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He has lost nearly all his money in a family partition suit. It's enough that he doesn't I. Nahabat, i. How can we expect him to feed us as well from his own pocket? Shashthi — Sitanath Singi is your zemindar? I sent some one to collect subscrip- tions for the India Deliverance Fund and he only subscribed fifty rupees, but all went in the travelling expenses — and the commission of the collector. Very well, now I'll do what you want for nothing, but you must stop paying rents to him altogether.

If you agree to this, then as I have some Midna- pore Fund subscriptions deposited with me, I'll write for your village and take the cost out of that fund.

Phatik — Ah! What force! If one learns English well, one can turn "yes" into "no. I must first settle what day my birthday dinner is to be, and then I'll fix up a date for you and start, Bhaja. Phatik — ''Jayostu ;" but that word will stick in your damned mouth.

Raise your right leg and bless him like a Baidyanath bull. Shashthi— Phatik! Phatik — You are not bound by oath to do so ; give it up. One who wishes to be a public man must put up with this trouble. But I suppose you can't give it up ; isn't that so? But let us be frank in private ; the work is not quite un- profitable? It is impossible to sec you in your own home without a card. I was lucky, I. These are sacred freak Goodness Gracious (Dirty) - Money Mark Diggla & Co - Goodness Gracious (CDr) of Baidyanath, that are taught to raise the right leg when ahns are given.

Phatik — Goodness gracious, who is this man! Is he another of your patriots? What Babu did you say? Phatik — Capital! Shashthi — Well, you are looking for me? What do you want? Such a question one would expect in this "Black Age 1" When you wanted to be a Kashmiri commissioner of the "Corporation Office," you coaxed me to canvass for you.

As you are my neighbour, I made the head of our opium-den give his ghonis votes for you. The7i you'd have pro- mised me the moon ; but that was all moon- shine. Shashthi — A-ah! We Gangulis cleared the forest and settled here. You are a lodger of yesterday ; and you, you tell me I. Talpiddr, lit. Disciples carry the bundles of their spiritual teachers. Why, some day you'll say that the house of Akrur Datta himself lies under the eaves of your resi- dence. You, who had not the decency to nod to even your family priest, you wore out the soles of my feet taking the dust off them.

You've sworn falsely on Ganges water. Are'nt you afraid of becoming a leper? Shashthi — Ah, yes, you're talking about that Opium Commission?

But — I fear you don't understand. Eminent men in England have 1. To put on your head. Hindus when taking an oath first touch these three things. You don't know these cat-eyed people. Did you try to find out what was really at the bottom of the matter? Their 'cousins and their aunts' own breweries and stills; by abolishing our royal drug they want to create armies of drunkards. My dear fellow, have a care, don't be led away by them. Man can't live without some intoxicant.

Have you noticed that even little children when playing, turn round and round to get giddy? Wealthy Durganath Babu has a maina and as soon as it strikes five in the afternoon it begins to yawn for its opium. Its daily dose is the size of a pigeon's pea. If you abolish this royal drug of ours, you'll fill the country with devilish drunkenness — you'll have disturbances, uproars, murder, bloodshed, etc. Is not our pacific intoxicating drug better than all this?

We are a harmless people ; why are we oppressed? When we tread we do so softly lest Mother Earth be hurt. Shashthi — Opium-eating is bad indeed. Is there anything more abominable! Take for instance tobacco. Does a man throw it down his throat or enjoy its smoke through a pipe? We, too, merely enjoy the ''refined gas" of opium.

Now come, let us go one morning to the Lalbazar Police Court. Now, how many drunkards are brought up and how many opium-smokers fined? Who has ever been ruined by opium? Give me one example. I can give you a long list of Croesuses ruined by wine ; their wives and children driven by starvation are begging from door to door.

Seeing us somewhat emaciated you jeer at us, but have you any record of the number of years' intoxication it requires to produce this thinness? Wine doesn't let people reach this stage. It kills them while still stout and well. These few bones of mine that you see, what an age they will last!

They are hardened and cured by smoke like beur- lathis. But you by 1. A kind of male bamboo from which lathis are usually made. Shashthi — Are you aware of the number of men and women that commit suicide by eating opium? Then along with the poppy you should abolish jute too, so that ropes may not be made for hanging. Shashthi — Go away, go away. Seeing that you are fools, they have tricked you by sending a Commission to abolish opium ; now you too combine and send a Commission to London to abolish drink.

Then let us see who can go on the longest without his own particular intoxi- cant. Above all, stop the importation of foreign liquors. If the owners of our opium- I. Suicides sometimes drown themselves by weighting their necks with rhards. This is the arrange- ment I propose. As for our friends the Chinese, they are smart, you bet. If the British export of opium to China is stopped, they'll cultivate the drug in their own country, rather than ruin their health by taking to drink as these English would have them do.

Take my word for it. Could a "gentleman" stay longer in such company as yours? Shashthi — Look here, Phatik, just look at the un- appreciativeness of our countrymen. Some large-hearted Englishmen, taking pity on our distressful country, are trying to abolish opium, but no sooner do I and my party assist them in their noble work than a number of people in this country begin their attacks on us.

Now do you fancy that that opium-smoker came here of his own accord? There are some big bugs behind him, pulling the strings. Phatik — Look here, up to the present I've merely been a listener and not spoken a word.

But let me tell you that whenever I hear, that people in England have grown philanthropic to- wards us, I can't help feeling nervous. Once some mill-owners in England had a sudden fit of kindness to our mill-hands here. The natural result of their kindness was that the good creatures are enjoying a loss of income.

Opium has again roused English compassion. The expenses of this commission are defrayed by taxes paid by us — this is of course as it should be — that's quite clear. Besides I've heard that those statements of that fellow are not untrue. In England several great men own breweries themselves, so when these people show a fit of compassion, well it seems odd.

As regards what you call "ridiculous" in the argument about the abolition of opium, I do not follow you. In my poor opinion if a greater evil can be prevented by allowing a lesser to continue, the lesser should continue.

That the evils of drink are greater than those of opium, there is no doubt. Shashthi — Put this aside for the present. Ill argue with you about it some other day. To- morrow morning your sister must return home. I'll send the tum-tum for her. Phatik— Do you mean Nirada to drive in the tum- tum? Shashthi — "She ought to. You're Goodness Gracious (Dirty) - Money Mark Diggla & Co - Goodness Gracious (CDr) High Priest of the "India Deliverance Association " and it would suit your high position if your wife went to you soaring in the air.

Shashthi — I'm glad that this time your jest is scientific. I do'nt like her going in 2i pdlkt, for the dirty Uriya bearers mutter indecencies as they bear their burden. Phatik — But why all this hurry? Shashthi — Well! Phatik — But Nirada doesn't understand such dis- cussions. Spare her this infliction. Shashthi — "Oh Heavens! These salas turning patriots— in one way it's not bad for them.

Their work is merely raising subscriptions and talking of big things. I can't control my laughter, otherwise I too would have joined the patriots, for I'm hard up and out of a job. The fire of our bereavement we'll no more kindle in our bosoms, that we won't.

We are blue stockings all ; When number two comes along. If he's attractive, why shouldn't we be attracted, why shouldn't we? Widows wear no ornamenis, least of all bangles. Scene III. As'ani — I tell you this, as for the Hindus making red, blue, and green idols with ten hands and five heads, and calling them likenesses of God — I don't admit this at all ; but still what you state that He is without form is equally wrong.

As'ani — ''Certainly,'' otherwise is science false — 'and that's impossible. But I am not sure 1. The Brahmos encourage widow marriage and are accused of being governed by their wives most of whom are graduates. There is a play in these corned names. You ought to be ashamed, Sajani Babu, that in this scientific age an educated man like you should call God a wonderful object. Sajani — But you know, As'ani Babu, when He has succeeded in creating two beings like us, we must admit the wonder of His works.

As'ani — That's it ; by saying Creator, Creator, you've raised Him to a pinnacle. By "physical change" all things are being evolved. But granting that some one Jias created it, does it mean much? He whom you call God must have read a little more science than I have and that's all : I don't see much difference between Him and me, except in this.

If I could but get "half an ounce of protoplasm," I too could make a creation on the spot. Brahmos address each other as Brother and Sister. As this leads to a confusion in relationships, Hindus ridicule the terms. Brother Gobardhan? Bravo, bravo, sister Tarangini! Brother Padmalochan starts for Nfirajol to night? Hearing the news of his departure, sister Anangamanjarl Karmakfir hath been shedding ceaseless tears of love. Lately, on assumption of second widowhood, the sister went to take up her abode in "Ghentu Cottage.

Her only consolation is derived from the ad- monitions and ministrations of brother Padma- lochan. It is a rule of the Brahmo Samaj people to address each other as brothers and sisters. Brahmos, having discarded Hindu mythology, give their children high-sounding and ridiculous names. This might be rendered Nettle Cottage. There is a covert allusion to a certain cottage in Calcutta, once the residence of a Brahmo teacher who consoled young and. I'll put that right. As'ani Babu? Are j'ou will- ing to join our community?

Are jou ready to marry a sister? As'ani — No, no, I won't marry a sister. Set aside sisters, I won't marry any human being. If I can produce children by means of electricity, I'll produce them ; otherwise farewell to pro- geny. But by science I can remove the pangs of widowhood, Sajani — By science! As'ani — Why, if surgeons perform big operations without the patients even knowing it, can't such a simple thing as the pangs of widowhood be relieved?

I think I can make such a gal- vanic battery that if the patient holds its poles in her hands, the pangs of widowhood will at once be numbed. As'ani Babu, though we have different professions — you your science and I my religion — still remember that I. A sign of repentance. You've done nothing ; — Sajani — Done nothing? I've committed a great sin. Both of us have been guilty of an indecen- cy — laughter.

As'ani — Well, what's the harm in laughing? There's a kind of gas called "laughing gas" which makes any one who smells it burst out laughing. Sajani — No, no, As'ani Babu ; you've only read science; you know nothing of religion.

Laugh- ing is an offence against decency ; this world is a vale of tears ; here our duty is to weep, ever. As'ani — You ask me not to tell ; very well, I won't. I can't think of any one. Sajani -Brother, I see jvuW have to go.

Sajani — Yes, we must by hook or by crook get as many brothers and sisters to join our com- munity as possible, and that soon. Shashthi Vatavyal's party is getting larger and larger. We who have abandoned our parents, lost our caste, enticed away so many widows and got them married, shall we not be able to effect I. Tlic "brothers'' consider laughing offensive. Shall Shashthi Vatavyal and his disciples make a name for themselves by delivering India merely by the glamour of their speechifying?

Surely this is more than we can stand. If India is to be delivered, let it be delivered by us, otherwise let India go to the dogs. Sajani — "Glory to Truth," "Love is the best reli- gion," O lord of the soul 1 pray grant us strength and render Shashthi Vatavyal's attempt to deliver India abortive. As'ani — Amen. If India is to be delivered, it won't be by delivering lectures and remarry- ing widows. If ever we are to attain autonomy, rest assured it will be by the help of science alone.

Near Kalagechia an electric wire should be run into the Ganges capable of sinking all English ships as soon as they come within its range. You gentlemen haven't the least "per- severance:" have patience for a few days. Cannot you see that the marvels effected by electricity are increasing every day? We have telephones now ; phonographs ; by electricity steamers are propelled and trams made to run.

Mark my words, if I live — and I'm bound to I. But until that happens we mustn't remain idle. Sajani — Never ; therefore, I say, brother, you must go to Narajol.

Why, brother, does not your heart bleed for the people of Narajol'-? I have an instrument here with me to tear it open. Could I but open and show it, you would see that my heart is cracking for our brothers of Narajol. To say nothing of going, I would, if necessary, sacri- fice my life even to procure deliverance for, and bestow love on, the brothers and sisters of that place, but [breaks off.

Sajani — But what? Prophetic of the sedition in that place. Sajani - Brother, why be anxious about that? You shall fight against your idolator brother. Who is there amongst us so faint-hearted that he would not assist you in this noble war? If a stranger can't be procured, I myself will act as witness, — and two days' penitence will absolve me.

You need not be in the least concerned about the matter. I admire your love for your human brothers I Had not that wretched brother of mine agreed to support my wife, she would have had to follow m ' steps when I threw my sacred thread into the sink and left home for ever to join the Community. By the encouragement of that wicked brother of mine she had the impertinence to stay in our house and remain an idolatrous Hindu. Arrange matters in such a way that 1. Complaisant to the World.

A hit at certain barrister brothers. Now I am going to sacrifice my life for the brothers of Narajol. His own brother is to be sued and heartlessly driven from house and home, while he lays down his life for some boors in a small benighted place called Narajol? This is pre- posterous. What sort of a religion is this of yours? It is quite outside all rules of mathe- matics. Now, if the men of Narajol are your brothers, and if a brother by the same father and mother is also your brother, then since "Things which are equal to the same thing are equal to one another," both these brothers stand in the same relation to you.

Sajani— You don't understand. Philanthropy is a crowning virtue. One's wealth, one's heart, one's soul, all, all should be sacrificed for the good of others. But to do things for one's own people is not desirable. Helping one's kith and kin does not constitute a virtue. As there has been no rain in Narajol for nearly three years, there's great scarcity ; people arc starving.

Why didn't you say so at first? The remedy is simple. It's quite easy to manufacture rain artificially. Sajani — Oh yes, I remember having read in news- papers that with something like dynamite or a hydrogen-gas balloon, experiments are now being conducted to produce artificial rain.

As'ani — Yes, but that's very expensive. The poor people of Narajol won't be able to afford it. There's a simpler method that doesn't cost a pice. If you meet Damodar Babu before he starts, tell him, or else write to him, to set fire to all the houses in the village when he reaches. The roofs are of thatch, they'll ignite in an instant.

As'ani — No, no, you don't understand. I've got proof of what I say. You've heard of Chicago in America, I presume? Only the other day a great exhibition was held there.

Let Narajol be set on fire and you'll see that when I. The Brahmos are accused of talking high gibberish. Now whose house are you going to burn? Sajani — Tinkari Babu, whom I haven't seen for ages? Well, what brings you here? Who on earth would come to see people like you for mere pleasure?

This man has heard from some one that I am acquainted with you and so he has pressed me to come with him. Well Gurucharan, tell these gentlemen what you want. Sajani — Slowly and emphatically I-n — tr-o u-b-l e — h-a-v-e — p-a-t-i-e-n-c-e. Now just listen to what he's come to tell you. My house is at the back of the out-building I. An idiom. My mother has died in my house ; for I could not afford to transport her to die on the bank of the Ganges.

There are only my wife, my sister and myself to carry the dead body to the burn- ing ghat. To carry it by the public road is a long detour. If you will give us permission to bear it across that waste land of yours, it would be a short cut and you would greatly oblige us. Sajani— But why come to me first? You should have applied to our "Assistant Secretary.

We've been all round the place hunting since last night. We went to the "Assistant'' who sent us to the "Secretary. He sent us to your "Vice" and the Vice has sent us to you. Please give us some answer. Sajani — Well, to-day is Sunday and office is closed ; nothing can be done to-day. Come and remind me to morrow between ten and eleven. On Friday there is a "meeting" of the "Sub Committee", and I'll "present" your "application. A Brahmo custom. S2 "general meeting" may be called.

See Gurucharan, how conveniently the gentleman has settled the mat- ter for you ; you'll have no need to go to, and return from, the Ganges iwzce. Look here, Sajanikiinta, you may have forsaken the faith of your ancestors, but that's no reason for be- coming a fool.

The question is about the dead body to be carried over your land ; can't you give a plain answer without all this fuss about a "meeting" and "resolution," etc. SajanI— Whatever is laid down in the "procedure" should it not be strictly "observed? As'ani — But why should it rot? Buy a bottle of my "magnetic" oil and apply it carefully and you'll preserve the corpse intact for five years.

Put aside all this, Sajanlkanta, what answer do you give? Sajani— I've already given it. Now of course you've become a "brother," but you used once to call me your "uncle. Grant my request ; give him leave to carry the body over your land. Sajani — Holy Rama! He's a queer creature this ; there's nothing human about him. Go ; you're wasting time for nothing. Bear the body round the long waybear it slowly, resting now and then. Sir, I will do as you say ; what I. He checks himself for having used an idolatrous term.

I had heard a great deal about the philanthropy of these gentlemen. SajanI— Tinkari Babu, why don't you come to see us now? I am a man of sanguine tem- perament : philanthropy won't agree with a temperament like mine. SajanI— Ought a person like you to relapse into Hinduism in your old age? As the day of death draws nearer and nearer, hypocrisy disappears.

Seeing that I have to present myself before my Maker at no distant date, I must be sincere with myself and take his name in earnest You are all still young and so can still amuse yourselves for a short time by play- ing at religious reform.

But the greyer your hair turns the less flighty will you become, and then your only refuge will be Hari and Kali. As'ani— You can prevent your hair turning grey. Wear a "negative" ring, and there'll be no fear of the hair turning grey.

See, by the force 36 BABU of love our hearts have become generous and charitable and there is no uncleanliness in our souls ; and hence I surely know that every Hindu is a liar, a trickster, an oppressor and tormentor of women. All Hindus will go to hell. What a pitch of religious fervour! You have made your heart charitable indeed! Sajani — By this time I could have turned the hearts of all men, and made them as charitable as myself; but backsliders like you relapsing into Hinduism have done us incalculable harm.

Take for instance the "graduates and under- graduates" who should have joined us at once ; they still offer funeral cakes of rice and sesamum to their parents' shades and form associations for singing hymns to Krishna. Tin, — Tell me, my dear fellow ; supposing you to be ruler of this empire for one day— you would arrest and kill them all,— is that your meaning?

Sajani— "Glory to Truth! This is not the real name. Barada has thrown the whole lot of you into shade. You are only occasionally in spiritual communion with Chaitanya, Moses, and St. John ; but Barada and his party have them- selves become Saints and Prophets. Barada has become Chaitanya ; Gupe, the son of Madhu the brazier, Nitai ; and Nokro the weaver, Advaita ; and others of his great party have assumed similar robes.

You people des- pise the rest of humanity looking on it as a cypher; these fellows with their red ochre robes and English speeches humbug the world to some purpose. They're perfectly happy, they do no work and live on the fat of the land.

Have you people all got several fathers, senior, junior, etc.? Crowned -with White Palaces, an epithet of the capital of Lanka. She was born in the days of the first spouse of my 'mis- tress' and so she calls me Junior Father. Sajani — Of my mistress ; — in our community we now call a wife mistress and so Saudha is my co-husband's daughter. What's your name, my child?

As'ani — It has a Latin ring about it. Has it any scientific signification? Sajani — [Using the respectful and not the familiar pronouns for wife and daughter] No, it hasn't. There is an indecent inuendo. SajanI — There is a signification in the name I gave her.

As soon as she was born, the roof of her mother's room subsided in a storm, and buried her. As the roof fell on her head, I call her SaudhakirltinI : is not that apt? And her former father's family name was Gargari and that of mine Chaki ; by a combination of the two we get Gargari-Chaki. Select a man of a name like that and marry him to your daughter ; then there will be the unique combination Gargari-Chaki-Myachla, — an auspicious combi- nation.

Sajani — No ; her mother wishes her never to mar- ry ; the girl will enjoy eternal virginity. As'ani— Why? SajanI — It's not necessary that all women should marry.

If she remains an eternal virgin, she'll be able to do much good to her country. I see, if a girl remains a maid, there's no objection ; but if a widow doesn't remarry before her husband's funeral fire is cold, there is the devil to pay.

SajanI — Why? What am I wanted for? Sajani — Alarmed She wants me? Do you know why? She is very angry and there's no one at home to scold. I think she wants you to scold you. Is this one of your duties?

Sajani — What can I do? If she can't find any one to scold, she may have hysterics. I will go away too. Sajani — No, no ; please wait a little. I still have many things to say to you. As'ani Babu, will you too, stay please? Have you any new "experiment" on hand? As'ani — Many. I've just invented a perfumed "essence" made of bugs.

Is there a warrant out against you? What is your name? When two gentlemen are introduced, they are told each other's name and so I asked you yours. Names are merely given by others to avoid confusion between one brother and another, of which there is no fear, here.

Who ever gives himself his own name? These words are the first half of a device on a well- known patent medicine. This is a male name for Sajani's wife. What are you by caste? The human body is a battery and the head is its principal cell. As'ani — Certainly the cell of his head is gone wrong. Its "acid" has been used up.

Are you allowed to go about alone? Try and talk sensibly, so that we may enjoy your company. You want to laugh and make people laugh? For shame, for shame! What a lack of decency! I suppose you are a Hindu, otherwise I would 1. A common name in Bengal. He omits the family professional title "oilman" which indicates a low caste, 2.

He spells the word in English. Never laugh again, but weep, weep loud ; weeping — it is the only way, remember that weeping is a divine injunction.

Does not a child cry the moment it is born? Weep, weep! Tin, — All right, all right. Brother Manasaram. This day I've learnt wisdom from your words. I understand that India will never be delivered unless and until every house is filled with laments for the dead, day and night. Brother Manasaram, before you adopted this religion of tears, you must have belonged to some race or caste.

In that sense I be- longed to the Race of the Sun. A common Marwarl name. But I no longer observe caste distinctions — I con- descend to dine with Brahmins, Vaidyas, Kayasthas, etc. Being a shin- ing light in an oilman's family, you condescend to dine with Brahmins, Kayets, Vaidyas, etc.

In the cause of love all must be borne. Brother Manasaram oilman, scion of the Solar Race, where have you your dwelling now? Name of a worthless tree. Compare note 3 on page I should like to join your company and live in those 'fairy barracks'" and see the ladder to heaven. Weep, weep — Tin. Brother Manasaram, what's your father's name? The Pdribdrik domestic cottage has only lately been built and Brothers and Sisters have not long joined, and peradventure those who have made special advances will soon become "Fathers.

I mean who of the Solar Race is your father? I cannot bring myself to mention his name before you. The word paribarik has a hidden meaning. The allusion, I am told, is to small boys being made to cry in theatrical performances by being pinched. Banchha — No, the name lacks decency!

As'ani — Lacks decency! A father's name lack decency! Never mind, but whatever it is, tell us, we'll listen. There are no policemen about. As'ani — Electricity? Is it prdn life? Perhaps your father's name is Prankrishna? What tribulation! But without tribulation, none is led to repentance, and without repentance there is no salvation for the soul.

Let tribulation come, let tribulation come like the 'bore' in August, let tribulation come like the great cy- clone of Octoberlet tribulation come like the great flood oflet tribulation come like the charge of the police, let it pour down like mustard seed from a bursting bag ; let the oil- press of tribulation grind the body into husk, ACT I. Pray what are you yourself, with or without form? You've advanced, 1 see.

When I frequented your meetings, you used not to go to such extremes. How many more mem- bers have you like this oilman brother? SajanI— Who? Brother Banchharam? He is peerless — without a second! Sajani —How? Her eldest daughter is married and has children, but her youngest daughter lives with her. The very day after the sister had a sacred elopement with me, her son resigned his appointment in the Post Office and dis- appeared.

Marriages of widows of this kind are most urgent. The look of the sister reminds me of a time- honoured sage. If in your community a Brah- min lady with grandchildren can marry an oil- man, why cannot your religion cause a beard, the outward badge of your faith, to sprout on the chin of a female?

Fie on your vaunted Goodness Gracious (Dirty) - Money Mark Diggla & Co - Goodness Gracious (CDr). The implication is that he ran away from shame at his mother's sacred elopement.

I've seen many English ladies with beards; Christianity must be a more powerful religion. As'ani — If the women of your community want beards, all they have to do is to wear my new electric amulets. They have cured many cases of baldness.

Banchha, — We do not want idolatrous cures. Ere long a 7nahdtmd will appear, who by his pray- ers, his penitences, and gift of the gab will remedy this defect in our poor and weak Sisters.

Brother Sajanikanta! I had something very important to say to you, but I will see you again ; now permit me to depart. SajanI — Must you depart? Enough of the company of this scion of the Solar Race. Show us your back, I adjure you in the name of your Holy Sisters. O Thou Friend of my soul,- put 1. A play on Solar, 2, A term for God. The children of the neighbourhood will be terrified. You have exceeded the limits of our patience. I'm off, Sajani. Come along, As'ani, What do you mean by waving your hands in front of his face?

As'ani — I'm making my mesmeric passes to try and restore the electric current in the fellow's brain. Come along, let us go. Sajani — Brother Banchharam! I have married for the sake of my country ; for its reformation and my own soul ; but my possession by the Sister has put me into many difficulties, and that is why I could not visit you. Sajani— Why, how is that? I have forsaken my hereditary trade and have embarked on this work of refor- mation with no hankering after money, as you know. But the Sister would like to live in a better style.

Moreover she is unduly jealous. I had better be off. Chaki is slightly indisposed, so I'll listen to you another time. I must go home now. This room is free to all ; pursue your converse of love. You are leaving me alone — but what brings you here, my darling, so unexpectedly? I'm no longer a bride of the harem. There is, I'm sure, no restriction in your community against ladies going about in the streets even. But that is neither here nor there ; I will not stay a moment longer in that beastly place.

Have you found other lodgings? Do you remember the hopes 52 BABU you held out to me when you enticed me away from my house, or shall I remind you of them? Did you not promise that when we were mar- ried, I should not be required to cook for you, or wait on you, or do any work ; but that I should have an English education, and dress like English ladies, and do nothing, and go where I liked and eat nice things?

But it's an- other story now. No one knows what I suffer. Brother Gobardhan has taken over charge of the kitchen to save the Sisters all trouble ; it is a pity that you do not want to stay there. A host of viragoes romp about day and night. How can any woman live safe with her husband in that house, especially with a dear husband taken in place of one lost? But hang all this talk— Banchha.

Manners cannot be observ- ed between husband and wife everywhere and always. You arc going from vulgarity to indecency. Why do you say hus- band and wife? Cannot you say Brother and Sister? The Sisters of your Seora Cottage are fine priestesses indeed. You cry-baby — crying at everything ; an old fellow like you weeping at the least thing. If one says 'come to dinner,' you say boo-hoo ; if asked 'where are you going,' you reply boo-hoo ; 'how do you do,' boo-hoo.

It's most worrying ; the house is like a burning ghat. Now stop this for a bit and think of what's to be done. I've not lost my caste merely to be a maidservant, you must know.

Listen to me ; drop this business of reformation and the rest of it ; try for some work ; our family is bound to increase, and not decrease. Whenever famine, flood, or any other calamity visits the country, I have no trouble in earning sufficient to keep me going ; more, I put by a little. It is my belief that the misfortunes of the sinful Hindus are for the good of us Brahmos and it is therefore that such blessed events happen.

Well, famine and such things are going to be considered later on. At present let us go and find your "Reverend"- brother Advaitachandra, 1. The motto of the Brahmos.

She, however, mispronounces the Enghsh word 'reverend' and makes it bhyaranda which [means the castor-oil plant. O yes, I deposited the things with the 'Reverend' brother Advaita- chandra, but long ago they found their way to the goldsmith's.

I no longer wish them to be melted down and converted into English jewellery. Not a single article has been made in these six months. I don't consider your conduct satisfactory. Not one of your promises has proved true. You blackguard! Sadhukhan, you forget yourself. Do you know to whom you are speaking?

Do you try to brow- beat me? I will slipper you. I should have whipped you before this. You dare to raise your hand to a Brahmin's daughter? Thank your stars that I deign to live with you. Fourteen generations of your family will obtain salvation if they can merely Goodness Gracious (Dirty) - Money Mark Diggla & Co - Goodness Gracious (CDr) the water in which I have washed my feet. There are "Sisters" all round us : don't you know that they will overhear us? Is this I. I will give 20 strokes of the birch on the face of your 'peace.

To-day I'll make you disgorge my jewellery, and then and then only will I let you go. In this perishable world what departs ne'er returns. I'll drag you before the police ; I'll get you taken up for theft and then you'll know what sort of a Brahmin woman I, Kshama, am. Once sold they never come back again. Making a joke of me — ridiculing me! Come along ; I'll drag you before the police by that goaty beard of yours. Parody of a Brahmo hymn. Brahmos generally wear long beards. Kandarpakdnta and his maternal grandmother.

Kandarpa — Grandmother, I beseech you, consent. If I can't give away in marriage some widow of my family, I shan't be able to show my face in the congregation. My mother died in my infancy and you brought me up. I know you love me dearly, don't refuse me ; save my re- putation in our enlightened community ; do make up your mind to marry again.

Grandmother— O Kandarpa! My years are three score and thirteen. When I was fifty, your grandfather departed this life. I marry again? How can you suggest such a thing? Is it possible for a Hindu widow to be remarried? I should lose my religion, lose my religion!

Kandarpa — Grandmother, I'm making a very reasonable suggestion to you. As long as our widows do not remarry, so long there is no chance of India's being delivered. If you were 1. Gaurchandra, an affectionate name for Chaitanya, used by his disciples and followers. Goodness Gracious Zipper Pouch By myraj.

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Point Me In The Sky [Top Gear Session, 6-25-1968], Cold Inside - Watch The Men Fall - October EP (CD), When It Leaves You - Sugarbeat - Sugarbeat (Cassette, Album), Se De Un Lugar - Melissa* - 32 Grandes Exitos (CD), Delicacies Of The Cadaver - Slugathor - Demo I 00 (CDr), # (Nimanslin ft. BCrank Remix) - St. Helens - Colon D - EP (File, MP3), Spiral Index - Gilded Dawn (Cassette), Down Town - Heidi Happy - Golden Heart (CD, Album)


  1. With or without the exclamation mark, the novelty song "Goodness Gracious Me!" was recorded by Sellers and Loren to promote The Millionairess in which they both starred. The film was released in , although the song does not actually appear in it. Written by lyricist Herbert Kretzmer and composer.
  2. Mark my words, if I live — and I'm bound to I. "Glory" is one of the cant phrases of the Brahmo Samaj. ACT I. 27 as I cat a quantity of electricity twice a day — I will by the force of electricity abolish the caste system, effect the remarriage of widows, teach women to ride horses, establish a Parlia- ment in India, and do many other deeds.
  3. Welcome to Goodness GraceUS. Larry Thompson - Larry, a Chicago native, developed a love for cooking and attended culinary arts school. He is also certified in resturaunt management, catering and gormet cooking. Larry and Victoria fell in love in and began blending their cooking styles.
  4. This project is about more than behavior - it is an exercise in goodness. It is a journey to cultivate a self-orientation toward being grateful, empathetic, prosocial, mindful, and intentional. It is an opportunity to practice daily rituals that make my and other's time on this planet more meaningful.
  5. Goodness gracious me - Christianity is Indian by ronnie [Private video] [Private video] Goodness gracious me - Christianity is Indian by ronnie Goodness Gracious Me - luttrolterpmaslaystepovusletseipratin.coinfo by Darklord Da Vinci Was Indian | Goodness Gracious Me | BBC by BBC.
  6. Definition of goodness gracious in the Idioms Dictionary. goodness gracious phrase. What does goodness gracious expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. retraces her roots in Wolverhampton and Walsall for the programme and talks to her parents and co-stars who have helped her on the road to success.
  7. High quality Goodness Gracious gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.
  8. Definition of goodness gracious me in the Idioms Dictionary. goodness gracious me phrase. What does goodness gracious me expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. She married her Goodness Gracious Me co-star Sanjeev Bhaskar in and fell pregnant soon afterwards. I had friends who were struggling to have children. I.

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