all. It caused me to assess the contents and quality of our current at-home whiskey and scotch situation, which is more impressive than usual due to recent holiday acquisitions:.

So, we first had Pappy year in Cambridge with friends last April — a lovely place, Hungry Mother — and it was kind of unforgettable. People have a hell of a time hunting bottles down, even Cask is out and has a waiting list that is surely twelve miles long. Hungry mother? Oh yeah, I know that place. Good times. Wait, what girl have you been hanging out with that has whiskey flavored nipples and what is her phone number?

I drink so much lovely vanilla oak Woodford Reserve that my flat supersensitive nipples taste that good! And you can find me on okc, name of JenniferAnniston. I miss that bourbon. Laneia, I also drink my whisky with three ice cubes in a mason jar! I feel like the specificity of this similarity is pretty awesome. Yes, that beer is delicious! Thank you for bringing it up, it definitely has a place in this whiskey post.

Brewed inside oak bourbon barrels, it tastes like buttery smoke melting on your tongue. But if you are already going the bourbon route, why not choose something in that price range that tastes a little better… like, anything?

This is the reason why I grow only one thing in the garden — mint. But thank you for all the handy suggestions about other things to try! Good in a shot glass with an orange juice chaser. This reminds me of the short vacation I had on Helgoland, a taxfree rocky German North Sea Island a couple of hours off the German coast. It gets boatloads of daytrippers and they all go for the cheap booze.

I scored points with the saleslady when I bought an expensive whisky, honestly I forgot which one from Scotland it was. I scored more points with my father when I gave it to him, he really likes the stuff. According to my mom he hoarded the bottle and did not share with anyone…. A glass of wine with dinner is ok too. I like Jameson, all day, erry day. In fact, Jameson has a bit of a citrus-y taste to it that makes it go splendidly with the lemon juice.

And of course, never use sour mix. It tastes like Quiet Whiskey - Big Tubba Mista - The Sting That’s Swing (CD cleaner. I will, however, buy bottles of simple syrup because even though its extremely easy to make, the homespun stuff does go bad. For a great Speyside Scotch, go with Cragganmore with a couple of drops of water. So smooth, yet so complex. I am suitably shamed. Basically the only awesome thing that came out of long adolescent stint in small-town Kentucky is my love, and I mean LOVE, of bourbon whiskey.

I am a whiskey girl though and through. Completely seconding the love for Old Overholt. Super cheap, super tasty. Just go to a really excellent bar with a really excellent bartender and have them make them for you.

I like Jameson for mixed drinks. Also I was bought up with Crown on the rocks as an after dinner drink, so I like that too. For group shots, there is no shame in the cheap stuff. Or that one time I drank so many doubles and Coke at the drag show. That was fun…. I would like to thank Laneia for bringing up Evan Williams.

But still. I will praise Evan Williams though to the grave because it was really cheap, and I was genuinely surprised at the taste of it. My goal is to try all of them. I love some scotch, myself.

It dulls the flavor and dilutes the drink, destroying it. An experiment: Break a chocolate bar in half and put one half in the fridge and leave the other half on the counter. Come back in a while and taste both side by side. The one at room temp will be nice and tasty and the cold one will taste like a brick of wax. I think someone else mentioned Glenmorangie. Glenmorangie is definitely a good whisky to try if you want to get into it. Its not to expensive and tastes like flowers and toffee candy.

Also delicious as a hot toddy with hot water and lemon.


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  3. May 01,  · Instead of adding normal-sized ice cubes, I prefer using big cubes or spheres. With less surface area, they melt slower. So your whiskey gets chilled, but less watered down than if using regular ice cubes. There are also whiskey stones, but in my experience, they don’t actually work all that well at chilling the whiskey to the temperature I like.
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