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Carpet cruises through the jungle until he hits a thick area of leaves and plants. The four of them hurl through them and end up on the other side of the plants.

Unfortunately, it's back where they started where Aladdin and Jasmine are. Jasmine is not very happy. Before Aladdin can say anything, Genie jumps in between Aladdin and Jasmine, who is plucking petals off her bouquet of flowers waiting for Aladdin's explanation. Jasmine sweetly shakes her head 'yes' and Genie starts creating things with his magic. He makes a 50s style dinner appear along with a pink Corvette for Aladdin and Jasmine to sit in. Order in! Two burning love birds sitting pretty on the spot track, and slim it with a moo freeze!

Iago, Carpet and Abu are shown working inside the diner. Iago is working the fryer, Carpet is flipping hamburgers, and Abu is making milk shakes. He adds a scoop of ice cream to a cup, and then places the cup under a machine. The pink liquid begins to over-flow out the cup and on to Abu. Aladdin and Jasmine are sitting in the pink Corvette outside the diner. Aladdin still looks worried. I mean, can't he just go "POOF"?

Genie gathers the food from the counter and skates over to the car. Aladdin rushes past him. Genie nods his head at Aladdin, but doesn't realize there is a rock on the ground. He trips and crashes into the front of the car. All the food falls on top of him afterwards. Aladdin is at the counter with Abu. Aladdin runs off into the jungle to search for the treasure. He comes to a clearing with a giant crater like hole in the center of the area.

Beams of light are seen shining through the clouds above. They join together and hit the giant hole in the cleared area.

After a few moments, something takes form and it turns out to be a giant glass room. Inside is the treasure. Meanwhile, Jasmine is still in the Corvette sipping on a drink through a straw. After drinking all of it, she crunches the empty cup with her fist and gets out of the car.

When she closes the door, the car vanishes. Genie and Carpet make innocent gestures as Iago walks past them towards Jasmine ranting. Before Iago could finish, Genie zapped him and put him into an old purple sock.

Genie gathered up the sock like it was a bag. The jackal from earlier is now on the ledge above Aladdin and Abu. Aladdin tries to open the glass room by pulling a giant ring, but it won't open. Abu notices the jackal inching down towards them and panics. He climbs onto Aladdin's head and covers his eyes. Aladdin continues to tug on the giant ring until it finally opens. A huge gust of wind follows. Aladdin finally opens his eyes after Abu lets go and he is no longer tugging on the ring, Moonlight Madness.

Looking into the reflection of the glass room, he realizes something is behind him. Aladdin turns around to see the jackal. It lunges towards him, but Aladdin dodges it and the jackal knocks itself out upon hitting the glass room.

Aladdin makes a break for it back the way he came. He has some trouble getting back up to the area because it is a rather steep climb. The jackal awakens and goes after Aladdin who is still struggling to climb up to safety, but eventually makes it to the top as the jackal lunges towards him again and misses.

The jackal hits its head and falls back down into the area giving Aladdin and Abu just enough time to secure an escape. Now at the top of the clearing and in the jungle, Abu runs away and Aladdin climbs a near-by tree as the jackal is seen climbing over the ledge and making Moonlight Madness way over to the area where Aladdin is. It runs towards the tree Aladdin is in, but doesn't make it in time to catch him. Angry, the jackal attempts to climb the tree, but slips here and there.

Moonlight Madness is also slipping further down the tree here and there, but eventually catches hold of a tree limb and climbs on top of it.

Abu watches in panic down below. Aladdin inches his way outward onto the limb as the jackal has now caught up with him and makes its way out onto the limb Aladdin is on, too.

Jasmine's voice is heard below. The weight of both Aladdin and the jackal on the tree limb proves to be too much, and begins to break. The jackal is almost at Aladdin when the limb breaks completely from the tree and the two of them plummet to the bottom. Some clouds eclipse the moon again, and Jasmine is down below searching for Aladdin, unaware of any of the danger he was just in. She searches around some more until she comes to find him sitting on the ground of the jungle with the woman from earlier in his arms.

Aladdin looks to his side and notices that the woman is in his arms. He looks just as surprised as Jasmine is. Abu looks on from a distance. The woman gets up and runs away as Jasmine approaches them. Aladdin gets up quickly. See, there was this beast! I saw her! She was beautiful! You've been sneaking away with her all night. Realizing that he probably worded that wrong, and that Jasmine took it exactly that wrong way, she storms off even more angry and Aladdin chases after her.

Genie appears in front of Aladdin, who bounces off Genie's stomach and gets knocked to the ground where Carpet, Iago and Abu are now standing. Aladdin gives Genie an annoyed face as Genie smiles sheepishly at him. He points to some foot prints on a path I bet it's that treasure stealing girl in the nightie. Abu examines the foot prints and gets excited about something as he points in the direction the foot prints are going. The gang follows the foot prints and realizes that they evolve from human foot prints to animal paws.

The woman is shown running through the jungle as Jasmine tries to find where she ran off to. Jasmine looks to the left of a tree, but the woman behind it escapes to the right of the tree. Jasmine notices and chases after her, grabbing the woman's wrist and that causes her to stumble to the ground. The woman is on the ground begging to Jasmine. The clouds begin to part behind Jasmine and the moon is revealed again.

The woman scoots back into a corner of the jungle trying to cover herself out of fear. Jasmine watches in horror as the woman begins to transform. Her hands match the paw prints from earlier. The woman is Moonlight Madness in a partial transformation.

She has retained her human form, but her face and body is beginning to morph. Some clouds start to cover the moon again, and the woman is turned back to normal, but is still cowering in fear. In the light of the full moon, I The clouds reveal the moon once more and the woman begins to morph.

Jasmine screams and tries to run away, but trips to the ground. Now the jackal has taken full form and begins to go after her. Right as the jackal lunges for Jasmine, Aladdin pushes it out of the way. Now on top of the jackal, Aladdin tries to fight it. Genie is off-screen making a whistling noise. He is holding a little chew toy.

Here, boy! The jackal charges towards the rest of the gang while Aladdin tries frantically to hold on to the jackal. The gang moves out of the way when the jackal comes towards them.

It continues to run until it makes an abrupt turn that causes Aladdin to fly off its back. Genie holds up the chew toy for the jackal to come get, but doesn't realize how close the jackal really is. The next thing he knows, he's being hauled off by his smoke trail in the jackal's mouth. Genie tries to grab it out of the jackal's mouth, but does not succeed. The jackal flings Genie around by his tail and spits him out towards a tree.

Genie circles a branch a few times before rolling himself completely on to it. The jackal grabs a piece of Genie that's hanging from the tree and begins to unravels him. Genie's hand catches hold of the branch before he was completely unraveled, and Genie hits the jackal with a newspaper while he holds on to the branch. Aladdin and Jasmine look in horror.

Everyone stands around watching helplessly as the situation grows worse. Now the branch that Genie was holding on to for support was beginning to break. Once it snaps completely, the jackal gnaws even more on Genie's tail.

Carpet rushes in underneath the jackal and flings it upwards to make it let go of Genie. Before the jackal hits the ground, Genie zaps it and places it in a giant container that comes with a wheel for it to run around in. Everyone is now peering in to the glass room containing the treasure from earlier. Moonlight Madness door is still closed. We're here, the treasure's here, it's kismet. Aladdin kisses Jasmine on the cheek before returning to the treasure room to open the door.

Aladdin pulls the giant ring again and wind rushes from the inside like earlier. This causes Iago to fly backwards to where the rest of the gang is standing.

Everyone, including Aladdin, is bracing themselves from the wind. After a few moments, the wind stops and Aladdin enters the treasure room. The gang watches on in suspense as Aladdin walks towards it, but the moment is short lived when a familiar growling noise is heard in the background. The gang looks back to see the jackal has escaped the box Genie put it in, and is wheeling itself down to do where they are.

Genie turns into a traffic cop and tries to stop the jackal. The jackal runs over Genie, and the gang begin to run as the jackal tumbles out of control towards them. The jackal escapes the wheel after the crash, and moves in Moonlight Madness Aladdin. Aladdin is still inside the treasure room, unaware of the events taking place outside the glass room. Aladdin turns around to see the jackal approaching him.

The door is shut and he is left alone with the jackal. The two circle around the treasure for a moment before Aladdin makes a run towards the door. The jackal quickly follows. Aladdin tries to push the door open, but it's stuck and he is now pinned against the door by the jackal. Genie tries to zap the glass room, but his magic bounces off it and comes flying back towards the two of them.

Inside the room, the jackal tries to bite Aladdin's face, but he ducks and makes his way over to the treasure. He grabs a shield from the pile and uses it to brace himself as the jackal attacks. Third Quarter: the left half of the Moon appears lighted, with the lighted part growing smaller on successive days. Waning Crescent: a small part of the lighted Moon is visible and grows smaller on successive days.

A site for ages 14 and up. Laura A. Whitlock Curator: J. Privacy Policy and Important Notices. Return to the StarChild Main Page. Participation is limited and participants are selected on a first-come, first-served basis.

On of the crowd favorites is our Raffle we have on Sunday Morning of the event. Our raffle prizes are the best you'll find at any poker run! We are now accepting Raffle Prizes from local businesses or anyone wishing to donate! Click Here form more information regarding donating the benefits of donating and for more information. Leaving Base Camp at 10 am on Saturday morning. Day and Night Run Routes:. Documents: Members Only. Search this site. Navigation Home. Members Rigs. Community Outreach.

Moonlight Madness Poker Run News and Announcements. Facebook Page. Contact Us. Register NOW!! Cal4Wheel Our club is a proud member of. Wheel Drive Clubs!


Arlene Phillips Hot Gossip* - I Dont Depend On You (Vinyl), Side B, Jetz Trink Ma No A Flascherl Wein - Maria Andergast, Hans Moser, Paul Hörbiger - Servus Wien (Vinyl,, Angeline - Ian Hunter - Live (Vinyl, LP, Album), My Sacrifice, Aztecs - Aaron Briggs - Ambience (CD, Album), Temple Of The Sadist - Cult Of Daath - The Grand Torturers Of Hell (Cassette, Album), Change The World - Eric Clapton - Complete Clapton (CD), Born Under A Bad Sign - MC5 - Greatest Hits Live (CD, Album)


  1. Moonlight Madness is a fast race course taking place on the mildly- to moderately-technical trails of the south side of Cottonwood Valley in the Red Rock NCA on .
  2. Jul 28,  · Moonlight Madness is an annual end-of-summer celebration where guests can tackle their favorite of the more than 30 themed rides and attractions, including record-setting coasters Time Traveler and Outlaw Run, which are are all up and running.
  3. Moonlight madness We could do the strangest things Try a little something different The mystery remains Whether it's right or wrong to love each other Yearning in the brain for something new Let me try a little moonlight madness Try a little moonlight madness Try a little moonlight madness On you Try a little.
  4. During a Moonlight Magic event, Members can visit a select theme park for an after-hours celebration. While attendees may get a jump start on the fun by mixing in with the regular crowd earlier in the evening, the real magic happens after the park has closed to the public.
  5. Countdown to Madness. Day(s): Hour(s): Minute(s): Second(s) See our full list of sale items! See tips. When the Oklahoma heat kicks in, make sure you choose the most durable heating loving plants. See the TLC Plant Professionals’ complete list and guarantee color in your summer garden!
  6. Moonlight Madness book. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. One beautiful, addictive woman. Two warring brothers prepared to fight t /5.
  7. At this writing the Moonlight Madness LP has been converted to CD for sale only in Japan, although Rock Candy has reproduced her album "Caught" (originally released as Casablanca NBLP). In she would hit the charts again with the # 12 AC/# Hot Bubble Under Don't Run (Come Back To Me) billed as KC & The Sunshine Band (with Teri DeSario) b/w On The One as Epic /5(1).
  8. Moonlight Madness The revolutionof the Moon around the Earth causes the Moon to appear to change shape in the sky. These apparently different shapes are called "phases" of the Moon. The Moon passes through a cycle of eight phases.
  9. Moonlight Madness The revolutionof the Moon around the Earth causes the Moon to appear to change shape in the sky. These apparently different shapes are called "phases" of the Moon. The Moon passes through a cycle of eight phases.

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