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Re-Make/Re-Model - Roxy Music - On The Road Live (DVD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Re-Make/Re-Model - Roxy Music - On The Road Live (DVD)
Label: ILC Entertainment - DVD 2390 • Format: DVD DVD-Video, PAL • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Art Rock

Alternate session versions are offered for every album track, plus their first single, Virginia Plain. The original album is presented in the Bob Ludwig master, while the remainder of the audio has been mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road.

The box set also contains a page book featuring many rare and previously unpublished photographs, and an essay by aforementioned Guardian journalist and author Richard Williams, the man who first wrote about the group in Melody Maker in The place where we exchanged ideas and dreams freely and created and explored a new sound landscape.

I wasn't used to this type of line-up, I was used to being in guitar-based bands but always wanted to broaden my horizons and here was my chance. Add Genre. Add Styles. Add Moods. Add Themes. The opening track on Roxy Music's eponymous debut album is also one of the most bizarre love songs ever written. Opening with the building rumble of a distant party, it explodes into life on freak guitar and freakier electronics, while Bryan Ferry half-sings, half-machine-guns an ode to "the sweetest queen I've ever seen" -- a young lady whose name, oddly enough, is an early '70s British automobile license plate, CPL H.

The LP version replicates this phenomenal finale over close to three minutes of the song's nearly six-minute running time. A shorter, and somewhat less dramatic re-recording by Ferry alone was included on his Chance Meeting collection.

AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Yeah, Tracey, the price is good.

However, I never know if customs intervene. Interesting how this is all panning out! Funny old world …. I preordered it on Amazon.

But my preorder, for the moment, still valid at the lower price…. I replied that perhaps there is a miscommunication somewhere in the Universal distribution chain confusing the signed print price plus the deluxe set vs.

What is going on? Paul, if there is any chance you can get Universal to understand there is interest in this boxset if it is actually priced at a sane price like the JT releases which are packed with even more music goodies than this RM release and come with nice booklets as well. Its to bad they will be losing many sales from fans that would actually want to buy this set but not at the inflated price they are asking.

Love the album. It must be that page book. Universal makes the Wall Street crowd seem like vestal virgins in comparison. Perhaps in that page book are some Enron stock certificates. I also got a cancellation email from Kroese. However instead of considering legal action surely it is best to just be disappointed and let Kroese live to fight another day.

Surely our ire should be aimed solely at them? Luckily he gets eaten. Tot onze spijt moeten we melden dat uw bestelling van de Roxy Music Super Deluxe Box komt te vervallen.

Wij hebben van onze leverancier een verkeerde inkoopprijs doorgekregen en kunnen de box tot onze spijt niet voor Onze welgemeende excuses hiervoor. Uw geld wordt zo snel mogelijk teruggestort. In short, translation: Unfortunately we cannot deliver the box at the price of 55 euros. The supplier had given the wrong retail price, so the order has been cancelled and the money will be returned.

Due to a mistake made by the recordcompany our price was far, far to low. Therefore I have had to cancell toy order. I got my cancellation from Kroese too. Under Dutch law they must fulfill the agreement. Disappointed to see the Roxy machine milking fans yet again.

This has been going on for a while with reissue sfter reissue in different formats. All leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I wonder how much the whole package cost to produce.

So, who set the price and why? At least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask when he robbed people! For Kauwgompie: Fair point about economies of scale etc but that only applies to some purchases — yes bread, not houses cheaper to build now or cars massive production due to technology or watches or taxi or train fares in the uk! Also recordings by Roxy involve a bit more creative input than the cotton wool masquerading as a lot of bread these days.

Oh yeah cotton wool!! Good times. You have eloquently explained how a bit of patience will usually result in vastly reduced prices. Also there is the aspect of what is it worth to people? The old argument of no one is forcing people to buy it will always hold true.

Has there been any official statement from either Mr. Ferry or the record company over the pricing and content omissions? My guess is that someone, somewhere sent out a wrong dealer price and these retailers worked out their retail prices accordingly. So no withdrawal of the order I placed earlier. The problem with these box sets being so extortionate is that there is obviously a demand for these even at these silly prices.

If everybody here or elsewhere who are complaining about the prices stuck to their guns and refused to buy this then maybe the record companies would get the message but then you just know that is not going to Re-Make/Re-Model - Roxy Music - On The Road Live (DVD).

That forthcoming reissue by Jethro Tull puts this to shame in a very big way as just an example. I honestly thought that Human League box was taking the piss but this is beyond belief.

I fear that these types of sets will go up and up and up unless people just say no. I mean, look at that Hotel California box set. Yeah, they are canceling the orders they got at the lower price — I got my email from them this morning. I ordered the signed version from the Roxy site but would have cancelled that if Kroese came through. A complete miss for me. Whilst it is great that artists like Jethro Tull charge 30 odd quid for 5 discs, when someone else charges a price that sends you apeshit for an item which is most definitely Super Deluxe Art put the cost into an inflation calculator……you may be surprised.

Please explain. Probably the first. Completely agree with what Richard Harris has said. Shame on you Bryan. Are they really trying to tell us that after 18 years they are unable to improve on the quality of the remaster already on sale? Thanks Paul for your Poxy Music article. But look at how many affordable box sets we have. And if a box is too expensive, just wait a few months and you almost always pay a lot less. I always keep track of prices of boxsets after I buy them, out of general interest and also to see where I went wrong if so.

In general I always find that the sooner I buy a box set after its releasethe more I screw myself. Not just at the moment but even months and years later. The actual amount of audio and video-content i, Re-Make/Re-Model - Roxy Music - On The Road Live (DVD). The point is that the pricing of these boxes seem to be totally random and not based on what is actually being delivered.

Coldplay could be fetched for 15 euros for the standard CD-format whilst the latest from Maroon 5 would cost me 45 euros for the standard issue?

Just saying. I ordered a copy of the Super Deluxe Re-Make/Re-Model - Roxy Music - On The Road Live (DVD) CD and book box set…. I adore Roxy and Bryan — but this is just taking the Micky. Bring the price down drastically and I will definitely buy a box set. I have to agree. Stupid pricing. Get people salivating at the product, put it on for an expensive though wildly fluctuating price, drop the product from sale, then re-introduce it for sale just when people are getting really annoyed!

Or something, I must check with my friend Ross who works in marketing. Sorry, but this price is much too high. I have a lot of expensive compilations, but meanwhile the prices are growing higher and higher. Hi Paul, I ordered this from the Dutch Platomania website yesterday, so was interested to read your update this morning saying they have now removed it from their site. Out of interest, are they still legally obliged to honour any orders that they took before removing it?

Plato a chain of record stores in NL including Concerto, Amsterdam one of the best record stores in Europe if not the world is very reliable. Re-Make/Re-Model - Roxy Music - On The Road Live (DVD) expect them to honour the order, especially now other Dutch online stores are offering the set for even less see other replies. They have done so with me recently when they mispriced a new release.

Kroese the other dutch retailer from where I purchased this box online has only put a reservation on my cc for the item bought there. Item is not available anymore. The webshop had charged my credit card already. I have the same complaint with uDiscover UK.

They have great prices on some box sets I want. However, when you see the shipping costs added up to send it to the US I almost filled my shorts. They are charging in pounds 1. Some box sets have five discs in them. I had six items in my shopping cart two weeks ago, all box sets.

I emptied the shopping cart right there. If the retailers cannot get a uniformed pricing and shipping costs some are going to go out of business. Let the good ones succeed and the overpriced Bozos close up shop. Ordered in Canada with shipping-at a decent price not cheap but not silly - prices have been so silly!

As somebody else has already stated, kroese-online. According to scamadviser. As a dutchman I can confirm that Kroese is a trustworthy retailer. They have two physical stores in the eastern part of the country and certainly in that area are for decades considered to be THE place to be when shopping music. Rip off prices. They have canceled orders previously. How can you release it Re-Make/Re-Model - Roxy Music - On The Road Live (DVD) then post this notification?

So not only did BF think the price of the box set up, but he thought of doing Andy out of a few bob as well? Get a grip. Excellent right-up Paul on the varying price differences and the lack of customer respect by record company. Nearly bought the limited signed version for my wife, who is a big Roxy fan, until I saw the price — not worth it. Would be buyers will become alienated if companies seek to exploit in this fashion and pricing like this continues.

For a book? Bearing in mind too the recent issues regarding the David Bowie reissues and the outlook appears pretty bleak unless you like your audio served up in virtual reality concert mode so perhaps we should eagerly await the bootlegs of virtual Dio and Abba gigs.

What am I really getting beyond 4 cds in the box? Bad luck for the Americans this time then. Total bonkers prices point. It will end up half the price in about 6 months, I can wait for the price to be more acceptable. And they do ship abroad! However they seemed to have pulled the Roxy Music super deluxe.

Thanks Andy! I decided to go with Kroese-Online at the price you quoted, as it was cheaper than Amazon. Paul do you know what the difference if there is a difference in the new vinyl and the one released earlier this year?

Is it that Bryan Ferry thinks his fans are wealthier? Also, will the other albums follow in terms of sequence and format? Could be very pricey to collect the lot. What makes this so bloody special that they can fleece fans with prices like that this? No wonder people download stuff illegally this is just encouraging it.

I wish they would do them as a stand alone. As far as I know these are complete. My comment from yesterday is still awaiting moderation but I guess it wasnt that interesting…. Check out Platomania in The Netherlands. Selling the box for Eur 55!!!!

The first bit is a fact, the second is your opinion. The fact that someone here is having to explain why a signed item is more desirable, is frankly ridiculous.

Why would anyone want a copy of Sgt Pepper signed by all the Beatles. Gimme a break…. I find autographs meaningless. Just my opinion! Well said Charles. You want to spend some money at more deserving labels or releases?

The early Pere Ubu albums I think were influenced by early Roxy. Do we really need this in our lives when we properly all have this in numerous formats already? I guess they had to squeeze everything on to a single disc. Wonder when For Your Pleasure will be out. When this was first announced over 3 years ago Phil Manzanera said the first two albums were ready for the box set treatments.

Start saving now. Less than half compared to other prices. Is more like it. But will still not buy at that price.

I would love to know how they came up with the price. Had to be donewas told by my other half buying me for my birthday. The signed version is now sold out. So they sold at least For the die hard fans. So even at that price, the signed copies flew off the shelves. The super deluxe set of Roxy Music looks lovely, but if record companies keep putting these super high price tags on desirable deluxe packages, all music enthusiasts like myself will be broke before we reach retirement age.

Sadly, I will have to be sensible and pass on this :. Thanks to all of you commenting here for brightening my evening. Some of your comments even made me laugh out loud while reading them. Oh, and late in the evening but i hope still in time my best wishes to our host Pauls birthday.

May he be around for much longer to provide us with information on priceworthy and not so priceworthy physical product and the occasional download.

Happy Birthday Paul. Had a long think about this today and finally paid for the signed print version. This is one of my favourite albums of all time and surely one of the best debut albums ever.

Looking forward to the For Your Pleasure and other albums hopefully at a cheaper price. Wonder if Eno will release his first four great albums in this format? I would love to know what ENO makes of this.

Went for the signed print version as I can frame that and get additional for your pleasure from that. Agree the price is ridiculous. With regards to the mixes and lossy 5. The 2CD set looks great too, but if I got it right the album is the very same version as the remaster, which I have, so no real point to buy this either. On a side note the remasters sound way better than the boxset versions, in my opinion.

I originally got the box with the intention of get rid of the CDs, but then I sold the box instead. The old saying springs to mind …….

It, however, also exposed some limitation of the the original source material and mix. The only way to improve on these editions is to remix. Why, oh why was the Wilson mix not included in this overpriced edition? I really consider the omission of the Wilson stereo mix a show-stopper.

At this price I cannot justify the purchase of this set. Despite the extra contents it pales in comparison to the Crimso, Tull or XTC sets … speaking of which, I still need that Black Sea to complement my collection, so that is where my budget will be spent. Does anyone else have this?

The title of the item omits that part. Anyone have any insights as to how I can secure? Thanks in advance. Geez, what blowback… And people say Roxy is forgotten. And all of it correct: No new Wilson stereo mix at either the CD or hi-rez level makes this box deficient, and the price defines this as a gyp. If I could get just the 5. Heartening to see a working-class lad making good.

Then proceeding to extract it big-time over comparable souls. The price of Brylcreem nowadays…. Adam, I do hear the quality between lossy DTS and 5. All in all, everybody perceives sound and music differently, simply because we do not have the same ears, brains and so on.

What matters is you can purchase what suits you better when the price tags is so high. When you are asked to pay premium, you expect premium, even if in the end the difference is minimal or impossible to ear. I like may have waited years for thishowever at that price and with lossy 5.


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  1. ROXY MUSIC. On The Road Live DVD. Opened But Unused. Excellent Condition. From a smoke and pet free home. Any questions please ask. eBay Marketplaces GmbH is an appointed representative of eBay International AG (both of Helvetiastraße , Bern, Switzerland) and is authorised by the FCA to conduct credit broking for a restricted range.
  2. Check out Re-Make/Re-Model by Roxy Music on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on luttrolterpmaslaystepovusletseipratin.coinfo
  3. Re-Make/Re-Model: Virginia Plain: Companies, etc. Recorded At – Manchester Apollo; Notes Filmed live at the Apollo Theatre, Manchester in Roxy Music: On The Road Live ‎ (DVD-V, RE) Wienerworld Presentation: WINRD CRVR Roxy Music: On The Road Live /5(8).
  4. Apr 12,  · This budget-priced DVD of Roxy Music's classic gig at the Manchester Apollo in , will certainly not disappoint you. Just under an hour's worth of some of Roxy's most powerful songs, with decent picture quality and surround sound will almost make you feel like you were up there in the mosh pit!Reviews: 5.
  5. Re-Make/Re-Model: Virginia Plain: Companies, etc. Filmed live at the Apollo Theatre, Manchester in Different cover to Roxy Music - On The Road Live. Barcode and Other Identifiers Barcode: ; Other Versions (5 of 10) View All. Cat# Artist Roxy Music: On The Road Live ‎ (DVD-V, RE) Wienerworld Presentation.
  6. The DVD includes promos and BBC TV appearances as well rare footage of Roxy at the Bataclan Club in Paris in November , the only surviving visual document of this line up live on stage. To round off the audio/visual elements of the set, lifetime admirer Steven Wilson has mixed the album into DTS 96/24 and Dolby AC3 Sound.
  7. Roxy Music – On The Road Live Roxy Music are an English art rock group formed in by art school graduate Bryan Ferry, who became the group’s vocalist and chief songwriter. They attained popular and critical success in the UK and Europe during the s and early s, beginning with their Top 10 debut album, Roxy Music ().
  8. Roxy Music play live at Manchester's Apollo Theatre with a line-up featuring four of the original band members: Bryan Ferry, Phil Manzanera, Andy McKay and Paul Thompson. Songs include 'Manifesto', 'Love is the Drug' and 'Virginia Plain'.

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